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Five methods of professional weight loss in spring

Women must prevent aging , anti-wrinkle and freckles from the age of 25 . In summer , they need sunscreen , whitening and slimming . Take the weight loss group’s words , ” I don’t want to be inferior , I don’t worry about buying clothes anymore , I want to be confident .” . Therefore , when dieting , eating weight loss pills , wearing body sculpting clothes , exercising , etc . cannot solve the problem , I think of using ” foreign aid ” to eliminate excess fat . Here , the reporter collected some of the most popular weight-loss methods to see which one is suitable for you .

Spring weight loss slimming tricks one by one

Method 1 : Medicine and health food for weight loss

Consumer : I have changed several kinds of diet pills

23-year-old Miss Tang has a well-proportioned figure , but in order to be slim , she joined the ranks of weight loss a few years ago . According to her , after using a variety of weight loss products , the effect is not obvious .

Merchant publicity : weight loss effect is visible

It seems that the business does not talk deeply about how to achieve weight loss . Even if the instructions in weight loss drugs will indicate the possible side effects of taking such weight loss drugs , such as easy to cause endocrine disorders , it is best not to take it for patients with hypertension and heart disease , but more emphasis is placed on the guarantee of weight loss effect It can make the figure slim , and maintain the weight loss effect of / on a long time , and it is not easy to rebound . This is even more true of/to weight loss health foods , and some even claim that they will not harm the stomach and intestines , will not produce any toxic side effects , and lose weight by 10 kilograms in a month .

Expert’s statement : Drug weight loss should follow the doctor’s advice

For the long-term efficacy of weight loss drugs and health foods , Xu Mingtong , associate professor of the Department of Endocrinology , the Second Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University , summed it up in three sentences : The economic burden is heavy , and the effect is not obvious in the later period . ” It is difficult to achieve weight loss by simply eating weight loss pills or health foods . It also needs to change the lifestyle and coordinate with the adjustment of diet and exercise .” . She said that the doctor should first assess whether the patient is obese , and generally ask for lifestyle after diagnosis The change will only take medication if the weight is not reduced by 5%-10% after three months .

Although weight loss pills have a certain effect , Associate Professor Xu Mingtong still emphasizes that taking medication should not be arbitrary , and should be carried out under the guidance of a doctor . ” If obesity stems from endocrine diseases , diet pills may not be of much use , and other body problems may have to be treated . Even simple obesity , taking drugs randomly may cause obesity complications , electrolyte disorders , malnutrition , and may even lead to Sudden cardiac arrest . Even some seemingly moderate Chinese herbal slimming tea may hide some non-herbal materials . If illegal drugs are added , it will cause serious side effects .” . Therefore , there are some contraindications in the use of medicines . Patients with cardiovascular disease should never take it .

Precautions :

There are a lot of weight loss drugs on the market that advertise how much they can lose in a week . Don’t be superstitious about these advertisements . Some drugs may contain cathartic or diuretic . In the short term , you may lose some of your weight , but lose water Electrolyte . You may feel dizzy , dry mouth , and fatigue . And the ” weight loss ” effected of these drugs is not lasting .

suitable for the crowd :

For simple obese patients . Those who are still unsuccessful in the conventional weight loss method of more than half a year can take weight loss pills under the guidance of a doctor .

Method 2 : Acupuncture to lose weight

Consumers : Acupuncture and moxibustion can reduce weight and get healthy

Ms. Huang used to be a supporter of weight loss drugs , but she chose acupuncture to lose weight after giving birth . The reason for this change is not only because of a friend’s suggestion , but also because of Miss Huang’s discomfort in the process of losing weight . ” The weight loss effect of the drug is indeed very obvious . In a short time , I lost 20 pounds . But during weight loss , I gradually felt that the heart was becoming more and more uncomfortable . Later , I consulted a friend and learned that the weight loss drug had an effect on the body organs . ” After stopping the medicine , Miss Huang became fat again , but she was not worried . She said that although acupuncture reduced weight more slowly , it did not feel uncomfortable at all . After losing weight for half a year , weight did not rebound . Now , she opened another annual card and decided to stick to acupuncture for weight loss .

