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Does jazz dance help to lose weight ?

Jazz danced is American modern dance . It is a rapid and dynamic rhythmic dance . It belongs to an extroverted dance , unlike the restrained dance expressed by classical ballet or modern dance .

What is the benefits of dancing jazz ?

1 . Long-term study of jazz danced can strengthen muscles and joint flexibility .

2 . Train the cooperation between students ‘hands and feet and the brain : use simple movements and music to compose dance movement exercises , so that the practitioners ‘ limbs can be fully stretched and active .

3 . Can enhance women’s self-confidence and improve their temperament : Nowadays , many women are not satisfied with simply shaping their bodies , they pay more attention to improving their personal temperament . Jazz danced is different from other fitness dances that add a lot of aerobics . Jazz danced has a strong artistic sense , mainly to exercise personal expressiveness , focusing on developing a feeling and a gesture . Moreover , coordination is very important to jazz dance . In addition to the coordination of hands and feet , there are also movements towards¬† the head and limbs . After learning jazz dance , you will be more coordinated with every move , and you will become more fashionable and charming between advance and retreat , which can greatly to enhance your personal social charm .

4 . Cultivate practitioners ‘ sense of music rhythm and interest in dance art : Through warm-up and action combinations to match strong beats , dance dynamics and music rhythm , enable practitioners to learn in a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere .

5 . Training the coordination of limbs : Jazz dance is a whole-body activity , including head , shoulders , hands , waist , hips , and legs . All parts of the body are fully used . For example , stretching exercises can improve the flexibility of the practitioner . Degree and coordination .

6 . Training patience , increase self-confidence : Jazz dance not only helps bone growth , but also cultivates the practitioner’s concentration and patience during the practice , and builds self-confidence .

7 . Develop your perseverance through continuous practice .

8 . Bodybuilding and body shaping : Jazz dance can sculpt your waist and legs . Nine strokes to abdomen happy body shaping concentration camp are also a wonderful way of abdomen ; and fashionable leg tightening technique simply and easily brings you beautiful and firm legs ! Fully exercise your arms and hips .

9 . Can reduce the pressure in life and work : It has a very large prevention and improvement effect on waist and shoulder strain caused by long-term desk work and study , and can effectively improve shoulder and neck strain .

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