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How to drop weight fast? 17 Tips Burn excess fat [easily]!

Obesity not only damages the image, but also causes serious diseases such as high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, and fatty liver (fat accumulation in the liver, reduced liver function).

A more perfect body shape is every woman’s dream, but facing so many ways to lose weight, it is really at a loss and difficult to distinguish between true and false.

As we get older, it is indeed more and more difficult to maintain a slim figure. When you are 19, diet for a week and two more dances are enough to lose 5 pounds. But when you are 39 years old, you are still 5 pounds, just like welding on a bone rack, it is difficult to lose it.

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Step #1 Different body types have different weight loss methods

A woman is to be her own master, how can she choose the most suitable slimming method? First of all, you have to understand your body-what kind of body shape is it? What method is used? What kind of results can be achieved? It’s all clear at a glance.

1. What kind of skeletal “animal” are you?

Why do some people eat to death without getting fat, while some people drink cold water to get fat? In fact, this is related to your basic body type, and the size of your body is closely related to the size of your bones, so first figure out which bone type you are.

  • A. Elephant: Even if this type of person is “skin and bones”, the “code” is quite large, because the bones are relatively large. Lie flat on the bed and feel your hips, are they protruding sharply? So your hips are difficult to reduce. Look at your wrist, if you have a strong feeling, a round bone is obviously protruding. Such people, no matter they are fat or thin, will certainly not be very light. As the saying goes, “the bones are heavy.”
  • B. Monkeys: Either they don’t get fat no matter how they eat, or they “hid” the meat easily. The hip bones and shoulders are very narrow, and the limbs are thin. Those of you who have a lot of appetite say “be fat to fat” all day long. Don’t think that being thin is good-looking, and being thin is also tangible.
  • C. Tiger: It is easy to get fat and thin. The bones are neither big nor small, but the muscles are still relatively strong. This is why you are called tigers. Such people should try to maintain a reasonable amount of fat, sculpt the shape of the muscles, and do not let the weight go up and down, which is not good for health.

2. What kind of fat “fruit” are you?

There are not many people who are fat from head to toe in the true traditional sense. Those who look very thin may not have good body shape, and may be troubled by excessive local fat accumulation.

  • A. Apple: The fat of these people accumulates in the waist and abdomen, so the middle is fat and the ends are pointed. This is also the most unhealthy kind of fat, because the abdominal cavity is where the vital organs of the human body are located. People with an apple-shaped body have a lower utilization rate of sugar in their bodies, so blood sugar is generally higher. Most apple-shaped people like to eat rice and noodles, and these food crops immediately turn into sugar, so you must eat moderate amounts.
  • B. Pears: There is a lot of accumulation of subcutaneous fat, which is prominent in the hips and thighs, and the body shape has a feeling of lightness and weight. Pear-shaped people like to eat meat and fried foods, which are high in fat, so they must eat less. The pear-shaped body is mostly female, because the accumulation of subcutaneous fat in women is much higher than that in men, so the most important thing for this type of body is to lose fat rather than lose weight. The same volume of fat is only 1/3 the weight of muscle, so the body weight is not heavy, but the fat may be large and the body shape is very poor.
  • C. Bananas: This kind of people always feel unspirited and not upright, because their muscle mass is too small to “support” the body, so these people are not easy to get fat. But once you get fat, you will be out of control, it is very difficult to lose weight, because there is actually no muscle on the body, it is all fat. Such people want to strengthen muscle growth and eat more protein, such as beef. At the same time, we must exercise. Only in this way can the muscles gradually develop.

Step #2 Do you know what periodic weight is ?

When we diet, the body breaks down fat and muscle tissue for energy. But it breaks down muscle at twice the rate of fat breakdown.

Do you know what is periodic weight ?

What is cycle weight?

Cycling weight refers to the repeated decrease and increase of body weight. Often, cycle weight is the result of dieting to lose weight. A cycle of weight may only be a small range of weight fluctuations (5 to 10 pounds), but it can also fluctuate significantly (50 pounds or more).

The process of cycle weight is as follows:

  • 1. You start a diet, but you don’t usually exercise. As a result, your body’s metabolism slows down. (Because now the body has to “process” fewer calories)
  • 2. After losing weight, you quickly stopped dieting.
  • 3. Now, you are eating as much or even more as before (because you feel “losing” during dieting)
  • 4. As a result, you gain weight again. (Because your metabolism has slowed down and cannot handle the sudden increase in calories)
  • 5. The desire to lose weight fell through, so you start dieting again.

This cycle…

Why does cycle weight happen?

When we are on a diet, the body still needs a certain amount of “fuel” to run. If we don’t get calories from food, then our body will break down its stored fat and muscle tissue to get energy. Moreover, it breaks down muscle tissue at twice the rate of fat breakdown. At this time, you have lost weight, but you may not lose weight. After stopping the diet, the body resumed the absorption of a large amount of calories, but was unable to effectively break down the excess calories. At this time, the weight rebounded again. Therefore, a diet plan that does not include exercise can easily lead to cycle weight and it is difficult to maintain weight.

