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Eliminate eye bags by liposuction

Eye bag removal surgery is one of the common operations in cosmetic surgery . How to do well , how to prevent the occurrence of comorbidities , and how to maintain the long-term effect of the surgery may be a concern of many people .Here, we first need to understand that in addition to individual and genetic factors, the formation of eye bags is mainly composed of two factors: one is the accumulation and bulging of eye socket fat, and the other is the relaxation of the eyelid skin and the orbicularis oculi muscle.In response to this cause, some young patients can be treated by intraconjunctival incision through the conjunctival incision to remove the accumulated fat. The advantage of this method is that it does not leave any incision marks on the epidermis, so-called liposuction and eye bags are this method. So far, the most widely used surgical method in the world is blepharoplasty. The specific operation of this operation is: cut along the 2-3 mm below the eyelid margin, and then extend outward to the crow’s feet. Through the surgical incision, the severely hungry fat was herniated, and the forceps were removed and the bleeding was strictly stopped. Then, according to the degree of eye bag formation, appropriate treatment of the orbicularis oculi muscle and removal of excess skin, especially for the treatment of the orbicularis oculi muscle can make the surgical effect more durable.

At present, many beauty salons in China use liposuction to remove eye bags, and liposuction is mainly used for body fat liposuction for weight loss in foreign countries. Liposuction eye bags have never been seen in foreign clinical and textbooks. On this issue, I once communicated with Dr Illouz, the inventor of liposuction and an internationally renowned expert in external cosmetic surgery. He believes that using needles to suck fat under blind sight is more likely to damage blood vessels, which may affect the eyes and eyesight. May cause blindness. In addition, there are generally three fats in the eye sockets of the lower eyelid. How much to remove is not only an aesthetic issue, but also a matter of medical common sense. Because the fat in the eye socket is between the bony orbit and the tough eyeball, it plays an important role in buffering pressure and protecting the eyeball. It is not difficult to imagine, if there is a lack of normal fat tissue between the orbital bone and the eyeball, once the facial fracture occurs, how dangerous will the eyeball be! Therefore, the fat in the eye sockets can only be removed properly, and never go out. From an aesthetic point of view, it is thought that pursuing the “European eye” and hollowing out the fat of the eye socket is not in harmony with the overall shape of our Orientals. Therefore, the method of liposuction and cigarette removal is unscientific and undesirable. In addition, under the eyelid margin incision surgery method, if the surgeon is experienced, the incision is neat and the suture is delicate, generally after a period of recovery, the incision line will form an inconspicuous skin texture, which will not affect the appearance.

In addition to eye bag surgery caused by common comorbidities , such as eyelid valgus , incision scars , etc , it is not a question about / on surgical method , but a question about / on surgical technique , experience and suture material . The operation of ” immediate results ” is by no means a thorough and long-lasting operation . The eye bags that have gradually formed into the years cannot be ” effective against ten minutes .” . Because the recovery of human tissue requires a certain amount of time , otherwise it can only be a sh
ort-term effect .

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