Weight Loss / Easy weight loss / Embedding to lose weight is a good helper for busy people and lazy people to lose weight

Embedding to lose weight is a good helper for busy people and lazy people to lose weight

Thread embedding to lose weight is an extension and development of acupuncture to lose weight , and is an improved acupuncture . Chinese medicine practitioners use a syringe to implant a ” protein thread ” that can be absorbed by the human body into the corresponding acupuncture points of the human body , and produce continuous and effective stimulation of the acupuncture points by the thread body to achieve the purpose of weight loss .

1 . Embedding to lose weight : improved acupuncture

Ms. Qin is 36 years old this year . Because she has been sitting in the office all day , plus she doesn’t like sports , and she doesn’t eat too much , she has gained 4 kgs in the past two months . An obvious ” swim circle ” has appeared on the abdomen , and all the clothes that was fitted before become “tights .” . Now that the weather is getting colder and people’s appetite is more vigorous , she is worried that her weight will continue to soar .

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After receiving a call from Ms. Qin , the reporter decided to explore the mystery of embedding weight loss .

In the acupuncture and moxibustion department of many hospitals , the reporter found that among the people who came to do embedding to lose weight , not many people were really obese . Most of them were only slightly overweight . Post-partum women accounted for nearly half of the proportion , and a small proportion It is a man who loves beauty

The doctor at the hospital told reporters that embedding weight loss is actually an improved acupuncture . The absorbable medicine thread is implanted into effective acupuncture points of special techniques . The long-term stimulation of the acupuncture points can achieve the purpose of weight loss .

2 . Lost 7 kg in 3 months

In the acupuncture department , the reporter met 32-year-old Ms. Yang . Ms. Yang told the reporter that she had been working in a public institution in Nanning . She had been born in/of 3 years and had been recovering badly , and she was fat , especially the abdomen . From August 1 this year , Amy’s came to the hospital to ask for weight loss by embedding . The doctor arranged for her to embed the thread once a week . By October 29 , after three months of treatment , Ms. Yang’s weight had dropped from 60 kgs to 53 kgs , a full reduction of 7 kgs . Now she can wear back to the girlhood clothes .

Ms. Yang said that she was always curious before losing weight with embedding thread . What ingredients are used in Chinese medicine to lose weight ? How do they get into the human body ? Do you need to use a knife ? Don’t take it out ?

Unexpectedly , the process of losing weight has left an unforgettable impression of Ms. Yang . The equipment used for weight loss by embedding thread is very simple , a few thin hairs , a green thread about 1 cm longs, and an ordinary syringe . The doctor first selected several points of her abdomen , back , and legs for marking . Then , take one thread at a time , put it in the needle of the syringe , and put the thread into an acupuncture point like an injection . The whole process are not painful at all , just like the injection , the time is very short . After embedding the thread , only a small needle port could be seen on the skin , and there was no damage .

3 . The difference between thread embedding and acupuncture

Meng Shan told reporters that the thread used in the embedding method for weight loss , called sheep intestinal thread , is a foreign protein , also known as the previous surgical thread . The thread is naturally dissolved and absorbed in the body of 15 days to 3 months . Embedding it in acupuncture points can stimulate the acupuncture points for a long time . It has a longer time to lose weight than traditional acupuncture and better results . Traditional acupuncture requires acupuncture every day , but patients generally have difficulty in sticking to the course of treatment due to many reasons for work and life . While embedding the thread to lose weight , embedding the thread once , the stimulation time of the acupoints is about half a month , which saves the patient’s time .

Meng Shan said that according to different conditions and causes of obesity , the points and intervals of embedding are also different . Usually , Tianwan , Zhongwan , Daheng points in the abdomen , hills on the legs , and Juxu points are selected , and Liver , spleen and kidney points on the back . These points can help people control appetite and promote the body’s metabolism .

The embedding weight loss method can be used to lose weight all over the body , and it can also be used to lose weight locally , but the local weight loss effect is not as obvious as the whole body .

In addition , the embedding weight loss method has no special requirements for exercise , but requires a normal diet to avoid overeating . Generally , people can lose about 1 kg a week . Meng Shan believes that ensuring the health of the human body in the process of losing weight is the most important thing for everyone that loses weight . She does not advocate rapid weight loss .

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