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Weight Loss / Weight loss diet / Eat spinach to lose weight?

Eat spinach to lose weight?

Popeye , we all know that when someone else is in danger , they can defeat the enemy fiercely and eat justice by eating a jar of spinach . Then the main thing of this cartoon is to tell us the benefits of eating spinach . Like a strong sailor from a thin body of a strong body , in fact , the role of spinach is not only like this , and now many people say that eating more spinach can lose weight , then spinach does not lose weight ? We all have a lot of doubts , so what I want to tell you now is that spinach can maintain the shape of the body and can also achieve the weight loss effect that we women all pursue .

The principle of losing weight by eating spinach :

1 . Spinach itself contains a lot of cellulose , and its nutritional content is extremely high . It can be said that spinach is one of the most effective in vegetable weight loss . Spinach’s cellulose contains about 100g of cellulose in every 300g . Our excess fat and excess muscle both play a role in dissolving fat , which allows us to remove some of the heat of screening and excretion , and the fat content of spinach is particularly low , only 20g of 300g is fat , spinach Not only does it contain dietary fiber , it also has some trace elements that the human body rarely supplements .

2 . Spinach also has the functions of treating constipation , laxative and laxative , promoting gastrointestinal peristalsis , stimulating the secretion of digestive enzymes in the intestinal juice of gastric juice , which can encourage our excess heat to be excreted from the body of causing accumulation of fat in the body .

Spinach diets recipe

The first boiled spinach

That’s right , boiled spinach , boil the water , wash the spinach and put it in until the spinach is cooked and removed . If you can’t stand the light taste , you can add a little salt , but you should pay attention to it . Let the vegetables have a little salty taste , not too much . The most important thing in our diet of weight loss is lightness , and after the spinach has been cooked in hot water , it will make our stomach full and feel special . Long-lasting , we eat boiled spinach at the best time in the evening , at the same time we also need to maintain the early bedtime habit of going to bed at 11 o’clock , to prevent the night from controlling to eat other things .

The second kind : spinach vermicelli

Production method : Vermicelli and spinach are cooked soft and cooked thoroughly , and set aside . Cut the spinach and vermicelli , put the salt in the bowl , and stir the sauce evenly . The vermicelli has the function of low cholesterol , which just makes up for the problem of a slow blood flow rate in spinach . The cholesterol becomes low , our blood It will become faster and the metabolism will become faster , so the practice of spinach vermicelli can make us lose weight and lose weight .

Spinach weight loss can be confirmed , so women who want to lose weight can take action !

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