Will it become harder to lose weight when I gain weight again?

will not. Even if you are getting fat for the third time, you will not find it harder to lose weight than someone who lost weight for the first time. Generally speaking, after a cycle of weight, the metabolism will return to the normal level before weight loss. In other words, cycle weight will only cause a temporary change in the rate of metabolism, and age is the main reason that affects metabolism. Therefore, the cycle weight will not affect the difficulty of losing weight again.

Is cycle weight harmful to my health?

Some studies suggest that cycle weight may cause some health problems, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and gallbladder diseases. Obese people should use appropriate weight loss methods to avoid affecting their health due to cycle weight.

In addition, cycle weight will have a negative impact on mental health, because you will feel discouraged and depressed after gaining weight again, and even feel that you are a “loser.” On the other hand, it can also be your motivation to make lasting changes to lose weight.

Is not losing weight healthier than cycling weight?

Although whether cycle weight will cause disease has not yet been determined, the health hazards of obesity have long been known. Obesity easily causes diseases including: high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, certain cancers, arthritis and gallbladder diseases.

Of course not everyone who is obese is at risk. Your gender, location of obesity and family history have a decisive effect on your risk of disease. However, experts also agree that losing 10 pounds or more of weight within six months can improve the health of an obese adult.

How to break cycle weight

Want to break this distressing cycle and maintain your weight loss results? Follow the instructions below and you will soon have a healthy weight and a toned body.

  • 1. Set yourself a proper weight loss goal, preferably no more than 2 pounds a week.
  • 2. Frequent exercises such as walking, running, cycling, and weightlifting, especially large muscles, such as hips and thighs. Remember, every pound of muscle will help you “solve” 50 calories per day. A pound of muscle is much smaller than a pound of fat, and it will make your weight look much better.
  • 3. Eat small meals more often. Every time you eat, your body’s metabolism will speed up. In addition, eating small and frequent meals will not make the body excessively hungry.

Step #3 Say Bye-bye to the floating meat

Cellulite is also called cellulite. It is because the fat cells become larger or more and push into the connective tissue (collagen fibers) of the dermis. The intercellular spaces become smaller and squeeze into the blood vessel tissues. Water and metabolites are retained in the fat layer, and at the same time connective The tissue will wrap the fat to form small nodules, and the appearance will appear uneven, wrinkled or even tarnished like dried orange peel, so it is also called “cellulite”.

Floating meat is not a patent for obese people! Many slim-looking women are prone to cellulite production in the lower body, especially in the areas where fat is easy to accumulate, such as the abdomen, buttocks, outer thighs, upper arms, etc., which can cause poor circulation in the lower body. According to statistics, 95% of women have this phenomenon. It can be said to be the second sexual characteristic of modern women!

How to improve these ugly, wrinkled cellulite? The exclusive woman designed the “Bye-bye slimming plan to floating meat” for you. As long as you are determined to persevere, “Trust me, You can make it”!

1. The correct diet concept:

Do not eat a partial diet, eat more fruits and vegetables with high fiber, low sugar, low salt, low fat, regular and quantitative, and chew slowly. These five principles are the most basic dietary principles.

2. Efficient exercise:

When the right diet helps you restore a healthy body, exercise can further help you shape your body and adjust your curve. Exercise can promote blood and lymph circulation. After the circulation is improved, nutrient transportation, digestion and waste removal will become more efficient!

3. Skin care:

Simple but effective spiral local massage can greatly increase the speed of lumps elimination. Body shaping products are the simplest and most convenient auxiliary choice for modern busy women! For example, the plant slimming firming gel launched by sisley contains a variety of plant emerald extracts to promote blood circulation, seaweed ingredients can accelerate fat dissolution, horsetail can improve the appearance of the skin, and immediately achieve the triple effect of slimming, astringent and firming . VICHY’s sugar spring slimming gel contains unique plant extracts Rutin and Ginkgo biloba, which can promote metabolism, effectively prevent fat accumulation and obese cells, and make the skin thin, firm and even.

“Trust me, You can make it!” This is a catchy slogan, but you who love beauty can only succeed if you practice and persevere!

Step #4 Tighten fat

If the fat on the arm is loose, it will look ugly in a naked shoulder outfit. There are actually several ways to get rid of fat on your arms.

When taking a bus, don’t sit down. While pulling the ring, hold the ring with your palms, tighten the upper arm muscles, and then gently release the palms to relax the upper arm muscles. If I can practice for 10 to 20 minutes every day, I will feel the muscles in my arms tighten after a month.

Before getting up for breakfast in the morning, do a five-minute arm stretching exercise. First put one pair of arms on the back of the head, and use the strength of the other hand to firmly press the elbow on the back of the head. Exchange like this, and feel the fat on the outside of the arm. Get in motion.

