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How to eat in spring 4 teaches you to lose 1 kg a day

The weather outside is getting more and more smell of spring , is the appetite very good ? Don’t forget the spring weight loss plan , the following spring weight loss tips teach you how to lose a pound a day , healthy and fast weight loss !

1 . Enjoy food cooked by Chinese cooking method , such as cooking vegetables , fish , shrimp , chicken , etc .

Look at an example : Do you like to eat boiled vegetables ? Many people will say NO , it is too tasteless . In fact , after reading this MM , you will know that boiled vegetables can not only be delicious , but also have a weight loss effect Oh !

2 . Use low-fat vegetable oil for cooking , or use a watering can to spray oil when cooking , instead of dumping

Low-fat , sugar-free nutrition catering : four hours before bedtime , please do not to eat on the menu if you can not find similar food . In addition to DIY , you can also directly purchase the quantity . If not specified , it is a cup or a bowl or a (small size selection ) drink . If not specified , use low-calorie , low-fat and sugar-free (both hot and cold )

3 . If you want to eat steaks or meatballs , you would rather use grilled ones than fried ones ! When using ground meat , it is better to use chicken instead of beef

Compared with pork , beef and other meats , chicken has the characteristics of low fat and low heat , and the meat quality is more refreshing and tender . Using any cooking method , with a variety of accessories can produce delicious dishes , and rich in nutrition , can almost become the first choice food for dieters to consume animal protein .

4 . Eat breakfast normally , do not eat greasy , such as eating a banana , only 8 calories to fill your stomach

Recently , there are more and more people that do not eat breakfast , and the energy source of the day is breakfast , so bananas , which are immediate and can maintain energy for a long time , have become the most suitable food for breakfast . In addition , because bananas are low-calorie foods , even people who are losing weight can eat them without worry .

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