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Embedding weight loss and leading the trend to lose weight

TCM weight loss is more and more popular now , so a lot of people should have heard about acupuncture weight loss , but does everyone know about embedding weight loss ? In fact , this method of embedding weight loss also belongs to the category of traditional Chinese medicine weight loss . It has been very popular with a long time . Looking forward to the discovery and attention to slimming MMs , what is the principle of slimming ?

No.1 What is embedding weight loss ?

The method of embedding thread for weight loss originated from the acupoint embedding method of the 1960s . It was improved and developed on the basis of the traditional ” acupuncture to lose weight ” , which is an improved acupuncture . In the past , the acupuncture weight loss method used small steel needles to acupuncture acupuncture points , while the ” point embedding thread method ” was a weight loss method using threads instead of needles .

Embedded thread weight loss method is buried once every 15 days to avoid the trouble and pain of acupuncture every day for obese people . It is the preferred weight loss method of busy modern people .

No.2  What is the principle of slimming by thread embedding ?

Thread embedding method is to embed a kind of ” white matter thread ” that can be absorbed by the body of the acupuncture points of special needles to produce a continuous and effective stimulation of the acupuncture points through the slim body , including adjusting the endocrine , nervous system and metabolism of the human body . Finally achieve the effect of weight loss and weight loss .

Thread embedding for weight loss is to dialectically select acupuncture points based on individual differences , different symptoms , and different causes of obesity of patients , and then embedding acupuncture points on acupuncture points to relieve meridians , harmonize qi and blood .

No.3 Is embedding thread safe for weight loss ?

For people that are relatively new to embedding weight loss , many people or netizens are concerned about the safety risks of embedding weight loss . Are they worried that the buried thread will remain in the body and cause harm to the body ? In fact , the ” protein thread ” used for weight loss by embedding is not ordinary sheep intestine thread , but sheep gut thread made with Chinese medicine . The protein thread can be directly embedded under the skin and will stay in the body initially . After 10-15 days , it will gradually It is absorbed by the body and will not cause harm to the human body .

After all , embedding weight loss is a relatively new weight loss project . If you have a suspicion of mentality , it is a normal thing . For friends that want to try embedding weight loss , you can first conduct an in-depth professional doctor consultation before trying , according to your own practical To decide whether to use embedding to lose weight .

No.4 Is embedding weight loss really effective ?

First , it can suppress the patient’s excessive appetite and fundamentally control calorie intake , thereby avoiding the formation of fat .

Second. It can inhibit gastrointestinal digestion and absorption of patients , so that the energy originally converted into fat is directly consumed , thereby reducing energy intake and achieving the effect of weight loss .

Third , it can stimulate the patient’s dull autonomic nerve (cross nerve ) to make it active , increase energy consumption , and promote the decomposition of body fat .

Judging from the principles of weight loss and the reactions to / against netizens , some finds / found that they have little effect to try , but some effects are quite obvious . The method of embedding weight loss has a good effect on people with simple obesity and severe obesity . Since there are many hospitals and acupuncture doctors , there are many technologies for embedding weight loss . Professional physicians , to make the effect more obvious .

No.5 What’s the difference between embedding weight loss and acupuncture weight loss?

1. Embed in the acupuncture points to stimulate the acupuncture points for a long period of time, which is longer than the traditional acupuncture weight loss period and has better results.

2. Traditional acupuncture needs to do acupuncture every day, so patients generally have difficulty in sticking to the course of treatment due to many principles of work and life, but embedding the thread to lose weight, embedding the thread once, the point stimulation period is about half a month, saving the patient’s time , Improved the effectiveness of the treatment.

3. The great advantage of weight loss by catgut embedding is that there is no adverse reaction, which guarantees human health and energy during weight loss, and the rebound rate is extremely low; at the same time, it can cure a small part of diseases that accompany obesity, such as acne and fatigue. Syndrome, constipation, menstrual disorders, high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, fatty liver, etc.

Integrated: save time, effort, convenience, and take care of concurrent diseases

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