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Facial acupuncture points to lose weight, stars show you

Although you have a slim figure , if you have a round face , it will still make you feel full . ” Face facial acupuncture ” and acupoint massage in traditional Chinese medicine can also achieve the purpose of ” weight loss ” on the face . Just once a day , 1 hour each time , 2 weeks later , you will see the effect . But be aware that you need to take your time when doing it at the beginning .

Cheng Weeping Point-Eye bags are loose . It is located just below the eyeball , around the eye bone . Because people with sagging stomach bags are easy to relax , this point can improve the function of the stomach , thereby preventing sagging of the bags .

Slimming Fast Ways:

Zanzhu Point-Relieves eyes fatigue and puffiness .

This is where the depression is under the brow . Eye fatigue and headaches can cause puffiness around the eyes . This acupuncture point can relieve discomfort .

Baihui Point–Prevent excessive diet and constipation . The left and right ear holes rise upward , and the vertex of the line after the head is connected is the Baihui Point . It can play a calming spirit to prevent overeating .

Temple-Eliminate eyes fatigue and puffiness .

The side of the eyes and the eyebrows , about 1 cross finger backwards , approaching the hairline . This point can promote metabolism .

Yingxiang Point-relieve shoulder aches and stuffy nose .

Right below the eyeball , next to the nose . This acupuncture point can not only eliminate puffiness of the eyes , prevent sagging skin , but also relieve shoulder soreness .

Cheek car point-eliminate puffiness of cheeks .

Slide up the contour of the jaw of the face , and you will find a depression , which is the acupoint . It can effectively eliminate obesity caused by ingesting too much sugar .

Di Cang Point-suppress appetite .

Around the corner of the mouth is about 0.5cm . If the stomach continues to be in a high temperature state , it will promote appetite , so the function of this point is to reduce stomach temperature and suppress appetite .

Carrying acupuncture points-eliminate chests and neck puffiness .

It is the depression between the lower lip and the lower jaw . It can control the secretion of hormones , maintain the tension between the skin and prevent sagging to face .

Ball Back Point-Improve the function of small intestine .

Right under the eyes , under the cheeks . Can adjust the function of the small intestine to help absorption .

Tiantu Point–Promote the elimination of water .

Locate on the inside of the skin below the oblique throat . It stimulates the thyroid gland , promotes metabolism , and removes excess water from the face .

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