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Find the right acupuncture point, everyone can lose weight

Why does massage acupuncture have a body-building effect?

Acupoint massage is one of the traditional Chinese medicine methods. The human body has twelve meridians and more than 360 acupoints. When we press a specific acupoint, it will promote the dredging of the associated meridians, thereby stimulating nerve conduction and smoothing the circulation of lymph, qi and blood. , So as to improve the physiological function of the relevant parts, to achieve the effect of eliminating toxins, body slimming!

How do you know that you have found an acupoint?

Many people find it difficult to find acupuncture points. In fact, as long as you calm down and press down according to the location of the acupuncture points, there will be the following two feelings, which means that you have found the acupuncture points.

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1. Acid numbness: When we press the acupuncture points, there will be a slight acid numbness.

2. Cavity: Press the location of the acupuncture point, you can feel a small cavity.

How to measure the location of acupuncture points?

Acupuncture book teaches us to find acupuncture points, often use “inch” as the unit of measurement, which refers to the relative proportion of our own body, everyone is different, the measurement method is to use “finger” as a comparison tool, you can It’s easy to measure the position!

one inch: the width of the thumb joint

one and a half inches: the width of the knuckles where the index finger and middle finger merge together

two inches: the width of the knuckles of the index finger, middle finger and ring finger combined

three inches: the width of the knuckles of the index finger, middle finger, ring finger, and little finger combined

How to massage acupuncture points correctly?

Basic massage technique

Press: Press the abdomen of fingers, or joints of index finger and middle finger, to press the acupuncture points; the large area (such as the abdomen and legs) can also be pressed with the palm of your hand.

Motor: Use your fingers or palms to perform a slightly larger range of friction on the surface of a specific part of the body.

Push: Use your fingers or palm to push in a “straight back and forth” or “arc direction” on the acupuncture points.

Knead: Press your finger or palm on the acupuncture point and gently draw a circle to knead.

According to the frequency of acupuncture points and breathing method

1. Keep pressing for 5-10 seconds, with exhalation when pressing.

2. Slowly relax and cooperate with inhalation.

3. Rest for 2-5 seconds, and then press again.

4. Repeat 5-10 times each time, one time each morning and evening, and you will definitely see the effect when you maintain your perseverance!

Is there any taboo according to the acupoint?

Of course there are uh! If you have the following conditions, it is best to avoid massage acupuncture points, so as not to cause adverse effects.

△Pregnant women: accidentally may affect the health of mother and fetus.

△Physiological period: some acupoints will affect the flow of menstrual blood.

△Baby under one year old: The baby’s body is still very fragile, but after one year old, you can ask the doctor about the child’s massage method.

△ Fasting, just full, and poor mental condition: it is best to take advantage of full energy and massage after an hour after a meal.

△Body trauma: improper pressing may cause bleeding.

△Severe heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, skin disease patients.

Avoid affecting the body functions, it is best not to press the acupoints arbitrarily.

Slimming universal acupuncture


Location: The depression between the thumb and index finger. Take holes from the back of the hand.

Effect: Promotes blood circulation throughout the body, refreshes the brain, improves dizziness, headache and other symptoms.



Location: The depression at the intersection of the center of the eye that extends downward and the side of the nose that extends laterally.

Effect: Eliminate fat, promote blood circulation and improve myopia.


Location: on both sides of the nose.

Effect: eliminate puffiness, improve rhinitis, runny nose, stuffy nose and other symptoms.

Bearing pulp

Location: The middle of the lips extends downwards, and the central chin is depressed.

Effect: Improve puffiness on the face and prevent swelling and inflammation of the gums.


Location: Between the end of the eye and the eyebrows, a depression one inch back.

Effect: Eliminate fat, improve puffiness and relieve headache.

Cheek car (tooth pass)

Location: where the cheeks will swell up when they grind their teeth, and the depressions when they relax.

Effect: Eliminate double chin fat, improve puffiness, and relieve neck and tooth pain.

thin arms

Qu Chi

Location: Bend elbow, depression on the outside of the elbow pattern.

Effect: Promote local lipolysis, help lymphatic fluid and blood circulation.

Foreign customs

Position: On the forearm, the wrist is raised two inches (about three fingers) in the depression.

Effect: Promote water metabolism and eliminate puffiness.


Location: Inside the upper arm, in the depression between the armpit and the elbow.

Effect: Eliminate the fat on the upper arm and improve the butterfly sleeve.


Location: The elbow is slightly bent upwards, and a large rib can be felt in the central depression. The outside of the large rib is the ruler point.

Effect: Eliminate arm fat.

Thin waist / thin belly


Location: Two inches (about three fingers wide) on both sides of the navel.

Effect: Promote abdominal metabolism, help digestion, and help flatten the lower abdomen.


Position: one inch directly above the navel (thumb joint width).

Effect: Eliminate more than water, improve edema.

Sea of Air (Dandian)

Location: One and a half inches (about the width of the combined index finger and middle finger) directly below the navel.

Effects: help digestion, improve abdominal swelling, and prevent protruding lower abdomen.


Location: Three inches directly below the navel (about the width of four fingers together).

effect: reduce appetite and promote digestion.


Position: The back is directly behind the navel, and one and a half inches on both sides of the lumbar spine (about the width of the index finger and middle finger together).

effect: beautify the waist curve.


Position: the inner side of the ankle, above the size (about the width of four fingers together).

effect: help digestion, promote blood circulation, eliminate edema and improve physical pain.

thin hips/thin thighs/thin calf

ring jump

Position: the center of the hips on both sides.

Effect: Lift hips and prevent hip sag.

Cheng Fu

Location: The hip stripes on both sides are just below the center.

Effects: Prevent hip sagging, stimulate hip muscle contraction, and thin thighs.


Location: At the back of the thigh, six inches down from Chengfu point.

effect: eliminate fat, sculpture thigh curve.


Location: At the knee fossa right behind the knee.

Effect: Improve thigh and calf swelling, promote blood circulation, and beautify the legs.


Location: The fattest place behind the lower leg (calf).

Effect: Eliminate the swelling of the lower leg and beautify the line of the lower leg.

Sea of Blood

Location: There are about three fingers upward from the back of the knee (knee socket), there is a depression.

effect: Eliminate edema, sculpture thigh and calf curve.


Location: Standing on your feet, you can see a muscle bulge in the calf, and the depression just below the muscle is Chengshan Point.

Effect: Eliminate edema, remove waste from the body, beautify the calf curve, and relieve leg pain.


Location: A concave hole on the outside of the knee, three inches down (approximately the width of four fingers together), close to the depression on the outside of the calf bone, which is Zusanli.

Efficacy: Treat diseases of digestive system, promote blood circulation, and improve fat problems.

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