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Weight Loss / Celebrity weight loss / Female stars love to use weight loss methods

Female stars love to use weight loss methods

Take a look at the female celebrities who have slapped faces , thin legs , hips and slim waists . Would you also want to have it ? In the end , what good methods have these female celebrities used to achieve long-lasting body shape ? This time let me uncover the secrets of female celebrities ‘ weight loss ! This method is sought after by many female stars , many Hollywood female stars are long-term use of this method to lose weight .

This method is also very simple , that is , protein foods can not be eaten together with starchy foods , vegetables are ingested every day . That is , when you eat every meal , you can eat vegetables with starch and vegetables with protein . Only meat and starch , seafood and starch can not be eaten at the same time . In short , don’t eat meat with starch for every meal . Don’t eat starch when you eat meat . This method is very effective , and slowly lose weight , will not feel any discomfort . Only a reasonable change in eating habits can achieve the effect of weight loss , healthy and effective .

In addition , the effect is more obvious when combined with the fasting down the sun and the fasting method . This is also a method that many female stars has publicly used . This method is that after the sun goes down , you will not eat after about five o’clock . If you can’t sleep hungry at night , you can only eat some fruit at most .

These two weight loss methods are used together , and it is really effective . I insisted on losing about much kg after about three months . Some people may worry , if this method is no longer used , will the weight rebound ? In my experience , there is no such thing , but I did not completely abandon the original method , but some changes .

I still keep using the second weight loss method . The first one is no longer used . I just stipulate that I have dinner in advance , and I will stop eating after five o’clock in the evening . That’s it , my weight hasn’t rebounded . Too

Introduced so much , ladies and sisters who love beauty , give it a try ! If you are really thin , please tell us your friends .

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