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Healthy soy milk slimming Make sure you lose weight

Soymilk is a traditional Chinese drink , which has the effect of beauty and beauty , and has significant results of weight loss . Today , I will share with you healthy soy milk weight loss recipes , let you lose two pounds of three days !

Soy milk white sauce spaghetti

Ingredients : 100 g of Italian flour , 150 ml of soy milk , 1 raw egg , 1 spoon of cheese powder , half an onion , 3 slices of bacon , a little garlic , a little salt and pepper .

Method :

① Boil the spaghetti in boiling water , remove it , remove the water , and add a little olive oil and stir .

② First sates the minced garlic , then add the shredded onion and chopped bacon to the pan and sate .

③ Then adds the boiled spaghetti , and at the same time , mix the soy milk , raw eggs , and cheese powder into the spaghetti .

④ After the water slowly evaporates , add salt and pepper to taste and serve .

Editor’s comment : In this staple food , the high-calorie sauce is replaced with soy milk , which greatly reduces the fat and sugar content . It is also delicious and suitable for young people .

Soy Milk Sauce Baked Cheese

Ingredients : 300 ml of soy milk , proper amount of macaroni , 150 g of chicken , 1 chicken broth , 2 tablespoons of potato flour , 1 slice of cheese , appropriate amount of mushrooms , broccoli , etc .

Method :

① Cut the chicken , broccoli , tufted mushrooms , onions , and your favorite vegetables , and heat them slightly in the microwave .

② Pour soy milks in the pot , add some chicken broth , and boil over the fire .

③ Then dissolves the potato flour in a small amount of water , add a little salt and pepper , and then slowly mix it into the soy milk to make the soy milk thicken slightly .

④ Finally , place vegetables and meat on a heat-resistant plate , pour soy milk , put cheese slices into the top , and bake in an oven or microwave for 15 minutes (200 ° C ) .

Editor’s comment : A large amount of butter and cream is a taboo for people who lose weight . If you want to get delicious , you can replace it with soy milk , and it can add milk flavor outside of low calories . Chicken not only satisfied everyone’s appetite but also provided enough protein for everyone to consume .

Soybean milks weight loss benefits

1 . Stimulate the secretion of female hormones , to a certain extent , has the effect of skin beauty and nourishing ;

2 . Promote gastrointestinal motility , a large amount of cellulose can improve the problem of constipation ;

3 . Low calorie , good taste , effective control of appetite .

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