Before going to bed, give a strong massage to the arm. Although it is a bit sore, the pain means that the fat is stimulated. Imagine crushing the fat ball to turn it into a lot of small fat, and the small fat will gradually be dissolved.

Simple steps to massage your arm:

  • A. Bend the arm upwards, grab the muscles of the upper arm vigorously, and then grab the entire upper arm.
  • B. In the same way, grab the fat on the lower part of the arm. The muscles in this part are easy to relax, so you need to work harder.

Step #5 Take a bath and lose weight

Use water pressure to open the water head to its maximum, and the water outlet should be 10-15 cm away from the body. The shower head is concentrated on the fatty parts of the body. Alternate showering with hot and cold water is ideal. Do this exercise continuously every time you take a bath, and you can also take a shower for the fatigued area. As long as you persist, you can achieve the effect of lightening your body. With your slender fingers, you are very beautiful. Bathing and massage can help your dreams come true. In order to maintain the skin while losing weight, apply the body lotion evenly on the whole body, and then start the massage from bottom to top.

Feet and legs: Massage and wash in a spiral manner from the toes up to the groin.

Abdomen: Take the navel as the center, and wash it in a clockwise spiral around the navel. You can also press the abdomen clockwise with both hands to do a 10-minute lower abdomen massage. Use a coarse salt bag filled with salt particles for better results.

Chest: Gently massage and clean the lower part of the chest in a small spiral, and gently lift the chest up.

Shoulder: Wash in a spiral motion from fingertips, elbows to shoulders. It is advisable to wash the right hand first. To achieve better results, it is also necessary to do exercises such as knee squats and legs after the shower. The maintenance after bathing will make your skin bright and clean: After bathing, apply some lotion or natural moisturizer on warm skin to moisturize the skin and rub gently to achieve deep emollient effect. From top to bottom, massage the whole body.

Chest: Massage in a spiral motion from the bottom of the center of the chest to the top. Hold the lower part of the chest with the palms of both hands and slide from the center to the left and right to make the chest feel lifted. Chest circulation massage exercise. From the center of the chest to the bottom of the chest to the shoulders, from bottom to top, the chest has a feeling of overall improvement.

Arm: Use the palm of your hand to make a spiral massage from the hand to the shoulder, the same on the inner side.

Abdomen: Massage clockwise from the bottom right, rubbing in a spiral.

Feet: First massage evenly from the toes to the soles of the feet, then lightly pat the soles of the feet 50 times. Wrap your ankles with your palms and rub them toward your knees.

Legs: Clamp the calf with both hands and massage towards the inner side of the knee. With the palms of both hands, massage from the knee to the thigh. Lean forward, spread your hands, and do a spiral massage from your thighs to your buttocks.

Step #6 The breathing method of burning energy

Whether doing weight loss gymnastics or doing fitness exercises

The difficulty of breathing method is that it takes a long time to experience the essentials. It is necessary to do it personally, and it is difficult to grasp the key points if you simply talk about the theory. Especially for modern people, understanding with the body seems to be more difficult than thinking with the mind. Being a yoga is the best example. Here, we do not require dieters to have an in-depth understanding of the breathing theory, but only require proper breathing when doing gymnastics.

So, what kind of breathing is appropriate? Let us take the chopping action as an example.

There are three situations for chopping wood with a knife and axe:

  • (1) Stop breathing and chop as hard as you can.
  • (2) Ho! The sound of the knife and axe falling.
  • (3) Inhale while cutting off.

Of these three situations, the third situation is the most difficult. It requires both exertion and attention to breathing. It is not very cooperative. The first situation requires the most effort, the third situation requires the use of one’s own consciousness to control muscles and speed, and the second situation is the best situation for pure force. When doing weight loss gymnastics, we must imitate the second situation mentioned above. Of course, it is not suitable to shout “hoo” when doing weight loss exercises, but you can adjust your breathing with your lips. When your muscles contract and exhale hard, you will make a “shoo” sound.

When exerting vigorously, exhale vigorously.

When the force is weak, exhale gently.

When the movement is slow, the exhalation is also slow.

When you exercise fast, exhale faster.

This is the simple breathing method to lose weight. This breathing method must be practiced at the same time as gymnastics. If you practice this breathing method in a static state, it will cause dizziness and dizziness due to the large amount of oxygen flowing into the blood, and the eyes will be completely dark, which will cause bad mood.

This breathing method can be practiced while walking. While walking, speed up the pace consciously, exhale twice with your mouth “shoo” and “shoo”, and take two steps. Take two more steps next and take two more breaths consciously. Walking with this breathing method not only walks faster, but also improves your breathing method. Fat people usually have shallow breathing, and fat in their bodies is difficult to consume as raw materials. Therefore, cooperating with exercise to carry out this kind of concentrated oxygen breathing is very beneficial for weight loss.

Step #7 Soak in hot water to make your body sweat

Medically, “the accumulation of excess fat” is called obesity. Therefore, it is important not to simply use body weight as the standard. It is also important to know the fat content equivalent to body weight, that is, “body fat percentage”. Here is a simple way to judge your body fat percentage.

