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Garlic liposuction mask thin face, charming and delicate face

Why is everyone thin face? Because the small face with firm skin looks sweeter, more spiritual, more persuasive and friendly, and the lens feels better. A must-have element for a beautiful woman at first glance is a small face. Being a model, being a celebrity, or even marketing, always has a small face. Small face beauty is actually not difficult to develop, often use this mask, you will see a big difference in 1 month.

Material: garlic, mung bean powder and mask cloth


step1: Peel the garlic and microwave for 2 minutes (to taste)

step2: Put it in the juice machine and add 100cc of water, then filter after crushing

step3: Put the mask cloth in garlic

step4: Take out a small bowl, add some mung bean powder and add garlic water, mix well.

step5: apply it to the mask after applying it to the mask cloth

step6: about 10-15 minutes, you can wash your face with water

Function: The face-lifting effect is excellent, and it also has the functions of tightening the skin, curing acne and exfoliating.

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