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Experts teach you to avoid weight loss mistakes and effectively control appetite

We all know that no matter what kind of exercise to lose weight , dieting is very necessary . Today I will help you find out the mistakes of dieting and weight loss , and let the slimming experts tell us how to properly control appetite .

Skips breakfast

Skipping breakfast seems like a good way to diet , but this result will make you hungry throughout the day . This may make you plan to eat snacks outside the office , or eat a big meal at noon , in fact causes a lot of energy intake . Moreover , breakfast is rich in protein and cellulose , which can reduce your hunger for the day . In fact , research shows that people that eat breakfast every morning tend to maintain a healthy weight .

Doesn’t care about snacks

Maybe you will treat each meal carefully , but have you paid attention to the snacks between meals ? There is a crisp biscuit on your desk , a cake from the bud party of the office , or a bite of ice cream cones eaten by your son . All these inadvertent snacks add up and ruin your diet plan . If you are concerned about calculating calories , you can use a notebook to keep a calorie record of every food you eat .

No snacks at all

Although inadvertently eating more snacks will make your waistline thicker , eating some snacks in a planned manner may have the opposite effect . People who eat a small amount of food and snacks several times a day is more likely to control hunger and lose weight . Eating snacks can help keep your metabolism at a high level , especially when those snacks you eat are rich in protein . Nut foods are a good , high-protein choice , and research has shown that people who use nut foods as snacks are more likely to maintain a fit body than do not eat these things .

Eat low-fat foods

Eat healthy and good figure with low-fat recipes . But remember , low fat is not the same as low calories , and it is not a ” permit ” to eat more . If you fill a plate with low-fat cakes , you may end up eating more calories than eating a small piece of regular cake . The best way to know how much fat , sugar and calories you have ingested is to look at the nutrient composition table .

How to control appetite correctly ?

1 . Selection of food container

Under the premise of the same volume , it is better to use thin and tall containers to hold food than low and thick containers . The former can help people control their food intake and reduce calorie intake . The use of transparent containers for food are helpful to prevent overeating .

2 . Keep food away from sight

Placing food in kitchens , refrigerators , food cabinets and other places far away from daily living and working places is conducive to controlling appetite .

Reminder : If you want to stay slim for a long time , the most effective way is probably to control your appetite to lose weight . However , during the Spring Festival , are there any good ways to reduce appetite ? I believe you have tasted the painful feelings of exhausting all kinds of methods but not effective . The most important reason is : don’t understand yourself ‘S appetite , I don’t know if I’m really hungry , or just appetite .

3 . Avoid stacking food

Try to avoid buying too much at one time when buying food , so as not to cause a ” stacking ” effect . Because when people see more food , they want to eat it as soon as possible .

Recommendation : If you always want to eat snacks , buy some snacks that can lose weight .

4 . Intentionally creating monotonous and orderly visual effects to avoid the ” grocery store ” effects .

Experiments show that when people eat , monotonous food colors can limit appetite . In addition , it is better to arrange different foods in an orderly manner than to mix them .

Suggestion : If you have a strong urge to eat snacks , you may wish to lie down and do soft calisthenics , relax your limbs , and find ways to divert your thoughts . When the urge to eat has passed , you will find that you are not really so hungry , just greedy .

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