Pinch the back of the upper arm and the underside of the back shoulder blade, and add up their thickness. It is normal for a male to be 12-25 mm (body fat rate is 8%-16%), and 26 mm to 35 mm (body fat rate is 17 %-20%) is the warning line, and when it is 36 mm or more (body fat rate is more than 21%), it is obese.

The same goes for women. 20 to 30 mm (body fat rate of 15% to 21%) is normal, 31 to 45 mm (body fat rate of 21% to 30%) is the warning line, 46 mm or more (body fat rate of 31% or more) When it is obese.

If you are obese, then it is necessary to find ways to lose weight to maintain good health. There are many ways to lose weight, diet or exercise, but it seems that many people can’t stick to it for long. In contrast, soaking in hot water to make the body sweat is a simple and good way to persist for a long time.

Step #8 How to limit sleep time to lose weight

In life, many obese patients know that restricting food intake can lose weight, but they don’t know that restricting sleep time can also achieve the goal of weight loss.

Studies by foreign scientists have proved that restricting sleep time can help obese patients lose weight. They found that most patients with long-term insomnia were thin and below the standard weight; while most obese patients sleep longer than normal people.

The results of this study show that the length of sleep time has a lot to do with body weight. Normal people’s sleep time decreases, which increases energy consumption and removes some excess fat.

Of course, limiting the sleep time of obese people is not unlimited, because too little sleep time can also cause body dysfunction and various diseases. The correct way to limit sleep time is to get up one hour early every day, practice aerobics, take a walk, and limit the sleep time of 8 hours a day to 7 hours. This not only achieves the goal of weight loss, but also does not easily cause disease. .

Step #9 Let us enjoy the “thin” spring and summer

The excuses of the food clan to feast on can be described as one after another. Those MMs who want both body and food are really painful-holidays are really a big “public enemy” for fashionable women. Seeing the weather getting warmer, there is no longer heavy winter clothes that can conceal the “rich state” for oneself, how can it not make people upset. Fortunately, there are at least two months to exercise urgently from now on. Come and KEEP FIT with the reporter.

Choose one to see which fitness method is right for you.

Goal: lose weight

Aerobic exercise: Use 4-5 days a week for jogging, rope skipping, cycling, etc. Each training is 30-60 minutes.

Endurance training: Do systemic exercises twice a week; each part of the body is trained separately, four times a week. Every time you train, choose an appropriate strength and weight, do weight-bearing front lifts, back neck presses, fitness equipment, etc……. 8-12 reps per group, 2-3 groups. In order to prevent stagnation, the sports and intensity of training should be constantly changed.

Other attempts: skating, lifting weights, dancing, and walking.

Goal: Lose the belly

Aerobic exercise: Yoga

This method allows your abdominal muscles to contract individually in a new way. First, support your body with your forearms and knees, elbows shoulder-width apart, knees hip-width apart, and toes bent. Next, lower the shoulders while contracting the abdominal muscles. Transfer the weight of the upper body to the forearm. Slide your feet back, gradually straighten your legs, keeping a straight line from head to toe. Balance the weight evenly on the hands and toes, keep the back straight, and tuck the abdomen at the same time, hold for 30 seconds, raise the arms and hold for 1 minute, repeat this 3-4 times.

Other attempts: dancing, rowing machine, weightlifting.

Goal: Don’t “big elbows”

Cardio: Boxing

Boxing can eliminate muscle relaxation in your whole body, especially the upper limbs, and have clear arm muscle lines. Use the lower hook, direct hit, side swing and other punching postures to punch 25 times each, alternating left and right hands. Each time you exercise, change the order of your posture. At the beginning, the toes are slightly outward and the heel is off the ground so that it can be rotated. Bend your elbows close to your ribs. Place the fist under the cheek. When punching, the left foot steps out, the hips turn to the right, and the left shoulder is driven forward. At the same time, the left arm starts to be punched out at the height of the cheek, and the fist is quickly retracted, returning to the original position, and then punching out.

Other attempts: rock climbing, taekwondo, judo, gymnastics training.

Goal: slim legs, strong buttocks

Aerobics: gymnastics training

In order to make you more fit and powerful, you might as well try single and double-leg jump training. Stand with your legs close together, jump to the right with one foot, support the whole foot on the ground, and jump back to the left with one foot after a little balance. After jumping slowly like this 12-15 times, gradually speed up the rhythm. At this time, quickly jump to the left with one foot, then jump back to the right, and then jump with both feet up. Do your best, the higher the better. Repeat training 10-12 times.

Other attempts: leapfrog, ball sports.

Step #10 How to maintain a slim figure after the age of 25

According to the American Medical Association, for most people, after the age of 25, they gain an average of 1 pound per year. The growth is mainly fat, not muscle.

