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Enlightenment from the star weight loss

Weight loss has affected people’s lives more and more , becoming the focus on people’s talks , fashionable topics . If ordinary people have become accustomed to the topic of weight loss , as stars who pay attention to image , weight loss is a compulsory course . And the power of stars is endless . They often become the object of others to imitate , but some weight loss methods do not recommend friends to imitate .

In an interview program , Lu Yi once broke the news that he needed to lose weight in order to make a TV series . In order to lose weight quickly , he went on a hunger strike for a week , and insisted on exercising every day to consume physical energy to achieve weight loss . It is really painstaking ! However , this method of weight loss at the expense of your health is absolutely undesirable , especially for some obese people , such as those with diabetes , who have poor physical fitness . If they imitate blindly , it is easy to cause other concurrency Disease , then it is more than worth the loss .

Cecilia Cheung , who rarely shows up now , has been popular all the time . She has always been recognized by everyone as a ” thin family ” and often spares no effort to lose weight . In addition to losing weight by refraining from snacks , rice and cola , she lost 10 kilograms in two months . She also used diuretics to lose weight . Later , it was reported that Cecilia Cheung had acute nephritis . Doctors suspected that Cecilia Cheung had risked taking diuretics that may cause heart disease and kidney disease and other sequelae to lose weight , which is the cause of nephritis . This man is almost dead to lose weight , but I dare not to agree . Even if you want to love your fans , you should take good care of your body !

It has been reported that a 15-year-old girl named Zeng Yi lost weight in order to participate in the Super Girl Voice , and finally suffered from anorexia and starved to death . Super Girl was originally a stage to show talent for young people , but it became the culprit to kill this young girl . So it shows that the power of the stars is endless , I hope such tragedies do not happen .

These living cases tell us that weight loss cannot be radical , let alone imitate celebrities blindly , and we must choose the method that suits us to make weight loss healthy !

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