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Does yogurt lose weight? Notes on yogurt weight loss methods

Girls love to drink yogurt , but many people have great questions about whether yogurt can lose weight . Does yogurt lose weight ? In fact , yogurt is an ideal weight loss drink , not only delicious , nutritious enough , and other ingredients , but also add beauty , health and other effects . Therefore , the yogurt weight loss method is quite popular with people that love beauty . But the yogurt weight loss method is not to drink yogurt as you like , but there are certain ways . Take a look at the notes on the yogurt weight loss method introduced by the editor , everyone will know how to lose weight faster and succeed .

Precautions for yogurt weight loss methods

When to drink yogurt to lose weight

In fact , many friends that lose weight like to drink yogurt , think that yogurt contains probiotics , which can promote gastrointestinal motility and help digestion . In fact , the probiotics in yogurt need to survive under certain conditions . Most of the yogurt in the supermarket is flavored sour milk with very high sugar content . A large amount of sugar has wiped out most of the benefits of lactic acid bacteria fermentation . In fact , this kind of Yogurt does not help digestion . Drinking yoghurt before a meal can increase a certain sense of satiety and reduce the amount of dinner intake , but if you drink yoghurt after a meal , it will increase the excess calories , which is more than worth it .

How much yogurt to lose weight

Yogurt contains a large amount of active lactic acid bacteria , which can help regulate the balance of bacteria in the body , promote gastrointestinal motility , and thus improve the condition of constipation . At the same time , yogurt is rich in protein , which can provide a certain sense of satiety and properly relieve hungers / hungered . Under the premise of drinking in moderation , it can indeed help to lose weight . Studies have found that yogurt can inhibit the growth of intestinal spoilage bacteria , and also contains active substances that can inhibit the synthesis of cholesterol reductase in the body , and can stimulate the body’s immune system , adjust the positive factors of the body , and effectively fight against cancer . Therefore , regular consumption of yogurt , Can increase nutrition , prevent arteriosclerosis , coronary heart disease , cancer and lower cholesterol .

Yogurt has a certain calorie

Yogurt itself also have a certain amount of calories , and most of the yoghurts on the market are flavored fermented milk , which contains more sugar and additional fruits , cereals , etc . It has a rich taste , the calories are not low , and if you eat more , you will get fat . Therefore , fat friends that want to lose weight by drinking more yogurt should pay attention , so be alert to the calories of yogurt to lose weight . Not only that , the lactic acid bacteria contained in yogurt can also adjust the intestinal bacterial ecology and help beneficial bacteria multiplies / multiplied normally . For abdominal obesity caused by constipation and accumulation of toxins in the body , yogurt can quickly help reduce waist circumference and relieve the feeling of weakness for the lower body . Rich lactic acid bacteria can protect the intestine light and smooth , which can protect the body of stasis-type puffiness .

Do you drink yogurt to lose weight ?

The saying ” a cup of yogurt can help digestion after a meal ” have a long history , but in fact it is not the case . Digestion requires regular gastrointestinal motility and digestive enzymes . Although yogurt can promote gastrointestinal motility , it does not correct the irregular gastrointestinal movement towards / away the body , nor does it contain digestive enzymes , which cannot really help digestion . Drinking yogurt drinks does not lose weight . Yogurt is produced by fermenting high-quality milk through lactic acid bacteria , which essentially belongs to the category of milk . Yogurt beverage is just a kind of beverage , no longer drinking milk . Drinking yoghurt helps to lose weight , and drinking yoghurt drinks will achieve counterproductive weight loss effects . what is more serious is that , because the PH value of the intestine is weakly alkaline , drinking too much yogurt will make the electrolyte in the intestine unbalanced . Especially those who have a bad stomach and have more gastric acid secretion everyday are not suitable for drinking .

What kind of yogurt to lose weight

Low-fat yogurt is more slim . Yogurt can help you lose weight , but if you want to achieve a better weight-loss effect , you must choose low-fat yogurt ! Excessive fat intake is also a major cause of obesity , and the calcium contained in low-fat yogurt can help you speed up fat burning , and there will be no excessive fat intake , which is very beneficial to healthy weight loss .

Yogurt can be used as weight loss snacks

Yogurt is the most ideal snack for weight loss . Yogurt is an ideal weight loss snack . If you want to use junk food instead of junk food , this will not only satisfy your appetite , but also help you reduce calorie intake , which is a great help to adhere to a healthy diet weight loss plan . Moreover , yoghurt is still a very delicious drink , so the foodie girl chooses yoghurt to lose weight , which is the most appropriate way . Sometimes we open the yoghurt and find a light yellow liquid on the surface . Some people think that this is a sign of spoilage . It is better to throw it away . In fact , it is not necessarily broken . In fact , the reason why the yoghurt precipitates whey may be It is because the yogurt is separated from the cold chain , and the lactic acid bacteria continue to ferment , which will cause the yogurt to over-ferment .

All in all , it may also be caused by collision of transportation , which destroyed the frozen state of yogurt . In fact , salted yogurt will make you fat . The sodium contained in the salt in Xianyouge will also keep the water in the body , but increase the weight . Not only can you not lose weight , but it will make you lose more fatter . Studies have shown that people can only consume 6g of salt in one day . In addition to the normal diet , Xianyouge diet will lead to excessive salt intake , which is actually one of the drinks that hinder weight loss .

After the above analysis , in short , when you drink yoghurt rights, and yoghurt can drink properly when it is well preserved , you can lose weight , but how to add too many calories , too many other high-calorie foods , and more Drinking it may be counterproductive .

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