Organization introduction : Acupuncture focuses on regulating metabolic balance

Many people say that acupuncture is a great way to lose weight . What is the principle ? The reporter interviewed the relevant person in charge of the Tianshi Sanqi Weight Loss and Weight Loss Center , which is famous for acupuncture . According to its introduction , obesity is often caused by endocrine disorders . By massaging acupuncture points and meridians of the body , acupuncture can adjust the endocrine system to balance , delay gastrointestinal activity , prolong gastric emptying time , correct excessive appetite , and promote body metabolism , Speed ”up fat breakdown . ” There are 48 commonly used acupuncture points , which are mainly spleen meridians and stomach meridian points . For example , Guanyuan acupoint mainly absorbs the small intestine . After acupuncture massage , this point accelerates the decomposition of fat ; Tianshu acupoint absorbs the large intestine . To promote bowel movements .”

Considering that some people is afraid of ** and pain , as well as the hygiene and safety of acupuncture , the weight loss agency has improved the simple acupuncture weight loss in the past , with the ” Tie’s body surface ” Tianshi Sanshou energy color light needle (through The colored light penetrates the energy five centimeters below the skin ) instead of the silver needle that pierces the skin .

Experts said :

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine , obesity is a dysfunction of internal organs , which leads to abnormal dietary metabolism and fat accumulation . Through acupuncture massage on acupuncture points of the body , it can regulate and improve the visceral function of the disorder , accelerate the body’s metabolism , utilize excess fat , and have no obvious side effects . More valuable is that ** can adjust the body of a balanced level , and the chance of weight rebounded is relatively small .

However , acupuncture is not a technique that anyone can easily operate . Acupuncture practitioners should first be qualified as physicians , and secondly , the environment for acupuncture also has certain requirements . ” Incorrect operation may lead to infections , halo needles , and even bleeding . It needs to be rescued in a timely manner . In addition , it also involves the problem of strict disinfection . From this point of view , choose regular medical treatment . Organizations will be more secure .”

According to Zhang Zhongcheng’s introduction , acupuncture in this specialty takes about 20 to 30 minutes to lose weight once , usually 3 times a week , and treatment still needs to coordinate with dietary adjustment and appropriate exercise . Those who have bled constitution or are afraid of needles are not suitable for this type of weight loss .

Precautions :

Acupuncture combined with diet is better , the principle of diet control are : do not eat hungry , eat again when hungry , eat vegetables and lean meat , eggs , eat enough , do not eat sweets and fatty meat , potatoes , Lotus root , vermicelli , etc .

suitable for the crowd :

is suitable for women aged 20-40 , especially those with obese waist and abdomen .

Method 3 : Chinese medicine embedding

Consumers : Embedding weight loss without side effects

Cuckoo is 33 years old . She has been working for three months after giving birth . She was very happy when she was a mother , but she was very troubled by the weight of 70 kgs . Although she has a height of 167cm , she has a waist circumference of 91cm and a hip position of 106cm . Basically , she can no longer wear the previous clothes .

She heard that there is no side effect of embedding weight loss by traditional Chinese medicine , . So she found Zhang Zhongcheng , the chief physician of the Department of Acupuncture and Moxibustion , Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine .

Thread embedding expert opinion

Experts said :

The international general body mass index bmi=weight (㎏)/height (m ) squared . Asians have normal bmi levels from 18.5 to 22.9 , over 23 are overweight , and over 25 are obese . Miss Du has a body mass index of 25 , Indicating that she does need to lose weight . In addition , when a woman’s waist is greater than 80 centimeters , it indicates that she has excess body fat .

Acupuncture point embedding therapy is actually developed from acupuncture therapy . The gut line (generally about 1.5cm long ) is embedded into the acupuncture point of a special needle , and the obese patients have fullness through the continuous ** effect of the gut line of the acupoint sense . This gut is a suture that is often used in surgery and can be absorbed by the body of 15-30 days .

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