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How can acupuncture lose weight be useful

Acupuncture to lose weight is simple , safe , reliable and less painful . However , why do some patients fails to achieve their goals despite going to the regular clinic ? Xie Xincai , deputy chief physician of the Department of Acupuncture and Moxibustion in Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine , explained to reporters that this is because he did not understand some of the key points of acupuncture for weight loss .

First , the patients that lose weight by acupuncture should be obese adults . It is easier about these patients to adjust various metabolic functions of the body , smoothly promote lipolysis , and achieve the effect of losing weight and reducing fat .

Second , the effect of acupuncture combined with diet is better , the principle of diet control is : do not eat hungry , eat again when hungry , eat vegetables and lean meat , eggs , eat enough , do not eat sweets and fat , Potatoes , lotus roots , vermicelli and other medical education network collection .

Third , the acupuncture weight loss process is the process of adjusting the body’s internal regulating function of the meridian system and using its own regulation to promote the metabolism to reach a balance . Therefore , after acupuncture weight loss , it will not gain weight soon after stopping . Acupuncture to lose weight is also a gradual process . It is also unrealistic to expect to become slim with a few needles .

Fourthly , TCM acupuncture for weight loss does not advocate ” hunger therapy ” . Unlike many weight loss methods , in the process of acupuncture weight loss , excessive emphasis on diet control is not emphasized , and in particular , ” hunger therapy ” is not advocated . Because excessive dieting may cause anorexia , cause digestive organ dysfunction , and have serious consequences , and may result in reduced metabolic function of the human body , and reduced metabolic function is a potential factor of further fattening . Once the normal diet is restored , the patient will continue Gain weight , maybe even fatter than before . The biggest advantage of acupuncture for weight loss is here .

Dr. Xie said : Traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture is an advanced science . Only when the patients go to the regular weight-loss clinic to accept the side effects and carry out overall adjustment and treatment programs can they achieve weight loss . He introduced that the reason why acupuncture is effective against weight loss lies in the scientific nature of its principles :

First of all , it effectively regulates the metabolic process of lipids . The lipid peroxide in the body of obese patients is higher than the normal value . After acupuncture breaks in the main points of weight loss in the human body , the content of lipid peroxides in the human body can be reduced and the metabolism of fat can be accelerated , so the purpose of weight loss is achieved .

The second is to correct the patient’s abnormal appetite . Through the regulation of the nervous system , it can suppress the excessive secretion of gastric acid and achieve the purpose of not fatigue and hunger . After acupuncture , the emptying of the stomach slows down , and the stomach is not empty . Naturally , I feel full and I don’t want to eat too much .

The third is to effectively regulate endocrine disorders . The incidence of endocrine disorders in obese patients is extremely high . Why do women that give birth to children gets fat , not over nutrition , it is the endocrine balance that breaks her after giving birth to children and causes weight gain . When women reach menopause , endocrine disorders also cause weight gain . Acupuncture regulates the endocrine disorders by accelerating the ” hypothalamic pituitary adrenal cortex ” and ” sympathetic adrenal cortex ” systems , and accelerates the metabolism of fat , thus achieve weight loss .

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