There are three main reasons for the gradual increase in weight:

  • (1) As age increases, activities decrease, and the amount of calories needed also decreases. If calorie supply and exercise are not reduced, excess calories will be converted into fat.
  • (2) Since the 20s, the ratio of muscle to fat in the human body has gradually changed, the ratio of muscle has gradually decreased, and the ratio of fat has gradually increased.
  • (3) With age, muscle tension and cardiopulmonary activity are decreasing, and it is not easy to keep exercising.

All these changes can be controlled, delayed or even reversed.

The number one way to lose weight is exercise. Activity is to burn calories. Exercise is the only way to keep the body’s metabolism and body slim forever. No matter how old you are, exercise can maintain bone strength, strengthen cardiorespiratory function, improve skin color and help absorb nutrients.

There are many forms of exercise, such as fast walking, swimming, riding a stationary bicycle, slow dancing, and even learning to be a “symphony conductor”. Whether it is dieting or exercising, you should consult with your doctor in advance, and choose the way you exercise according to your physical condition. No matter what method is adopted, it must be gradual. If you find chest discomfort, dizziness, nausea, or shortness of breath during the exercise program, you should stop and see a doctor immediately. Exercise should avoid singularity. You can walk today and swim tomorrow, so today you can focus on exercising your calves, and tomorrow you can focus on exercising your upper body and arms.

Step #11 Recommend several kinds of fitness “most” to you

No.1 The best brain exercise:

All aerobic exercises have a brain-building effect, especially bounce exercises, which can promote blood circulation, can supply the brain with sufficient energy, and more importantly, it can play a role in promoting meridians and collaterals, strengthening the brain and warming the lungs and organs. Improve thinking and imagination skills.

No.2 The best anti-aging exercise:

Running is the first anti-aging fitness method. Tests have proved that as long as you persevere in fitness running, you can mobilize the enthusiasm of antioxidant enzymes in the body and receive anti-aging effects.

No.3 Optimal weight loss exercise:

The best effect is to use both hands and feet, such as skiing and swimming. If you are in the prime of life, you can also choose boxing, weightlifting, mountain climbing and other exercises, which are particularly effective in burning fat.

No.4 Best Bodybuilding Exercise:

Many young men and women pursue bodybuilding. As long as they persist in performing aerobics and gymnastics, and strengthen balance and coordination exercises, they will achieve significant results.

No.5 The best anti-hypertensive exercise:

According to research by Japanese experts, the exercise options available for hypertensive patients are walking, biking, and swimming. Lifting, pulling, pushing, and picking heavy objects are not suitable because they can induce blood pressure to rise. Walking, etc. are all dynamic isotonic exercises, through the repeated contraction of muscles, promote the contraction and expansion of blood vessels, thereby reducing blood pressure.

No.6 The best anti-myopia movement:

Playing table tennis is very beneficial to increase the contraction function of the ciliary muscle, and the vision recovery is more obvious. The subtlety lies in the fact that when playing table tennis, the eyes are aimed at table tennis, constantly adjusting and moving far, near, up and down, and constantly relax and contract the ciliary muscles. The extraocular muscles are constantly contracting, which greatly promotes the eye The blood supply and metabolism of the tissue can effectively improve the function of the ciliary muscle.

Step #12 When is the best time to lose weight?

When coming to this world, healthy babies will have the natural ability to accurately control their food intake. They are only willing to eat when they are hungry, and do not want to touch food again when they are full. They can perceive the body’s “hungry signal”. This magical “hunger signal” is an indicator of the natural “hungry” and “fullness”. When they got older, they stopped listening to the “hunger signal”. Because parents always have to coax their children to eat the whole bottle of milk to be at ease; they also ask children to eat all the food reserved for them on the compact disc, even when the children are not hungry. Gradually, they taught their children to ignore the signs of satiety. Many years later, you gradually became captives of food, adding a lot of weight to the earth. Why not listen carefully to the sound of your stomach…

Control appetite: please listen to the sound of the stomach

When you are getting fat, are you always attracted by the delicious food on the plate and forget the warnings of your stomach?

Types of hunger

To retrain yourself into the habit of eating only when you are hungry, you must understand that not all hunger is physical. Nowadays, almost no one eats only when they are really hungry, and many people eat special food when they are “mentally hungry.” You may be tempted by the juicy beef burgers in TV commercials and begin to think you are hungry. You may also start eating for granted at the time you have arranged, regardless of whether you are hungry or not. You may be bored, tired, sad, happy or nervous, these are the fuse of your “mental hunger”.

Psychological hunger vs. physical hunger

The first step in learning to understand the signs of hunger is to distinguish between psychological hunger and physical hunger. For most people, the two are indistinguishable. Based on the time and amount of food you eat, you can probably guess when you will start to become physically hungry. If you just eat and still feel hungry, stop first and think about whether you are troubled by the following emotions that often cause psychological hunger:

Anger, fatigue, depression, loneliness, restlessness, guilt, jealousy, happiness, anxiety, disappointment, grief, fear, boredom

Classification of physiological hunger

With so many factors interfering with our hunger hints, how can we go back to our infancy and understand the whispers of the stomach? Below is an effective tool for grading hunger. Use it to control your compulsive mental hunger!

