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Weight Loss / Easy weight loss / Experts teach you plastic weight loss: liposuction to deal with fat waist

Experts teach you plastic weight loss: liposuction to deal with fat waist

Ms. Zhang is eager to have a good figure and attaches great importance to diet . Three meals of tofu greens . The only snack is plain boiled water . “Ah , it’s really annoying to drink water and gain weight , ” she often said to her friends . do drink water really gain weight ?

Experts teach you plastic surgery : liposuction to deal with waist and belly fat

Li Qin , Director of Laser Plastic Surgery Center explained that Miss Zhang’s waist and abdomen may be caused by heredity and endocrine problems .

Waist and abdomen obesity causes damage to the image

Director Li said that the occurrence of obesity is a complicated problem . Acquired mainly have bad life and eating habits (such as irregular life , not eating in time , eating hungry when hungry , eating before staying up to bed , eating high-calorie foods , etc . ) ; eating more , absorbing more , excretion Less ; eat less , absorb more , excrete less ; sit at the desk all day without moving ; lack of physical exercise and other reasons .

Obese waist obesity causes a lot of inconvenience . From a functional point of view , life is inconvenient . When you move around , you are breathless . It is quite hard , and it is easy to induce heart disease , hypertension , diabetes and other ” rich diseases ” . In appearance , the big belly will affect your personal image . For example , it is a problem that women do not dare to wear skirts in summer . “Therefore , many people come to lose weight , ” Director Li said . Losing weight improves the body shape of obese people , looks good , and increases self-confidence . At the same time , it can also improve the function , reduce the physical burden , reduce the heart load , lower the blood pressure , which is good for the health of the body .

Extremely fat people needs to liposuction and remove part of the waist and abdomen skin

The current weight loss methods include acupuncture treatment (such as acupuncture point weight loss ) , traditional Chinese medicine , weight loss , etc . Director Li believes that although there are many ways to lose weight , waist and abdomen obesity , such as local obesity , is recognized as a more effective method of Fat loss .

In addition to negative pressure liposuction , there are also electronic liposuction , oscillatory liposuction , and ultrasonic liposuction . According to Li Qin , some hospitals now use a combination of ultrasound and negative pressure , which can avoid the shortcomings of some people that don’t suck out fat through simple negative pressure liposuction . During the operation , apply local swelling anesthetics , use ultrasound to slide back and forth evenly into about ten to twenty minutes , break the fat , and then open a 0.5- in the hidden parts of the waist and abdomen (such as the navel , the ventral side , etc . ) . A small mouth of 1 cm , suck the broken fat with negative pressure , and discharge it through the small tube . The time required for the operation depends on the amount of fat pumped , usually between 1 and 3 hours .

For those who are very obese and have loose skin , Li Qin reminded that simple liposuction cannot achieve a good shaping effect . For this kind of people , it is necessary to combine liposuction and abdominal shaping . That is , on the basis of liposuction , cut off part of the waist and abdomen skin . The surgical trauma will be greater than that of liposuction alone , but the shaping effect is better .

Cardiovascular diseases must be controlled before surgery

Director Li Qin believes that as long as it is local fat accumulation and obesity , between the ages of 18 and 60 years old , and in good health , the doctors such as electrocardiogram , chest X-ray , blood test , blood glucose , blood pressure and other series of examinations before the operation will achieve various indicators People with normal levels can do liposuction .

He explained that liposuction surgery is more suitable for healthy people without high blood pressure , diabetes , heart disease , etc . The blood pressures and blood sugar of people over the age of 60 will generally become high , and this operation may be dangerous ; high blood pressure , diabetic patients , heart disease patients , etc . be examined and treated by doctors in regular hospitals , and the primary disease are controlled within the scope of acceptable surgery . fat When performing liposuction , doctors in regular hospitals will monitor blood pressure . If the patient’s blood pressure suddenly rises during the operation , the operation will have to be stopped . Therefore , it is better to choose a large hospital as the operating unit .

Still need to adjust the body shape after diet

Generally speaking , in addition to facial liposuction , people with liposuction exceeding 2000ml are better to be hospitalized for 1-3 days , because a lot of body fluids are lost during the operation . In addition to the body fluids needed during hospitalization , doctors can also observe the situation at any time to ensure that Safety . In addition to paying attention to rest after the operation , in order to ensure better shaping effect , the doctor recommends that you insist on wearing elastic bandages for 3 months to half a year after surgery .

Some people think that losing weight can be done once and for all . In fact , liposuction changes the body shape of the person , and the weight has not lost much . Postoperative dietary conditioning is also required (normal diet , eating less sugar and calories ) and strengthening physical exercise To keep in shape .

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