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How should new mothers lose weight to prevent infants and young children from obesity?

Many parents think that babies are healthy only when they are fat . Therefore , infants and young children are often ignored by many mothers . But infant obesity will be the ” latent killer ” of adult obesity .

Scientists in the United Kingdom and the United States have provided evidence that children who become obese before one year old have an increase in the total number of fat cells in their bodies , while children that become obese later have no abnormally large numbers of fat cells .

At present , people basically tend to think that the causes of childhood obesity are caused by a combination of many factors .

For individuals , from the late fetus to 2 years after birth , it is a critical period for the one-time development of fat cells in the body . At this time , the increase in the number and volume of fat cells is the fastest in the life , and once the fat cells are formed , they will not disappear , Which constitutes the material basis of obesity . Therefore , the obesity of infants around one year old may be related to the number of adipocyte differentiation , and indicates the tendency towards obesity in the future . Therefore , scientific feeding should be promoted in infancy , which can lay a good foundation for lifelong health .

There are several types of obesity in infants and young children :

Hypertrophy : The number of fat cells in the body is normal , about 25-50×10 to the 9th power . The volume of fat cells increases , with an average size of 100-150 microns , and the intracellular fat content is about 0.6-1.0 micrograms . This type has a good prognosis . After weight loss , fat cells can return to normal .

Hyperplastic type : the number of fat cells increases , reaching the 9th power of 50-150×l0 , and the cell size and intracellular fat content are still within the normal range . It is worth not that it can be transformed into a combined type if it begins in early childhood .

Combined type : the number of fat cells often exceeds 100×10 to the 9th power , the cell diameter exceeds 100 microns , and the intracellular fat content exceeds 1.0 microgram . If it starts in early childhood , the symptoms of obesity are often severe and the effect is poor .

The baby is overweight , what should mommy do?

Moms don’t have to worry about it . In fact , as long as the baby’s dietary principles are mastered and the supplementary food is adjusted correctly and skillfully , the weight of fat baby is not difficult to overcome .

1 . Feeding regularly . Individualized milk volume-a question that must be raised besides complementary food

Babies fed with formula milk or a mixture of breast milk and formula milk should be fed at a fixed time , preferably every 4 hour ; the amount of milk shall be based on the baby’s own fullness , and the amount of milk from other babies of the same age shall not be used as the standard . Do not deliberately follow the recommended amount of the milk powder package to ” mandatory compliance ” , each baby’s digestion and absorption capacity is different , and they all know that they ” eat enough to eat .” . Once you close the small mouth tightly , push the nipple out or push the bottle of your hands , it means you are full . Don’t let ” overfeeding ” to help your baby become fat !

2 . Drink water correctly and prevent ” sweet water ” from becoming an accomplice of overweight babies

To regular the baby’s feeding interval . Avoid frequent ” feeding ” , and be sure to feed the baby water between milks ; so that they will not mistakenly take the ” thirst ” signals as ” hungry ” and eat Too much . However , many parents often use rock sugar water , fruit water , fruit juice , etc . instead of white water in order to let their babies drink more water , improve stool or ” nutrition ” . This practice is very unscientific .

The correct way is to cultivate the habit of drinking white water for babies by birth , and prevent them from ” puppy love ” on sweet water , so as not to bring in extra calories and make weight to gain faster .

3 . Let milk powder and complementary food ” draw the line “

After adding complementary food , the baby’s interest in milk will decrease . Parents should not make milk powder thicker than the standard concentration in order to ensure the milk quantity , let alone add rice flour and other complementary foods to the milk too early , otherwise it will not only destroy the nutrition of the milk powder The ratio will also make the baby puffy due to excessive calorie intake . For 6-month-old babies , the combination of rice noodles and egg yolk or vegetable puree should be a ” regular meal ” alone , which is very important to the cultivation of eating habits .

4 . DIY original food supplements , don’t let canned food supplement the baby’s weight

It is best for moms to make food such as vegetable puree and rice cereal for the baby , and don’t rely too much on the various commercially available canned baby puree foods . Most of these foods have been purified and taste good , but some of the cellulose components have been lost due to excessive processing . At the same time , ” fine nutrients ” such as fruit juice or sugar are added , . So they have higher calories and faster digestion and absorption . Excessive consumption of such foods will make fat babies gain faster weight .

5 . Relieve the baby’s ” hunger “

For fat babies with a strong appetite , increasing the amount of water and the proportion of vegetables and beans in the complementary food can effectively increase the ” satisfaction ” -homemade vegetable puree . Bean puree is not only light in taste , but also rich in dietary fiber and Minerals can help the baby’s intestines ” do exercise ” , It is a powerful assistant to eliminate toxins , eliminate excess fat , solve stool problems , and control calorie intake !

6 . Please keep the fat baby away from the fruit

If the baby is already overweight , the fruit snacks in the morning and the afternoon will definitely become a ” cumbersome ” -or the same sentence : the baby does not need fruit to supplement vitamins within 6 months , not to mention the calorie-intensive juice . It doesn’t hurt to add fruit of the baby later .

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