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Don’t learn! No effort to please the bad luck of losing weight

I tried many ways to lose weight , but my weight returned to my original level . Maybe your weight loss method is not good enough . Take a look at these thankless weight loss stunts and stop doing useless work ! Smart women must use smart methods to lose weight .

1 . Randomly taking medicine to lose weight

As soon as you hear what diet pills and diet teas are effective , you will try your best to buy them and eat them , regardless of whether you have an unknown origin or whether you have a certificate . It is important to know that the weight loss pills of unknown origin are the following ingredients : cocaine and steroids , which can cause irreparable harm ; diuretics cause dehydration ; laxatives cause ecological changes in the intestinal bacteria , causing the loss of peristalsis in the large intestine and forming permanent constipation .

2 . Shaking machine , fat crusher weight loss method

Know that even if these devices shatter fat , small fat remains in the body and will not disappear .

3 . Smoking to lose weight

Smoking a cigarette before a meal or on an empty stomach will make the stomach feel uncomfortable with eating . You should know that people that use smoking to lose weight can really be selected as the ” most unworthy ” . This is a weight loss method that seriously harms health . In addition to damaging the lungs , smoking on an empty stomach can also cause stomach vasospasm and cause gastritis .

4 . Induce vomiting to lose weight

It is said that Miyazawa Rihui used this method to lose weight quickly , and as a result she suffered from anorexia , which was cured after years of treatment . You know , although some people lose 5kg in one month with this method , doctors classify vomiting as a ” dangerous ” weight loss method . Because when vomiting , stomach acid can damage the esophagus , throat , and teeth , making people feel uncomfortable , and can cause rough skin . If you develop the habit of vomiting if you want to vomit , it is likely to cause bulimia and anorexia , sad and hurt , and you must not try rashly .

5 . Fasting to lose weight

Yes , you must be thin without eating . But in the long run , it will make the nutrient deficiency and basal metabolism slow down . After the body gradually gets used to it , even if you don’t eat , you can’t lose weight . Once the diet is restored , it will quickly regain weight , even more than the original weight , causing the so-called ” yo-yo effect ” .

6 . Eliminate starchy foods

Orientals really prefer starchy foods , but this does not mean that carbohydrates are the main cause of fattening . The complete elimination of starchy foods will lead to nutritional imbalances , loss of vitality and vitality throughout the day , and insufficient body energy to operate properly . In fact , some starchy foods contain a high amount of fiber , which not only makes you feel full , but also has therapeutic effects , such as taro and sweet potatoes .

7 . Do not eat for 1 week after menstruation

This is the so-called ” weight loss method of menstrual periods ” . When using one week after menstruation , the mood is more stable and the metabolic rate is faster .

Therefore , some people think that during this period , does not eat anything , just add some fluids every day , drink plenty of water , and lose weight quickly . This hurts . In the period of 1 week after menstruation , because the metabolism speed is accelerated , it is necessary to grasp the time to exercise to maintain long-term fat burning efficiency . If you don’t eat fast , it will slow down the basal metabolism , and the whole person will look glorious , like a withered flower .

8 . Don’t exercise and only wear bodysuit

This really has no effect . Adjustable underwear is just to help you correct your posture , keep your chest up and abdomen at any time . It can be used as an auxiliary tool for weight loss , but it can never replace exercise . It has no way to eliminate the fat on your body . It can only be effective when combined with aerobic exercise and diet adjustment .

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