Lose weight / Exercise to lose weight / Do learn to dance the international standard ballroom dance help to lose weight ?

Do learn to dance the international standard ballroom dance help to lose weight ?

What are the benefits of learning the ballroom danced ? The first thing to understand is what international dance is . The international standard ballroom dance , also known as ” sports danced ” , originally called ” social dance ”

1 . Create a noble and elegant temperament

International Standard Dance is a product of modern Western civilization and a concrete manifestation of a cultural accomplishment . Men are like gentlemen and personable , and women are like ladies . When the men dress neatly , step onto the dance floor , invite the dance partners gracefully , and act gracefully ; the ladies dress appropriately and wait demurely . When the music is played , men and women collaborate and cooperate with each other , always maintaining a polite , advancing , retreating , and relaxed relationship of the dance .

For a pair of ordinary dancers , the end of the song , the cooperation ends , the relationship is lifted ; and for a pair of professional players , perhaps this cooperative relationship will accompany the whole life and will not be abandoned .

2 . Master the adaptability of dancing with different environments

Master the rules to apply the rules and surpass the rules , not to be restricted by the rules . Once you have mastered the rules , you can’t keep pace and stick to the old-fashioned , but you must be free to make different performance choices of different situations . For example , in the performance , the style of the dance type cannot be changed , but the dance steps can learn from each other . For example , the waltz can borrow the dance steps of Foxtrot or Tango , so that the performance is not monotonous and rich in change ; the use of music To deal with , in the waltz , the last minute was 31 measures , and now we can use 28 measures to make it change more distinctively .

Elder Qi BaisHi , a master of traditional Chinese painting , said , ” Like me , die , learn from us .” . The rules are formulated for those who do not understand the rules . Once the rules are mastered , the rules can be broken or rebuilt . Really good dancers are creative , they will always break and surpass the restrictions of the rules in practice , radiating their strong personality .

3 . Experience life and feel life in the ideal of beauty

Learning international standard dance is to cultivate us a quality of life , cultivate our beautiful temperament , and shape our beautiful life . Jia Zuoguang , a well-known contemporary Chinese dance art master and president of the National Ballroom Dance Association , proposed that the national ballroom dance can “bodybuild , fitness , brain , and heart ” , which clearly illustrates its aesthetic value . As far as professional players are concerned , in the past 20 years , the level of players in our country has become higher and higher , and the technical level and difficulty have become greater and greater . Newcomers are constantly emerging , and they continue to pick gold and silver in international competitions . The content of the performance also goes from a single technical performance to a meaningful and emotional art work .

In the face of the ever-growing national standard danced , I think that Chinese national standard danced should not only focus on internationalization , but also develop towards a language with its own personality . For professional players participating in the competition , on the basis of continuously improving the technical level , they should increase the improvement of artistic cultivation , and better show their own personality in continuous creation ; for the general public for entertainment , we should work hard to grasp the norms To improve the artistic accomplishment of dance , cultivate artistic feelings , dance more civilizedly , and release your tense state of mind in a happy life . The world is wonderful , the dance steps are rich , so that every dancer can dance their own dance .

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