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During weight loss, which is better, rice or noodles?

Everyone knows that diet must be controlled during weight loss . Posting is especially critical to the choice of staple food . There are several staple foods that people often eat . In addition to rice is noodles , people often eat rice or noodles . Important , so which is better , rice or noodles ? , Let’s discuss how to choose weight loss staples with the editor of the weight loss drug list .

Rice is very important to our daily diet . Almost every day at least one meal is rice . Many people like to eat rice , there are no reason ! It’s also amazing !

Noodles are very popular with the north , especially in the winter , a hot bowl of noodles is best , but even in the north , the generality of noodles is still less than rice !

The correct choice of food for weight loss is very important , especially the choice of staple food . Although it is recommended to eating coarse grains of weight loss , it will always feel greasy for a long time , and it is understandable to change the taste occasionally !

Although the noodles have more calories than rice , the noodles have a strong satiety and are digestible . After eating , they will not feel hungry for a long time , but the rice is different . Although the calories are low , the digestion is very good Fast and easy to eat other things , so eating noodles properly is full and slim .

In fact , losing weight is not necessarily not to eat anything , but to divide the time , choose digestion-resistant noodles at noon , anti-hunger time is longer , but you can choose more digestible rice at night , so that no fat will accumulate at night !

After going through the above analysis , I believe everyone knows how to choose rice and noodles during the weight loss period , not to say which is better , but should choose to choose noodles or rice by time .

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