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Weight Loss / Easy weight loss / Embedding to lose weight 3 weeks to reshape the enchanting curve

Embedding to lose weight 3 weeks to reshape the enchanting curve

Long-term office life and lack of exercise. With age, the metabolism of many women begins to decline. The weight and body fat are too high. It should really be reduced. Many people like to embed acupuncture points on traditional Chinese medicine recently Weight loss. The following editors share the experience of TCM embedding weight loss, through embedding thread, control diet and proper exercise, easily get rid of body fat. Our body-building plan first focuses on “health”, everyone should also pay attention to weight loss, must not ignore the health for thin! Embedding + diet + exercise to promote metabolism in the body, multi-pronged effect is the best!

Part 1 TCM embedding thread to increase metabolism

Acupuncture point embedding weight loss principle

The embedding weight loss was originally called “acupuncture point embedding therapy”. This kind of therapy has appeared for less than 100 years, but it has been carried forward with the obesity problem of modern people. In fact, acupoint embedding therapy is a fusion of Chinese and Western medicine. The trendy weight loss method stimulates a variety of special treatments. The emerging therapy of acupoint embedding is derived from the traditional acupuncture weight loss improvement, which is an enhanced version of acupuncture and moxibustion. The weight loss effect is achieved based on the theoretical basis of traditional Chinese medicine to dredge the meridians. A perfect combination is achieved, because the gut line can replace acupuncture needles for gentle and long-lasting treatment in the body, thus improving the therapeutic effect,

Acupoint thread embedding therapy also has a good two-way regulating effect like acupuncture therapy. The body’s twelve meridians are connected to the viscera and reach the limbs. Acupoint embedding therapy can regulate the body’s meridians and make the meridian qi and blood prosperous, so as to achieve the purpose of coordinating viscera, balancing yin and yang, reconciling qi and blood, removing disease and strengthening body, eliminating cellulite and losing weight, delaying aging, beauty and beauty. At present, the method of embedding acupuncture points for weight loss is about stimulating the acupuncture points of the stomach, spleen, kidney, renmai, etc. to supplement the spleen, kidney, and phlegm, adjust the function of the spleen and stomach, promote luck and dredge meridians, and achieve fat loss. the goal of.

The principle of thread embedding is that the needle of the gut is injected into the acupuncture points of the body with a specially constructed needle, which can be absorbed by itself in about 14 days. The effect of replacing the acupuncture needle with the gut of the gut can be very long-lasting. The effect of suppressing appetite is effective for local sculptures, especially reducing the waist, thighs and arms (butterfly sleeves), but the effect on overall weight loss is less obvious. Therefore, embedding the acupuncture points in line with the medicines formulated by the physician according to the individual’s body weight, the combined use of acupuncture and medicine can make the fat reduction and body shaping effect more double.

Embedding can reduce weight and treat chronic diseases

The stimulation of acupuncture thread on acupuncture points is not only in the present moment. When the embedding thread is softened, liquefied, decomposed and absorbed in the human body, it can continue to stimulate the acupuncture points.

The currently commonly used embedding thread for weight loss is surgical gut intestine. After implantation, it is continuously stimulated at the acupuncture points of the body and can be absorbed and catabolized; there are also clinics that introduce monocryl for plastic surgery, which is an absorbable The special sewing thread can reduce the allergic reaction caused by the general gut line.

Because “acupoint embedding therapy” evolves from acupuncture, as long as it is suitable for acupuncture treatment, acupoint embedding therapy can be used, such as chronic medical diseases such as asthma, gynecological problems, infertility, sore treatment and Breast enhancement, etc.

Embedded weight loss precautions and care:

1. Evaluate your physical condition before embedding. For example, if you are too weak, fasting or full, you should not embed it, and you should not use it during pregnancy or with diabetes. Special patients with coagulopathy are not suitable for treatment.

2. When embedding the thread, it is recommended that the number of stitches should not be too large to prevent halo needles.

3. Please lie down for about 3 minutes after embedding the thread. If there is no discomfort, you can get up and leave.

4. After embedding the thread to lose weight, don’t take a shower on the first day, use the method of wiping, but the embedding area should not touch the water, you can take a normal shower the next day.

5. 3 to 7 days after the embedding, if there is soreness, this is the normal phenomenon of stimulating acupuncture points of the sheep intestinal line and will be relieved soon;

Some low fever or slight allergy after embedding the thread will heal itself;

The bruising at the embedding site is caused by the bleeding of small capillaries during embedding, which causes subcutaneous hemorrhage without tension. It absorbs itself after a few days. It is recommended to apply a suitable hot compress to accelerate the fading of the bruising.

Within 3 days after embedding the thread, excessive vigorous exercise is not recommended for the embedding site.

6. During the course of embedding treatment, the diet on weekdays should be kept light, avoiding eating spicy and thick flavors, seafood, bamboo shoots, mangoes, nuts and other foods that easily cause allergic reactions. And reduce the intake of strong tea, alcohol, coffee and other irritating beverages, and it is best to avoid cold ice.

7. Due to the different degree of embedding absorption of each patient, the doctor will recommend a weekly consultation for evaluation. Generally speaking, every time you embed the thread, the doctor will perform acupuncture point replacement to avoid over embedding the same point.

Possible side effects include: skin bruises, allergies, redness, inflammation, local skin melanin precipitation, and in severe cases, abdominal abscesses and ulcers, internal bleeding, and so on. There are also some patients with special physical conditions that are not suitable for embedding weight loss, for example: patients with crabfoot, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, coagulopathy (hemophilia, thrombocytopenic purpura), pregnant women, elderly, malignant Special constitutions such as tumors and patients with allergic constitutions are not suitable for embedding. Embedding can cure allergies, but urticaria, asthma, etc. need to be evaluated before embedding.

