Weight Loss / Easy weight loss / For simple and effective weight loss, try the embedding weight loss method

For simple and effective weight loss, try the embedding weight loss method

There are many reasons for obesity, such as genetic and environmental factors, changes in human metabolism and endocrine functions, poor lifestyle habits, poor gastrointestinal function, drug-induced, disease-induced fattening, mental factors, etc.so weight loss should also be selected symptomatically method. Ordinary people lose weight, the most common method is dieting, exercise, etc. Appropriate dieting and exercise are of course good, but the effect varies from person to person, coupled with time and condition constraints, it is also difficult to persist, and excessive dieting is harmful to people The body has some damage, so it is not recommended. There are also some people, known as “eating goods”, which belong to the current cuisine, and “decrease after eating”. Such people tend to lose weight and become fatter because they can’t control their mouths.

Want to be thin, it is actually not difficult. While exercising properly, it is a good choice to cooperate with acupoint embedding. Acupuncture point embedding for weight loss is an extension and development of acupuncture to lose weight. It is an improved acupuncture. It uses a thread embedding device to implant the protein magnetized wire that can be absorbed by the human body into the corresponding acupuncture point of the body. Stimulating effect, while regulating body functions, to achieve the purpose of weight loss. The embedding weight loss method is generally performed once every half a month, and 4 times is a course of treatment, 20 minutes each time, which is convenient and fast, and has few side effects.

The principle of acupoint embedding for weight loss is that on the one hand, it suppresses the human body’s excessive appetite and digestion and absorption of gastrointestinal tract, thereby reducing energy intake. On the other hand, it can stimulate the body’s dull autonomic nerves (sympathetic nerves), make it functionally active, increase energy consumption, and promote body fat breakdown. Therefore, the embedding of acupuncture points reduces body fat instead of water, and can ensure the health and energy of the body during weight loss, and the rebound rate is low. This is the biggest advantage of acupoint embedding weight loss method. Because no diet is needed during the embedding process, it is particularly suitable for those who are overweight, unable to hold their mouths on food and gastrointestinal dysfunction, as well as obesity caused by changes in human metabolism and endocrine function.

The effect of embedding weight loss method on thin waist and legs is obvious

Thick arms, elephant legs, and bucket waist are the three most difficult parts for women to lose weight. It would be better if there is a way to reduce this without hurting each other. Acupuncture points for thread embedding can be selected according to personal physique and needs. Generally speaking, parts with thin muscles and blood vessels such as hands and feet have less embedding, while fat-intensive parts such as abdomen and legs have more embedding. Conducive to local weight loss, this is a feature that many weight loss methods do not have. It is understood that the embedding weight loss method has the most obvious effect on the waist and legs.

Precautions for weight loss

Although embedding weight loss method is good, but not everyone can do it. Children, pregnant women, local skin infections and ulcers, and fathers with severe heart disease should not use this method. In the process of embedding the thread, strict aseptic operation should be carried out to prevent infection. The method should be light and accurate to prevent needle breakage. When embedding the thread, the thread should not be exposed outside the skin. Here, although the operation of embedding weight loss is simple, but also to go to a regular medical institution, do not be greedy and convenient, go to the unqualified “three no” beauty shop and other places to do “embroidation weight loss” to avoid bacterial infections.

In addition, some individuals will have some postoperative reactions after embedding, such as local swelling and heat pain, etc., generally will be more obvious in the first two or three days, according to individual differences, the degree is different, pay attention to rest, and will quickly relieve . Some people will have diarrhea several times, this is the performance of the body to eliminate toxins, do not take antidiarrheal drugs. Some people will have bruises at the embedding site. This is due to subcutaneous hemorrhage caused by bleeding of small capillaries during embedding. No need to be nervous. It will absorb and dissipate after a week or two. Hot compress can speed up the absorption.

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