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How long can you lose weight after delivery, this time is the most suitable.

During pregnancy , pregnant women usually eat more food so that the fetus can absorb enough nutrients in the abdomen . When a baby is born , especially this month , various nourishing soups and nutrients often cause the mother to consume too many calories , and excessive calories will be converted into fat accumulation on the body , resulting in a fat and rounded body , without losing . Feminine elegance . However , postpartum obesity is very painful , but as long as ” open your legs and close your mouth ” , choose the right time , plus tough endurance and perseverance , you can also lose weight . But how long can you loses weight after delivery ? When is the best time to lose weight ?

Weight loss after birth , no later than 90 days , but no earlier than 42 days .

According to the changes of women’s physiological status , pregnancy and childbirth can easily lead to deficiency of qi and blood , leading to obesity and relaxation of the abdominal wall . But within 90 days after the child is born , the hormones in the mother will return to their original state , and the metabolism will return to normal or even faster . Mothers can take this opportunity to ” exhaust ” excess components accumulated in the body and restore their previous perfect body . Therefore , this is the best postpartum weight loss period , which can be called the ” golden period for weight loss ” .

On the other hand , we should pay special attention to this point , that is , the weight loss after childbirth cannot be reduced too fast , especially in the 42 days after childbirth , this stage is the postpartum recovery period , and is not suitable for any form of weight loss .

Postpartum recovery includes the recovery and rest of organs such as reproductive organs , pelvic muscles , and uterus . This time usually takes 6-8 days . Therefore , within 42 days after delivery , according to their own situation , they can get out of bed and walk properly , which is not suitable for high-intensity exercise that requires effort . In addition , mothers that have fully recovered and do not need breastfeeding can also lose weight through proper exercise and diet control .

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