  • Oversatisfied
  • 10 = Stomach is stuffed and feels sick
  • 9 = Very uncomfortable fullness, need to loosen the belt
  • 8 = I feel full and feel that I can’t eat anymore
  • 7 = Very full, I feel too much to eat
  • 6 = Fully comfortable and satisfied
  • Moderate
  • 5 = Moderate, neither hungry nor full
  • 4 = Initial sign of hunger
  • 3 = hungry, ready to eat
  • 2 = Very hungry, unable to concentrate
  • Hunger
  • 1 = dizzy from hunger

Control overeating

Refer to the table above to help you better understand the needs of the stomach. You should start eating when you receive the initial signal of hunger (level 4) and stop when you feel comfortable and satisfied (level 6). Use a diary to write down your feelings before and after eating. Compare the table above to help you understand the reasons for your overeating. You may find that you always postpone meals until you are too hungry to concentrate (level 2), or even when your stomach hurts (level 1). At this time, you start to gobble up and eat until you can’t eat it anymore (level 8). First understand the reasons for overeating, and then make improvements.

Develop healthy eating habits

Paying attention to and listening to the hunger signals of the stomach can help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight and reduce the risk of various chronic diseases. Moreover, it is most enjoyable to eat when you are truly hungry. Therefore, when your body sends you a meal invitation, choose your favorite healthy food and enjoy them slowly.

Step #13 Eat Chinese food to lose weight 8 strategies

Chinese food has always been popular with its greasy and greasy image. Even if it is delicious, it will discourage dieters. However, I always feel appetite discomfort by eating western food to lose weight. Here are some key tips to let you eat delicious Chinese food without losing weight.

  • 1. Strictly control the amount of dishes, even the rare delicacies in the world are never too much.
  • 2. Use less oily cooking methods such as steaming, boiling, cold dressing, roasting and stewing, please choose first.
  • 3. Can’t help but sandwich a piece of golden fried meat, please be sure to peel it before eating.
  • 4. Don’t be fooled by the beautiful appearance of thickening, sweet and sour, which is filled with heavy oil!
  • 5. Minced meat products of unknown origin must not be eaten. God knows that there are hundreds of different calories in it.
  • 6. Eat more vegetables to help digestion, if you can use the tea before use, it will be better to remove greasy.
  • 7. Thick soup and clear soup, clever dieters definitely choose clear soup and pick up the upper layer of slick oil.
  • 8. Fried rice and fried noodles have large oil absorption, and there are few types of vegetables, so it is better to eat less.

Step #14 Steam bath to lose weight

When using steam to lose weight, the temperature of the water in the pool is not necessarily very high. Hot steam is spread around the pool, spraying like a shower. When these steams are sprayed, they will sweat a lot. According to statistics, each milliliter of sweat can take away 6 calories of heat in the body. A person can shed 400-500ml of sweat after repeated washing in the steam bath for 10 minutes. 2400-3000 calories, so a steam bath can lose about 0.68-0.86 pounds of body weight.

If you wash three times a week, you will lose about 1.5 kg of weight. This is a relatively easy way to lose weight. But it should not be washed every day to avoid excessive weight loss and other side effects.

Step #15 Don’t get fat as long as you work

There are ways to prevent the former “school beauties” from becoming “company Obasan”.

Writer Xinjuan suddenly woke up before going to a lunch date and found that none of the decent clothes could be worn-a lot of weight.

Xinjuan wears a loose blouse in the studio every day, and eats some snacks from time to time to give herself some encouragement or comfort, without being alert at all. At this time, I finally realized that “the situation is serious”, so I immediately gave up snacks.

Meifang, who is in charge of general affairs, always “cleans up” the children’s endless snacks every time.

Good foods are close at hand and at your fingertips. Many professional women who are struggling with their lives at home, work and children every day have increased their unwanted weight while relieving pressure.

Working women are prone to get blessed, because they will increase extra calories due to anxiety and unconscious eating and drinking during work.

Ms. Yang, who runs the jewelry business, has gained one kilogram a year since she joined the trade. After becoming a supervisor, she has less time to move, and it’s hard to get fat.

Ms. Zhang, who is engaged in marketing, gets nervous looking for food every time she submits a project proposal or has a meeting with her boss. Faced with her body that has lost her lines, she can only sigh that the former “Campus Girl” has become the “Obasan of the company”.

