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Healthy weight loss pumpkin meal, a good helper to fight back fat!

Pumpkin is sweet and delicious . It is a very delicious vegetable . Pumpkin not only has high edible value , but also has a therapeutic effect that cannot be ignored . Pumpkin is warm in nature , sweet and non-toxic , enters the spleen and stomach two times , can moisten the lungs and qi , phlegm discharge , deworming and detoxification , cure cough and asthma , cure lung carbuncle and constipation , and have diuretic , beauty and other functions . We may wish to use the editor to teach you pumpkin weight loss recipes today , so that you can enjoy thinness in delicious .

Pumpkin fruit contains 7% to 17% pectin , which has strong adsorption , can bind and eliminate bacteria and toxic substances in the human body , protect the digestive tract mucosa , have a certain effect on digestive tract ulcers , and can also bind cholesterol To prevent arteriosclerosis .

There is a special substance in pumpkin pulps that can promote insulin secretion and reduce blood sugar level , which has a special effect on the prevention and treatment of diabetes . The rich vitamins in the fruit have a protective effect on the mucous membranes , and have certain effects on protecting eyesight , preventing eye diseases , and losing weight .

The reason why eating pumpkin often helps to lose weight is that pumpkin is rich in dietary fiber , which not only has a strong satiety and promotes digestion , but also has low calories . The autumn season is when pumpkins are the most nutritious . Pumpkin rice and pumpkin porridge are staple foods for weight loss . The following editor recommends delicious pumpkin diet recipes for weight loss and beauty .

1 . Beauty slimming pumpkin soup

Ingredients : 500g pumpkin , 1500ML water .

Practice :

1 . Wash pumpkin and cut into small pieces ;

2 . Make 2~3 times water in the pot ;

3 . Add pumpkin ;

4 . Bring to a high heat , turn to medium heat and cook for another 10 minutes .

2 . Multigrain pumpkin porridge

Raw materials : rice , yellow rice , oatmeal , corn flakes , corn kernels , pumpkin .

Accessories : yellow rock sugar .

Practice :

1 . Rice , yellow rice , oatmeal and corn flakes , washed and cleaned .

2 . Peel and flake the pumpkin and wipe the silk .

3 . Put all the materials into the electric pressure cooker , add mineral water about three centimeters above the material , and then put a piece of yellow rock sugar .

4 . Close the pot cover , heating function , timing 0.5 hours .

3 . Delicious pumpkin pie

Material : pumpkin , glutinous glutinous rice flour , granulated sugar , water

Practice :

1 . Peel and slice the pumpkin , cook it in any way you like (the microwave oven is cooked over high heat , if not , it can be steamed in a steamer , but there will be more water vapor ) .

2 . Pour pumpkin slices into the pot , use hot egg beaters or large spoon to make pumpkin puree while hot , add proper amount of fine sugar and mix well .

3 . After the pumpkin puree is cool , add glutinous rice flour at a ratio of about 1 : 1 . If the dough is too dry , add a little water until it becomes a pumpkin dough , which is based on non-stick hands .

4 . Divide the dough into small pieces , knead it round , and pat it gently . If you like a shape , you can also use small molds to emboss on the dough and make it into a heart shape or a flower shape at will .

5 . Heat the pan , add a little olive oil , reduce the heat of low , and fry the pumpkin pie until golden on both sides .

4 . Luscious pumpkin rice

Materials : 400g pumpkin , 200g rice , 2 tablespoons cooking oil , 1 teaspoon salt , 500ml water .

Practice :

1 . Peel and peel the pumpkin and cut into small pieces ; the rice is cleaned and set aside ;

2 . Pour 2 tablespoons of cooking oil into the wok and cook until 7 minutes hot , then pour pumpkin pieces and stir fry for 1 minute ;

3 . Pour the washed rice and pumpkin and mix well , then add about 500 mls of water to make it just not over the rice , cover the pot and turn to simmer for 10 minutes , then open the cover and stir in the salt to stir evenly . Cover the pot again and simmer for a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes to collect the water .

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