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How to deal with loose skin during weight loss?

Losing weight may not be impossible for many people to lose fat on their body , and because the slack skin can not be eliminated after the fat is eliminated , how can girls solve this trouble ? Today I will teach you how to deal with loose skin during weight loss !

Expert guidance to eliminate sagging skin

Experts pointed out that , just as the skin of a parturient woman will be loose after childbirth , some people will experience problems such as loose skin , poor skin elasticity , and increased wrinkles or wrinkles after losing weight through diet , medication , exercise , etc . This is because excessive weight loss causes the rapid loss of subcutaneous fat , causing the skin to lose support . Moreover , the severity of these skin problems is related to the original degree of obesity and the degree of weight loss . Generally speaking , the more fat a person loses weight , the more likely it is that the skin becomes loose , loses elasticity , and wrinkles .

Experts pointed out that because the skin itself has a certain degree of elasticity , most of the above conditions can be recovered , so don’t worry too much . It should be not that the degree of skin aging will affect the recovery of the above problems , so to avoid wrinkles after weight loss , it is best not to lose too much weight at one time , usually pay attention to skin care , delay skin aging as much as possible , pay attention to skin moisturizing and sun protection . Usually eat more antioxidant foods , such as carrots , apples , tomatoes , grapes , etc , which can improve skin wrinkles and sagging .

How does stars eliminates sagging skin after losing weight

After losing weight , fat people’s skin enlarged by fat suddenly loses support and will form wrinkles . However , Zheng Xinyi’s face does not have any wrinkles , and the skin on her body is very firm . How did she do it ?

It turned out that an expert taught Zheng Xinyi a set of bathing methods to tighten the skin , which made Zheng Xinyi’s skin firm again .

The beautician also taught Zheng Xinyi a set of bathing methods to help her tighten the skin ” supported ” by fat . Every night , after taking a bath , Zheng Xinyi should apply an ointment that shrinks the skin all over his body . Head , neck , waist , thighs . the beautician prepared different ointments for each part of the body according to different requirements . Some ” key parts ” also need to be massaged . Massage the saggy pocket-like skins until it gets hot and hot to wash off the ointment . After a few months , Zheng Xinyi’s school uniform began to fall loose , and a face with nowhere to pile fat , unexpectedly showed the shape of melon seeds like her father Zheng Shaoqiu .

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