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Embedding weight loss method is most suitable for busy urbanites

The most popular sentence in the love of beautiful women right now is “there is no weight loss in March, but sadness in April.” However, this spring, more and more urban women have given up taking medicine, liposuction and other weight loss methods that require an “adventurous spirit” and turned to various types of traditional Chinese medicine weight loss methods with less side effects and relatively healthy, except for the hot ones in previous years. Acupuncture outside.

Thread embedding: save the tired of acupuncture every day

Ms. Feng has been giving birth to a baby for a year. Before giving birth, she was a pair of Xianfeng thin bones, but she became fat all the way after giving birth. A former colleague who had a chance to change jobs once heard of embedding weight loss method, embedding thread once every 15 days, a course of treatment is generally 3 times, to avoid the trouble of obese patients once every three forks and five “needle”. Generally, 2-3 courses of treatment are needed. Shen Weidong, director of the Department of Acupuncture and Moxibustion at the Shuguang Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that the acupoint embedding therapy originated in the 1960s and was originally used to treat other diseases such as neuropathy. In recent years, it has been used to treat obesity. Acupoint thread embedding therapy is based on thread substitution needle, according to the patient’s individual physique differences, different symptoms, different causes of obesity, a reasonable dialectical point selection, embedding a “biological protein thread” that can be absorbed by the body into the acupuncture point In order to achieve the goal of suppressing obese people’s increased appetite and gastrointestinal digestion and absorption, at the same time, stimulate the patient’s dull autonomic nerves to make them functionally active and increase energy consumption, thereby achieving weight loss.

Suitable for people: those who need to lose weight or lose weight locally, without basic diseases. It is not suitable for pregnant women and children, and it is not suitable for half a year after delivery. Weakness, pregnant women, menstrual period, bleeding tendency and allergy patients should be used with caution

Expert comment: The biggest advantage of this method of embedding acupoints, called “green weight loss” by fashionable people, is that it is suitable for busy urbanites. Because the biological protein thread implanted in the human body stays in the body for 15 to 30 days, it will be naturally dissolved or absorbed by the body and does not need to be taken out. After embedding the thread, the physiological, physical and biochemical stimuli generated on the acupuncture points can be as long as 15 to 30 days or more, so that the local microcirculation of the human body can be continuously adjusted and repaired under this benign stimulus.

However, because this method of weight loss can break the skin, it cannot be carried out in beauty salons, and some organizations claim that they can lose 18 pounds in an hour and a half. Even if possible, it is very dangerous. Any physical change should not be a short-term response to rapid changes, otherwise it may have a negative impact. Li Lingqiao, director of the Department of Aesthetic Medicine of Time Plastic Surgery Hospital, reminded that after embedding treatment, sterile inflammation such as redness, swelling, heat, and pain may occur within 1-5 days after surgery; individual cases have a small amount of milky white exudate, which are normal The reaction generally does not need to be treated. If there are many secretions, you need to go to the hospital for treatment. Individual patients experienced an increase in body temperature within 24 hours of treatment.

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