Weight Loss / Weight loss diet / Do tomatoes lose weight? How to eat tomatoes to lose weight? Benefits of tomato weight loss

Do tomatoes lose weight? How to eat tomatoes to lose weight? Benefits of tomato weight loss

When you are dieting to lose weight , the food you choose will affect your success in losing weight . Doctors at National Institutes of Health and other institutions generally accept weight loss guidelines including avoiding trains fats , eating less processed foods , limiting saturated fat intake , and reducing refined sugar intake . Tomatoes will be your best choice . Tomatoes are good for your weight loss and overall health . So how to eat tomatoes to lose weight ?

Tomato Food Pyramid

Tomatoes are considered a fruit of the horticultural classification and belong to the vegetable category on the U.S.DA food pyramid .

A paper published by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention states that eating moderate amounts of tomatoes every day can help you get adequate nutrition , keep your calorie intake low , maintain a sense of fullness , and may also help used to lose weight .

When you eat 1200-1800 calories a day , you need at least half of the vegetables , but you should eat one-third of the red and orange vegetables every week , and the other two-thirds of the vegetables come from beans , green vegetables , Starch vegetables or other vegetables .

Tomato low calorie

Tomato low-calorie This is the key to tomato weight loss . The calories ingested during dieting will not only affect your weight loss rate , but also affect whether you lose weight . Tomatoes are low in calories and are an ideal diet of weight loss . A large tomato has 33 calories and a medium tomato has 22 calories .

The U#S#DA Nutritional Data Laboratory claims that a plum tomato contains 11 calories , and a cup and a half of cherry tomatoes contains 13 calories . Connie Guttersen , a registered dietitian and author of The Sonoma Diet , said the low-calorie and health benefits of tomatoes make them classified as ” energy food ” , which means Holding tomatoes is very helpful for our weight loss and health .

Tomato fat and nutrition

Tomatoes are almost free of fat . If you follow a low-fat weight loss plan , tomatoes are a good weight loss food . Tomatoes have fiber filling , medium or large tomatoes contain 1.5 grams or 2.2 grams of fiber , respectively . Tomatoes also contain natural sugar , potassium , vitamin C and a small amount of protein .

If you are not following a low-fat diet , but a low-carbohydrate diet to lose weight , a large or medium tomatoes only have 7 or 5 grams per carbohydrate , which makes them a healthy , low-carb diet select .

Tomato weight loss benefits

1 . The high water content of tomatoes can help you lose weight , because you may feel less hungry after eating one or two tomatoes . Foods with high water content like tomatoes are in the category of low-calorie foods .

2 . According to an article by Liz Weinandy , a registered nutritionist at the Ohio State University Medical Center , lycopene in tomatoes may reduce your chances of developing certain types of cancer , while protecting your heart of disease .

3 . Raw tomatoes naturally contain various antioxidants , vitamins and minerals , which may prevent serious diseases . Eating more tomatoes and vegetables generally helps prevent bone loss , cancer , diabetes , kidney stones , stroke , heart disease and obesity .

4 . In an article in the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine , Dr. Britt Burton-Freeman observed that raw tomatoes have anti-inflammatory properties and may even help prevent cognitive dysfunction .

5 . Tomatoes may have special benefits of men . The American Dietetic Association encourages men to eat tomatoes at least once a week , because the presence of lycopene can promote prostate health .

Therefore , using the tomato weight loss method can not only succeed in losing weight , but also prevent diseases .

How to eat tomatoes for weight loss

1 . Take tomatoes as part of your weight loss plan , and squeeze ripe tomatoes into healthy , sodium-free tomato juice ;

2 . Add thin tomato slices of the vegetarian burger or add tomatoes to the soup ;

3 . Add a cup of tomatoes to the pasta instead of ground beef ;

4 . Sprinkle chopped tomatoes on your salad , or eat tomato and fat-free mayonnaise sandwiches for lunch ;

5 . It is better to eat tomatoes for dinner to lose weight .

Precautions for tomato weight loss

1 . It should be not that if canned or canned tomato products are used , it is recommended to using low-sodium or sodium-free tomato products .

2 . Eating raw tomatoes also has potential adverse effects . They are acidic and may exacerbate frequent heartburn or acid reflux . If you have gastroesophageal reflux disease , it is best not to eat tomatoes , because tomatoes may play a ” trigger food ” role .

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