Health weight loss must have a correct concept. Embedding thread is one of many weight loss methods. Weight loss requires multiple approaches to achieve good results. It is unwise to over-emphasize the efficacy of embedding thread alone. Acupuncture and medicine are used together with daily life and rest diet Adjustment is the best strategy. In addition, the maintenance after the weight loss is very important. If it appears a little fat, it must be actively handled to avoid falling into a vicious circle. Even some fat-fitting patients can maintain embedding every 2 months, which is very good for health care. .

Part 2 Embedding to lose weight requires diet and exercise

No matter what kind of weight-loss therapy, it is an auxiliary therapy. It must cooperate with diet control and increase the amount of exercise to achieve the best effect.

However, many people mistakenly think that using acupoint embedding to lose weight can eat and drink without any worries. The doctor reminds that the most important thing for weight loss is diet control. Acupoint embedding can only be used as an auxiliary tool if there is no control The effect of the absorbed heat and the embedding of acupoints will not be as expected.

The principle of diet is: the diet is not wasteful, all meals should be eaten, the amount of meat or eggs can be ingested for breakfast, and the dinner can be full for seven to eight minutes. To actively lose weight, be sure to observe the following points:

Does not stimulate sweets, snacks, fried foods.

staple food is mainly white rice or brown rice and whole-grain rhizomes, and eat less noodles and bread.

Drink a bowl of low-oil clear soup before lunch and dinner.

You can eat more vegetables, please control meat and fruits, and halve the starch.

3 hours before going to bed, no more food, no supper.

Try to avoid drinking sugary drinks and drink plenty of water. Really want to drink beverages can be replaced with pure fruit juice or sugar-free soy milk, sugar-free yogurt and so on.

Most office girls do not have any exercise habits. Although they can go shopping for five hours, they usually take a little more time to eat lunch and are lazy; when they see articles about u-style body shaping, they will follow with interest. Doing exercises; when I first got Zheng Duoyan’s weight-loss exercise DVD, I worked diligently for two days. When I met overtime, I… (you all know…)

So it is most important to stick to it! After embedding the thread, you must actively cooperate with the exercise. When you exercise, the line will be pulled and stimulated. This kind of stimulation can accelerate the decomposition of fat. Enough exercise can stimulate enough stimulus to break down enough fat. This seems to be a chain In the same way, every time you move, the thread gets pulled once, adhere to more exercise, the thread is fully stimulated, and weight loss will be faster. First introduce some common sports methods:

1. Lift your legs and raise your head

The most important exercise for reducing the abdomen is to raise the two ends. After embedding the abdomen, you should do it carefully. First, lie on your legs and straighten your legs, and raise your legs about 60 degrees. Reduce the upper abdomen; then lie down, raise the upper body at an angle of about sixty degrees, do not support with your hands, lie down and then lift, do ten more to reduce the abdomen; finally lie down and do the two together, and raise the legs at the same time , Raise your head, it is best to hold for a few seconds, then lie down, and then lift up, make a total of ten.

2. Four directions from two ends

The two directions of starting from four directions are waist, abdomen, and side waist (double) as the focus points, as shown in Figures 4, 5, and 6 below. This exercise is especially suitable for the fatter people in the middle of the swimming ring. Starting from the two ends of the abdomen is also called back flying or Xiao Yanfei, which is very good for thin waist and hips.

3. Squat up

squat is very suitable for patients with obese buttocks and thighs. The practice is to first stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, the tiger’s mouth in both hands should be squeezed relative to your shoulders, the arms are slightly curved, take a breath, upper body should squat as straight as possible. Squat until the thighs are parallel to the ground.

4. Stand up with your back

hands behind the tiger to stimulate the fork to tighten, tighten the hips and thighs, tighten the abdomen, use the strength of the chest to pull up the body, lift the heels, touch the ground with the toes, and at the same time pull the clasped hands as far as possible, so that the body faces Tighten the bow, then put it down, rise again, and make twenty. This exercise is a sport I recommend for a lifetime, especially for ladies. It can take care of all aspects of beauty: lifting the heel, the calf will not be fat; tighten the hip thigh, the hip will not sag, the thigh will not be fat; tighten the abdomen, lower abdomen Tightness; pull up, no fat on the waist; straighten the chest so that the chest does not sag; pulling the handle backwards will not lengthen the butterfly sleeve, and it can make the spine dorsal and straight, prevent cervical spine and lumbar disease. It is really the best way to exercise, and you can exercise anytime, anywhere, without any restrictions, highly recommended!

5. Bend your back and pull up

Behind the hands, the tiger stimulates the fork to clench tightly, bend over 90 degrees, straighten the arms as far as possible and pull up, and at the same time tilt the heels, it feels like being lifted, do 20 even. This exercise is designed to reduce the butterfly sleeves, and the thicker arms need more practice.

6. Book on both knees

For people who sit in front of the computer all day long and have fat inner thighs, they can hold a thick book or dictionary between their knees while sitting, which does not affect their work and can make their legs thin.

7. Elbow touch knee

Exercise to form a habit, carry out anytime, anywhere, sit on the chair (or sofa) hips as far as possible, do the elbow touch knee exercise, elbow and knee movement at the same time, the pace is consistent. This method is best to reduce the abdomen.

After three weeks of hard work…

Super amazing! In just three weeks, the hips and waistline are obviously a little smaller! The same pants are already worn loose.

Basically, healthy weight loss methods must be carried out in a gradual way, with a balanced diet and moderate exercise. The overall slimming therapy is to adjust the physique, improve the metabolic rate and endocrine problems, and develop the correct, balanced and good diet and exercise habits with the help of professional physicians and nutritionists, so it is not easy to regain weight even after the course of treatment .

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