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Hair dryer blows acupuncture points, loses 2 kg in 1 month

To lose weight, this hair dryer can also come in handy. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine at Chiayi Hospital in Taiwan replaced the wormwood with a hot air blower to blow 5 acupuncture points near the stomach of the dieter. They can control their food intake and exercise, and they can lose 2 kg in 1 month. This makes many people who want to lose weight want to give it a try.

According to reports, Chiayi Hospital researched that traditional weight loss in traditional Chinese medicine is in the five acupuncture points of Juque, Zhongwan, Xiawan, left beam door and right beam door near the stomach, borrowing the heat of wormwood, and conducting through the needle into the acupoint Into the body; use a hair dryer to blow these five acupuncture points to allow heat to pass into the acupoints.

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Chief of Chiayi Hospital said: “Because it can reduce the secretion of some nerves or stomach acid in our stomach during warm moxibustion, so that we will not produce too much stomach acid and reduce the absorption of food.”

And when using a hair dryer, you must master the know-how. First, do not get too close to the skin to avoid burns, and then take turns to blow the acupuncture points. Introduction of Chinese medicine practitioners: “Juque blows for one minute, Zhongwan for one minute, Xuanwan for one minute, Liangmen for one minute, and the left and right beams can take turns in this way, and can blow for half an hour.”

It should be noted that when you are full or too hungry, you can’t use the hair dryer to blow the acupuncture points or the navel, so as not to bloat. In addition to using a hair dryer, the public can also use a warm pack, but the time is relatively long, requiring two hours at a time. Since this is to allow people who cannot go to the hospital every day for acupuncture to operate at home, they must go to the hospital for the first time and let the Chinese medicine doctor confirm that the acupuncture points are effective.

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