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Edible pear weight loss recipes

If you are slimming , you can try boiled pears . Regular consumption of boiled pears can maintain your figure . Boiled pears are cooked from pears . I would like to try boiled pears . Today I would like to share with you a complete list of dietary weight loss recipes .

Is it useful to lose weight and eat boiled pears ?

Boiled pears have been in existence of ancient times , and have the functions of moisturizing the lungs , regenerating the cough and relieving to cough . It is also very simple to make . Put a few small bowls of water and wait for the water to boil . Put in the chopped pears . You can put some rock sugar . The taste will be better . Cook for a few minutes . It is delicious and the effect of slimming is very good . it is good .

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Edible pear weight loss recipes

1 . Edible pears

In the morning , you can drink some water , boil eggs with bread , and add edible pears to make breakfast . Edible pears can be eaten directly because it is rich in healthy trace elements and has a nourishing effect .

2 . Sweet sugar boiled pears

No need to put too much rock sugar when cooking pears . The pears are not used and the pears are thrown away . Divide the pears into small cubes . You don’t need to add too much pear water . Three bowls are enough . When the water reaches one Baidu , you can put the sliced ”pears and rock sugars and boil for five minutes . If you want to lose weight , the effect is very big . And the taste is good , it is delicious to eat .

3 . Edible pear jams sweet rice balls

This is very complicated to make , but tastes very chic . First cook the rice and make it into a rice ball . The green pepper and lemon juice are ready . Don’t eat pear skin and core , then cut to pieces , beat at the blender , and eat pear jam . Take a few more fresh apples , also without peels and cores , make them piece by piece with a knife , stick the powdered sugar on the top , then put the sticky apples on the pot and fry them , some brown will be fine . Put the prepared apples and green peppers on the rice balls , put the beaten edible pear jam on it , and the edible pear jams sweet rice balls full of fruity taste can be enjoyed .

4 . White fungus pear soup

You can wash the white fungus according to your need , boil it for a while , about ten minutes , then wash the edible pears , cut them into cubes , and boil for ten minutes in the pot . After boiled , the pear soup is white and flawless , sweet . It’s greasy , and the white fungus pear soup can cure coughs and digestion . It is often eaten and can also promote stomach absorption . It also has a good effect on beauty , long-term consumption not only plays a role in slimming , but also the skin is getting more and more tender .

5 . Steamed Sydney

Take a few pears , cut off the core and peel , put aside sugar and various colored beans in the pear , then seal the thrown pear with bamboo sticks . You can start steaming . After steaming , you can enjoy it when the temperature of Sydney drops . The grinding sample is very exquisite and looks somewhat transparent .

6 . Sydney porridge

When boiled rice porridge , add all kinds of eight treasures , more nutritious and taste better , after boiled , cut the prepared Sydney into squares with a knife , throw it in and boil for a few minutes to eat , like sweetness , You can add more sugar , a bowl of nutritious and delicious Sydney weight loss porridge will boil .

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