In fact, if you are successful in your career, you can stay in shape. Here are a few ideas to keep you from looking for food while working:

  • ■Wear formal clothing. Dressed like at work, with a natural and rigorous attitude, reducing the desire for snacks. Dunowski, director of the Department of Nutrition at the University of Washington in Seattle, pointed out that spacious casual clothes or shirts can make people lazy. If you feel like having a picnic at work, why don’t you want to eat?
  • ■Write down a daily work plan. Before you start work, arrange your daily schedule and follow the schedule, so that you can concentrate on your work without thinking about it.
  • ■Draw up a weekly cooking plan. If you set up a cooking plan for the week and expect everything you want, you won’t be forced to make some sweet soup or buy a cheesecake at noon, and you will fall into the trap again.
  • ■For lunch. At noon, find a reason for yourself to get out of the office, find some foreign affairs, or make an appointment with a friend in a nice restaurant, change the environment, and get some air.
  • ■ Take a break. Activities can speed up metabolism. Remember to stop and rest during work, stand up and move around, stretch your limbs, and take a few deep breaths.
  • ■No food in the work area. If you are not tempted, draw a salary to keep food away from the restricted area of ​​work. Drink plenty of water, but don’t drink carbonated beverages such as juice, soda, and cola that will increase fat.

Instead of “remedying” the pain afterwards and confronting one’s own willpower, it is better to plan ahead to clear away the temptations around you. Come on!

Step #16 Five ways to lose weight in a bath

No.1 Curved discharge group salt bath

If you take a bath with natural coarse salt that has not been artificially modified, you can lose weight without knowing it. This is the secret of many Japanese girls.

  • 1. Add about 2 spoons of coarse salt to 40 degrees Celsius warm water and shake well.
  • 2. Soak in the bathtub for about 5 minutes, then leave the bath drawer for about 30 seconds, and repeat this about 2-3 times.
  • 3. Finally, clean the whole body again with shower gel, including hair!

You can use bath salt instead of coarse salt but not table salt. It can expel wastes from the body quickly. In addition, there will be many minerals attached to the skin during a bath, which increases the moisturizing effect, warms the body, increases blood circulation and metabolism. In addition to weight loss, it is also resistant to headaches, coldness, and Shoulder soreness is effective.

No.2 Essential oil for slim bath

The ultra-fine molecules of essential oils are a slimming task force that penetrates into the bottom layer of the skin ultra-fast to start beautifying the body.

  • 1. Put the bathtub in the bath water at about 40 degrees Celsius.
  • 2. Add 8-10 drops of essential oil after entering the bathtub. Essential oils such as rosemary, lemon, and orange are all fine.
  • 3. Soak in the scent of essential oils while taking a bath. People with dry skin can throw a bath ball.

Lemons, oranges, etc. are all Tianhou grade essential oils for slimming and draining oil. Rosemary can enhance blood circulation and detoxify.

No.3 Coffee mineral exquisite bath

The minerals in coffee can make sagging skin firmer and tighter, so after drinking coffee, don’t throw away the coffee grounds that can make you lose weight.

  • 1. Pour the bag of coffee into the pot and boil it to make it stronger than usual.
  • 2. Pour the brewed coffee into the bathtub and let it steep for 18 minutes. Before taking a bath, clean your skin to avoid clogging your pores and hinder the discharge of sweat and the absorption of weight-loss molecules.

No.4 Warm double enjoy bubble

In addition to the original bathtub, you can prepare a big bathtub, put hot water and warm water at the same time, changing the bubble in turn, the figure will get better without knowing it.

  • 1. First soak in hot water at 42 degrees Celsius until your body sweats.
  • 2. Leave the bathtub and dry your body with a dry towel.
  • 3. Then enter the warm water at 35 degrees Celsius until the body adapts to the water temperature, then enter the hot water, soak it back and forth 4-5 times.

This method of bathing can increase blood circulation through the continuous expansion and contraction of blood vessels, even the peripheral blood vessels. The water temperature and bathing times of this method can be adjusted according to personal physique, but there are brains. , Do not use for girls with cardiovascular disease.

No.5 Healthy thin green tea bath

Green tea is the leader of the slimming corps. You can’t think of making it to lose weight!

  • 1. Throw the drunk green tea dregs (for 3 times), or 3-5 bags of drunk tea bags, into stockings or cotton bags.
  • 2. Put the bag in the bath water to start the water, soak for about 20 minutes at a time.

Green tea must be used for brewing. Other teas cannot be used. The catechins and caffeine in green tea can increase the metabolic rate of fat, thus effectively combating fat. Drinking green tea while taking a bath with green tea can achieve the effect of sculpting a figure. But be careful not to use overnight tea in the bath.

Step #17 There is a way to make you “thin”!

Women are destined to fight weight loss all their lives, especially in today’s fashion and skinny. The plump concubine Yang Guifei has long been wronged. Hong Kong and Taiwan actresses talk about weight loss. Everyone has their own way of losing weight. There are many ways to lose weight. Enjoy “slimness”, otherwise you will not lose weight, and you will only lose your wife and lose your troops. The gain is not worth the loss! For example, actress Cai Shaofen lost 7 kilograms in one month. She took meat to lose weight. She ate meat with eggs or vegetables for all three meals, but it was rumored that she had suffered from anorexia.

