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Weight Loss / Easy weight loss / Hollywood star, love to use tricycle for weight loss

Hollywood star, love to use tricycle for weight loss

Stars ‘ methods of losing weight are endless . Recently , a group of Hollywood celebrities , represented by Jennifer-Aniston , Timothy-Hirton , David-Sbed , James-Gandofeney , etc , have fallen in love with a new style . Body-building exercise tools-trikke (trikke ) like a small tricycle .

The three-wheel speed reach is very similar to the once-popular two-wheel speed reach , except that the second half has become two wheels . As long as the driver holds the two handlebars equipped with the brake device , his legs stand on the pedals of the two rear wheel parts , and the body twists from side to side without the need for pedals or external force . Can make the car slide up .

More than ten years ago , Brazilian engineer Hildo-Beleczky invented the three-wheel speed up , his original intention was : want people to experience the joy of alpine skiing , without feeling out of control . In fact , when people swing their body to drive three-wheel speed , their movement is indeed like skiing or skating . David Spade , who often rides around this set of new gadgets on the set , also said : It plays like skiing and skateboarding , very ** .

Since the three-wheel drive is driven by swinging the body , the weight loss effect is very significant . On the one hand , when the body twists regularly like waves , it can make the muscles of the whole body move , so that the flexibility , coordination and balance of the body can be well exercised . On the other hand , as an aerobic exercise , it can improve people’s cardiopulmonary function and enhance body endurance , and more importantly , it can consume excess body fat to achieve weight control .

The control method of three wheel speeds is simple , the height of the handle can be adjusted freely . Because this car is easy to assemble , many families take it with them when traveling . The three-wheel speed can be extremely fast , and the top speed can reach 18 miles per hour . In the United States , whether it is an adult or a child , when riding a three-wheel speed , you must bring a full set of helmets , wrists , knee pads and other equipment for bicycles , and you must choose a safe place for this sport without a car .

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