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Fight in stages, lose 14 pounds a month to lose weight

Weight loss has always been a topic of long-term discussion among women, and it is also a long-term want to do. I can’t help seeing a beautiful woman with a good figure, let alone a man? Hey, everyone loves beauty. I still remember the only time I lost weight. My mother asked me to take weight-loss pills, saying it was very useful. At that time, I was fantasizing while watching advertisements. In a few months, I would be as beautiful as a heroine, but the result disappointed me.

Later, after working to make money, I looked at so many beautiful clothes in the mall and saw the people around me so beautiful. The most important thing is that many health magazines say that obesity makes people sick. I’m scared, I want to lose weight! Now think about it, my motivation to lose weight is not so much as to be beautiful, but rather to be afraid of death. But it is impossible to just say that there must be action. After reading a number of weight loss books and articles, I tested it according to the method that suits me. Hey, I still have some achievements.

Slimming Fast Ways:

The first stage: battle of appetite (time-consuming 12 days, results 5kg)

This stage is quite difficult to persevere, but I am afraid of a method in everything. In the information I get, the importance of “economic dinner” must be emphasized. According to my experience in life, long fat or meat loss often manifests after sleep, so the key is to have an attitude towards dinner.

From the first day of weight loss, get up and drink a glass of water in the morning, eat breakfast normally, eat lunch normally, no difference in peacetime, you can eat at any time during the day, only follow one principle is not to eat too much every time, and try to eat as many types Food; it is inconvenient to eat anytime during work, but snacks and the like can be eaten at around 10 am and 4 pm; dinner must not be dinner, in order not to be too worried when others eat, I usually work after work Not going away immediately, chatting with friends online or playing some small games, eating some fruits, anything is okay, the key is to control the quantity. You can take a bath and do laundry at home in the evening, but you need to do activities that can’t do things while eating. Can’t help it, just wander outside, go to the mall or bookstore. After drinking milk in the evening, I brushed my teeth and stopped eating. Get enough sleep and sleep as much as possible.

In addition, the more important point is that no exercise is needed at this stage, just maintain the usual amount of activity, because this stage is to train my stomach to adapt to such eating habits. Otherwise, in the later exercise, it will cause difficulty in weight-loss plan due to the strong appetite after exercise.

The second stage: exercise to tighten the skin (time-consuming 15 days, results 2kg)

After half a month of dietary adjustment, my stomach is used to it, and I don’t feel the appetite is difficult to suppress. The weight has decreased a bit, and the whole person feels very relaxed. But I know that such dietary adjustments only reduce water, not real fat. To truly achieve the purpose of weight loss, you must also exercise.

There are many choices of sports. According to the principle of convenience of my preference, I chose Latin. Once I can use it as a slimming exercise, I can learn the fashionable dance posture, and I can show it later. The only shortcoming is that the class time is relatively fixed, and the degree of freedom is lower.

Latin aerobic exercise is divided into three parts, the first is to warm up, usually basic stepping and swinging body, with light music, after about ten minutes, the teacher will slowly guide us into the main dance moves, At this time, the music is transformed into a passionate and dynamic Latin song. You must concentrate and swing your body following the teacher’s dance steps. Whether it is flamenco style, you can dance your hands while crossing your legs, changing your steps, and highlighting your body curves, or twisting your waist with Mambo. After you accumulate combinations, you can dance a sexy and wild with music. Aerobic Latin, this is also the highest and most enjoyable stage of weight-loss exercise.

However, after exercise, you always need to calm down slowly. The same is true for Latin. At the end of the exercise, the teacher will also play soft Latin music, dance Latin dance slowly, and slowly end the course.

According to the teacher, one hour of compact dance moves can consume 300-450 calories. There are five days a week to dance Latin aerobic and maintain a normal diet. After a month, you can lose at least 2 kg!

However, don’t think that the more you jump, the more tired you feel, you can lose more weight and faster. The teacher said that exercise must be in an aerobic state in order to consume body fat, if it is very tired In the case of anaerobic exercise, it will only consume the body’s water, and when the body lacks water, it is easy to dry the skin. Therefore, I have been performing Latin aerobic in good physical condition, about one hour at a time, at least 3-5 times a week, slowly changing my body shape and weight.

One month later, I finally felt the joy of success. I am so refreshing and healthy. I feel so good. It’s still my old saying, as long as there is a pursuit, nothing is impossible!

Weight loss experience:

Refused to eat and drink

In the first stage, try to refuse to eat and drink outside. If you can’t refuse the enthusiasm of your friends, you must control yourself and try to eat less fatty food.

Cushion a high pillow

Another trick is that a pillow that is higher when sleeping can promote gastrointestinal motility. If you really overeat at night, you have to choose to go to bed late and prolong the time between eating and sleeping. The important point is that you don’t need to exercise at this stage, just keep your usual activity level, because this stage is to train my stomach to adapt to such eating habits. Otherwise, in the later exercise, it will cause difficulty in weight-loss plan due to the strong appetite after exercise.

Timely replenishment after exercise

Drink some mineral water after exercise, but drink it bit by bit, don’t worry.

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