No.1 Exercise + diet control

Actress Christy Chung has published a photo album, and the bumpy devil figure is more attractive than before marriage; and Zhang Xiaohui is also a good way to lose weight, acting as a spokesperson for weight loss products, and he does not hesitate to use weight loss tricks to exercise and diet; and Shu Qi, who has always been thin and tall, for many years She has been endorsing a certain Japanese body beauty product, taking the method to maintain her graceful figure, and claiming that she never exercises, her measurements depend on her natural beauty.

No.2 Healthy weight loss meal

Among the many losers, Hong Kong singer Sammi Cheng is unique and outstanding. She previously filmed Johnnie To’s “Slimming Men and Women” and played the big fat man with Andy Lau. Sammi Cheng admits that he has suffered from obesity before and cares about weight every time. When performing at the concert, she must implement a terrible devil weight-loss meal. One month before the concert, she started to eat her own designed menu, including milk cereal for breakfast, 2 egg whites and 1 cup of orange juice for lunch, and 2 slices for dinner. 1 piece of chicken, fresh fish and stew. As for eating bird’s nest and Chuanbei soup during the concert, drink a bowl of bird’s nest before the show, drink glucose water when thirsty, and eat fruit when hungry. Exercise for about 2 hours a day, including lifting 100 dumbbells and running for 30 minutes.

No.3 Say goodbye to snacks

A look at Sammi Cheng’s weight loss list is only suitable for persevering people to imitate, otherwise it will be unsustainable. In addition to Zheng Xiuwen, some babies were fat when she debuted. Now Cecilia Cheung, who has become slender and has become more and more beautiful, is deeply curious about how she loses weight. It is rumored that she not only quit her favorite snacks, rice, coke, and more Taking the risk of heart disease and kidney disease and taking diuretics for face-lifting, he lost 10 kilograms in just 2 months. This is not a good practice, but Cecilia Cheung’s desire to lose weight can be seen from this.

No.4 Use external force to go to the beauty center

Ye Qianwen’s method of weight loss sounds even more terrifying. It is rumored that she uses bowel washing to lose weight. She first inserts a throat tube into her anus, and then pours a large amount of medicine to expel waste and toxins from the body. Compared with Ye Qianwen, the singer Na Ying recently released a record album and implemented a weight loss plan. She went to the weight loss center to use a hot blanket and strong fat push, sacrificed food to eat nutritious weight loss meals, and easily lost 3 kilograms in a week.

No.5 Light diet

The woman in love, Wu Junru is more attractive after losing weight. Compared with the title of “Laughing Auntie” in the previous movies, today Wu Junru has lost a total of 14 kilograms. It is impressive. She has maintained her figure and is concerned about her weight loss. Very satisfied. Usually Wu Junru only eats fruits after getting up, and goes to the gym for 1 hour of exercise every day. The main exercise is swimming and fitness. He never eats late night snacks. He only eats steamed fish or chicken instead of eating.

Step #18 Overcome obesity in life

  • 1. Daily life should be regular, fall asleep on time, get up on time, not snooze.
  • 2. Take the elevator less and take the stairs more.
  • 3. Take less car and walk more.
  • 4. Walk more, no less than 7000 steps a day. You can walk for more than 20-30 minutes in the morning and evening.
  • 5. Participate in appropriate physical labor. Such as wiping the floor, hand washing clothes, etc.
  • 6. Participate in appropriate aerobic exercises according to the conditions.
  • 7. Watch one hour less TV programs every day and use this time for activities such as walking, dancing, skipping rope, doing exercises, swimming, playing ball and other sports.Step by step according to self-feeling, make sure to exercise for more than 30 minutes a day. If you persist for a long time, you will definitely receive satisfactory results.
  • 8. Whole body exercise and local exercise must be carried out at the same time.

The human body is an organic whole, and the energy consumed by local exercise will be supplemented by the energy stored in other parts of the body. And local exercise is easy to fatigue, exercise time is difficult to last, it is difficult to achieve the purpose of eliminating excess calories. Partial exercise must be based on whole body exercise, such as jogging, brisk walking, skipping rope, climbing stairs, swimming, aerobics and other whole body exercises. In addition, the method of local exercise should also be correct. To master the amount of exercise, it is best to use small-load muscle strength exercises. Such as heel lift (eliminate calf fat), bent leg sit-ups (eliminate belly fat), thigh back control leg (one leg upright support, one leg stretched back to eliminate hip fat).

Not paying attention to relaxation after exercise is an important reason why muscles are prone to form hard lumps and cause the body to be “fat”. Experts believe that the most effective way to relax muscles is passive stretch. The principle is to extend the tense muscles as much as possible, and to reach the maximum elongation is to hold for 30 seconds, three consecutive times. This can prevent muscle damage, eliminate fatigue, and keep the muscles streamlined.

If you don’t want to gain weight after exercising, the best way is not to stop exercising. You can use this method: appropriately reduce the amount of exercise and reduce the number of exercises. For example, only exercise 2 to 3 times a week for about 60 minutes each time. You can use muscle static resistance exercises and other light weight exercises.

Slimming Fast Ways: