Weight Loss / Exercise to lose weight / Fast weight loss,Recognize 9 major misunderstandings of exercise weight loss

Fast weight loss,Recognize 9 major misunderstandings of exercise weight loss

Exercise is the most effective way to lose weight , and it is also the most trusted way to lose weight . However , in the process of exercise weight loss , weight loss people will have some misunderstandings about exercise weight loss . Wrong understanding and wrong exercise will make the weight loss less effective . The following 9 common misunderstandings should be avoided as much as possible .

1 . I do 100 sit-ups and side bending exercises every day for a few weeks . Why can’t I always eliminate waist fat ?

Sit-ups are suitable for strengthening abdominal muscles , and it is impossible to reduce local fat . Exercise can have a certain weight loss effect , but for some specific parts , it has little effect . Because there are some places in the human body that store fat . Males are on the ribs and abdomen , females are on the thighs , buttocks and arms . Too much fat in these parts will slow down .

2 . If I insist on lifting weights to lose weight , I will also be as muscle as a bodybuilder .

No , unless you have a gene similar to Arnold Schwarzenegger . Even then , you have to keep up with intense , high-intensity physical exercises like a bodybuilder to get muscle . The average person does not reach this shape after exercising three times a week for half an hour .

3 . I don’t want to lose weight , I just want to build my own body and redistribute the weight in all parts of the body .

weight cannot be redistributed . If you want to maintain a beautiful body , you must reduce fat . It is simply impossible to ” freeze ” fat into muscle or redistribute it .

4 . I don’t want to exercise muscles , because muscles will become fat once you stop exercising .

Doesn’t worry that muscles won’t turn into fat , and fat can’t turn into muscles . The reason why many athletes gain weight after retiring is because they do not exercise as much as they did in service , their muscle energy consumption is less , and they still eat as good and as much as in the past .

5 . Every time I step on the exercise bike , I always slam against the pedal hard until I get sweaty and gasping . I’m very proud because I really consume a lot of energy to avoid fat accumulation .

Exercise time is more important than intensity in energy expenditure . It is impossible for an ordinary person to run at full speed for a long time , or to pedal hard with high intensity . Smooth jogging can consume more energy than intense sprinting . So as long as you insist on some light exercise such as walking and dancing , you can prevent obesity .

6 . If you don’t feel pain during exercise , you can’t burn fat and gain nothing .

If you are training for the Olympics , this may be right . But for the average person , pain is a warning , not a sign of achieving results . Everyone should pay attention to the signals of the body , if you are injured in sports , then stop . There is a difference between pain and discomfort . Real pain means injury . The way to deal with injury is to rest to avoid increasing pain and affecting health .

7 . I want to lose weight quickly and lose weight . I wear an undershirt while walking , hoping to sweat more .

Increased sweating can only accelerate dehydration . The weight seems to be lighter , but it will return to its original level within 24 or 36 hours . This is only a brief process of dehydration . And under certain conditions , this water loss process is extremely dangerous . Because excessive sweating can cause to heat stroke and even shock coma . Therefore , it is best to wear light and loose clothes when exercising .

8 . If exercise is good for the body and can speed up weight loss , it should be more good .

A good thing , but if you do too much , the result may not be good . Exercise will have a certain critical point , if you exercise 3 times a week , you will gain something ; and exercise 6 times a week , your gain will certainly not double . Excessive exercise will only increase the risk of injury .

9 . Morning exercise is best .

There should be no time limit of exercise . The reason why people agree with morning exercises is that after a whole night of sleep , all organs of the body have not fully entered the state , and morning exercise can make people ” recover ” quickly .

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