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Weight Loss / Weight loss diet / How to eat weight loss in spring : remember these 3 should be 5 bogeys

How to eat weight loss in spring : remember these 3 should be 5 bogeys

The footsteps of spring have arrived , the temperature is slowly picking up , and the clothes is getting thinner . under cover of heavy clothing in winter , do you take fat lightly ? Watch out for the fat upper body ! It doesn’t matter if you are fat . Today , Kayla , the editor of Pacific Women’s Network , tells you how to lose weight in the spring diet . As long as you follow 3 should avoid 5 bogeys , thin back are not a problem .

Sanyi diets weight loss in spring

1 . Eat more fruits and vegetables

Vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins and cellulose , which can promote digestion and absorption , accelerate fat burning , and also promote gastrointestinal motility and help expel toxins accumulated in the body . And the calories of vegetables are usually very low , no matter how much you eat , there is no danger of gaining weight . Vegetables recommended for everyone include winter melon , mushrooms , celery , kelp , bean sprouts , onions , carrots , cabbage , eggplant , asparagus , lettuce , etc . It should be not that some fruits are not low in sugar . It is recommended that you eat more fruits such as apples , bananas , sweet oranges , pineapples , strawberries , kiwis , grapefruits , and grapes .

2 . It should be less oil and less salt

If you want to eat less fat , then make sure your diet is less oil and less salt . To limit high-fat fatty meats , nuts and cooking oil , the daily intake of fat should be controlled below 40 grams . The method of less oil is not only to put less oil when cooking , but also to change the cooking method , turning frying and frying into boiling , steaming and mixing . It is recommended that less salt be added because excessive sodium intake will cause water to stay in the body and cause edema . In order to reduce the salt content , you can add vinegar first when the dish is ripe . Because vinegar can not only promote digestion , increase appetite , reduce the loss of vitamins , but also strengthen the salty taste , it will not make people feel light and tasteless .

3 . Should eat a small amount of meals

The principle of eating a small number of meals is divided into 4 to 6 meals per day , each meal to maintain 5 or 6 minutes full . This can avoid eating a lot of food at one time , not only can reduce the discomfort of abdominal fullness , but also help control weight . In order to control calorie intake and take into account nutritional needs , MMs can choose fruits , oatmeal , low-fat milk and other foods with high nutrition and low calories as meals , and try to avoid foods with high calories , high fat and high sugar , Such as cakes , potato chips , carbonated drinks , etc .

Five taboos for losing weight in spring diets

1 . Avoid skipping breakfast

Many MM think that skipping breakfast can reduce the calorie intake of a day , so that they can become thinner . In fact , otherwise , skipping breakfast will easily leave the body of an empty state , and the reduction of sugar in the blood will make your appetite more vigorous . By lunch time , you will eat frantically because of extreme hunger , so the calories you eat will be seriously exceeded . Not eating breakfast will make you eat retaliatory , the fatter you get . If you want to lose weight , remember to prepare a breakfast full of vitality for yourself .

2 . Avoid insufficient drinking water

Many girls choose carbonated drinks such as coke and sprite instead of drinking water every time they are thirsty . Coke can’t solve the problem of the body’s lack of water , and the large amount of sugar will make you drink fatter . Daily water consumption of 2000cc is required to ensure proper functioning as the body , and stools will not become dry and hard , causing constipation .

3 . Bogey caked dessert

Didn’t think that you are under stress at work . It is not a crime to comfort yourself with a delicious little cake at tea time . As everyone knows , a small bite of cream cake contains a lot of fat and sugar . When you are mentally satisfied , your lower abdomen also swells with satisfaction . Hurry up and cut off the source of all evil ! You can soak yourself a pot of fragrant herbal tea during afternoon tea , with a few high-fiber digestive cakes , not only will you feel full , but you will not gain weight .

4 . Avoid big fish and meat

Are you a ” carnivore ” ? Do you have no meat every meal ? Meat food contains a lot of protein and calories . Eating more will not only reduce the gastrointestinal motility , cause constipation , but also affect digestion and absorption . If you really cannot lack the company of meat , it is recommended that you can choose to eat chicken and fish for / out lower calories .

5 . Avoid high-calorie supper

Night owls always mix until two or three in the middle of the night before going to bed . At this time , it is already seven or eight hours before dinner time , and their stomaches must be panicking . Instant noodles , potato chips , and small snacks are all on the scene , and they are very enjoyable . After feeding their stomaches , they crawled with bed . How can this not be fat ? Stop living so unrestrained ! Editor recommends that MM is best not to stay up late for supper or something , this is simply the No . 1 enemy of weight loss and beauty . If you have to eat it , choose high-fiber low-calorie oatmeal .

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