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Drink matcha for breakfast, a new favorite for healthy weight loss

Many girls say that matcha tea will be associated with delicious matcha cake, matcha chocolate, and matcha ice cream. These seem to be public enemies of weight loss. How can you match matcha with weight loss? Now Japan has a new way to lose weight, drinking matcha every morning can lose weight.

First, the weight loss principle of matcha

Matcha is to grind green tea leaves into powder. It has a special aroma of tea and astringent taste of tea. Adding it to dessert can neutralize the greasy taste of dessert and make desserts more refreshing and fragrant. Green tea itself has a weight-loss and fat-reducing effect. The green tea leaves are ground into powder. The weight loss ingredients such as tea polyphenols and vitamin C that are included in the weight-loss and fat-reducing effects are not lost. At the same time, the cellulose of the tea itself is added, because matcha is even tea. Scum was drunk together. This is more obvious than the simple weight loss effect of making green tea. The rich tea polyphenols contained in matcha can absorb excess oil, and the rich cellulose can also promote gastrointestinal motility. Matcha has now become a popular diet food in Japan.

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Second, how to drink matcha to lose weight

Wake up in the morning and drink a cup of matcha on an empty stomach. In Japan, this is both a way to keep fit and lose weight. Put a spoonful of matcha powder in the tea cup, pour the right amount of warm water, stir the powdered powder with a spoon and drink slowly. It may feel a bit bitter at first, but it will feel sweet after getting used to it. And drinking a cup of matcha in an empty stomach can eliminate toxins accumulated in the overnight metabolism and dissolve fat. Matcha contains catechins to prevent bile from decomposing fats and inhibiting the body’s absorption of fats. So, wake up in the morning and drink a cup of matcha. The teas can prevent the body from absorbing fat throughout the day, so you don’t have to worry about too much intake during the day Of grease.

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