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Weight Loss / Easy weight loss / Fight 3 major obesity symptoms , lose weight quickly , scrape oil and remove fat

Fight 3 major obesity symptoms , lose weight quickly , scrape oil and remove fat

After the Spring Festival , Valentine’s Day , and Lantern Festival , have you eaten all kinds of food , have your face become rounded , your belly bulged , and your thighs have become ugly elephant legs . Do not allow you to hesitate for a while , and rush to destroy the fat on your body ! Today , let the Pacific Women’s Network editor Kayla lead everyone to attack the fat fiercely .

1: Face to become fat

came back after the festival , everyone said that your face became round and flesh , this is not a good word for praise , or quickly return to the compact face before the festival . It’s just a nightmare when you pinch all the meat , so , Let’s start to lose face in all directions !

The first thing to do is face-lifting exercised , knead and squeeze , your face will be one size smaller immediately !

Apply some thin face massaged cream , and then use the pinching technique to stretch the cheeks from the inside to the outside , the movement must be gentle . The palm should be close to the cheeks , and then massage the skin in order from inside to outside , which takes about 1 minute . Gently rest your chin with both hands and do it rhythmically for about 1 minute . Put your hands on both jaws , gently massage and lift . Gently touch the entire face with both hands and stay for 3 minutes .

After a little exercise , you will be hungry . Editor Kayla has also prepared several foods to reward everyone , not only to fill the stomach , but also to effectively lose face .

Tomato Oyster Soup

Materials : 4 oysters , 1 tomato , a little seaweed , 1 onion , green onion .

Practice : Shred the onions , cut the tomatoes into small pieces , and wash the oysters and seaweed with water . Put a little oil in the pan , pour the onions and stir fry for a while , add a bowl of water . After boiling , add seaweed , oysters and tomatoes , add a little pepper and a little salt , cook for 2-3 minutes , add green onions and thicken with starch .

2 : Belly fat

Every day there is a big meal during the holiday season , fish , meat , wine and all are eaten into the stomach , coupled with falling head to sleep and laziness without exercise , the addiction when eating food slowly turns into a long waist swimming circle regret . Moreover , a meat-less diet will make you constipated , and more and more waste have accumulated in the body . Spring’s footsteps are not far away . Do you want to break your head to hide a few pounds of meat in your waist after wearing a thin spring dress ? If you don’t want to , just rush to destroy fat !

Detox thin belly must eat : Banana sweet potato cake

Banana and sweet potato contain a lot of dietary fiber , which can relax the bowel and defecate . As long as you eat more , you can clear up the large amount of toxins accumulated in the body , so that your lower abdomen can quickly recover flat .

Ingredients: 1 yellow heart sweet potato, about 300 grams, 1 banana, 3 tablespoons of glutinous rice flour.

Practice: Wash and peel the sweet potatoes, cut into small pieces, steam and soften the sweet potatoes in water, crush while hot to form a mud, add glutinous rice flour and knead into a dough (if it is too dry, you can heat the water as appropriate). Rub the dough into strips and divide into small portions. Peel the banana, cut it into round thin slices, knead the dough into a ball shape, and then flatten it, wrap a piece of banana slices in the mashed potato skin, then knead it into a round cake shape, pour a little oil into the pan and burn it to 50% Put the cake in the heat, fry until golden on medium heat, and turn to fry until golden.

3: Thighs become thicker

The lower body of a girl is the easiest place to store fat. It is inevitable that the thighs will become thicker if you eat more and move less. After the festival, I found that the previous leggings could not be put on? Was the pants shrunk? Don’t make excuses and brave your thick thighs. In order not to deteriorate into the “elephant legs”, let’s immediately strangle the fat on the legs. Kayla, the editor of Pacific Women’s Network, recommends a set of stovepipe exercises for you. Don’t be lazy!

1. Stand your feet together, stand straight, move one leg back half a step, and then bend your upper body forward, without bending your knees, so that your fingers can touch the ground. So, do 15-20 times in a row. This action can make the lines of the thighs and knees beautiful and soft, making the left and right legs well-balanced.

2. Facing the wall, standing at a distance of 30 cm, one leg back half a step, the heels open, with the toes facing inward, and then press both hands on the wall, stand up the chest, and protrude the hips, With two knees together, stretch your legs. Do 20 to 50 times in a row. This action can cure the uneven legs and make the legs beautiful.

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