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Detoxifying Beauty Rose & Jujube Slimming Tea DIY

I believe that most people that want to lose weight are still not sure about the weight loss pills . They doubt the ingredients in the slimming tea that advertises slimming , because the body still has to take care of the weight after all ! I can’t afford the expensive and unreliable weight-loss center , so it’s popular to drink flower tea .

” Rose honey jujube tea ” which has the most weight-loss effect of many formulas , in fact , he was originally used to eliminate constipation and can help bowel movements , because he will have constipation soon after drinking it , and the effect is quite fast , and if the dose is heavy There will also be the effects of diarrhea and watery diarrhea , which makes people feel the immediate effect , so many weight loss people will enjoy it and continue to try it . Of course , the nutrients and fats in the intestines are also quickly discharged . If you drink for a long time It can eliminate the pain of constipation and make people feel as light as a goose .

If you want to try it out , tell you how to eat it to eat healthy ?

Rose Honey Date Tea

Ingredients :

5 California candie dates , just a little rubbing pink rose (it is best to buy the ones that have been broken , it is better to brew the flavor )

Method :

1 . Prepare 500-600CC of water and put both dates and pink roses .

2 . Put it on fire and heat it until it turns off .

Rose has the effect of soothing the liver and depressing the depression . It protects the liver , promotes metabolism , and has a strong effect of removing fat (but the fat he removes is only the fat of the gastrointestinal tract , not the subcutaneous fat that already exists under the skin ) . Candie dates can provide fiber . If you drink for a long time , you can clear the stool and maintain the normal function of metabolism . Of course , it can make the skin look delicate and it is not easy to accumulate fat in the body , which can achieve the effect of weight loss .

Although roses have a fat-removing effect , do not make them too thick at one time , otherwise there will be abdominal pain and watery diarrhea . In the early days , you can drink a cup a day and use it every day . After the accommodation is cleared , you can extend the interval , and drink it once or twice a week .

Note :

In fact , this type of tea that causes diarrhea is not suitable for long-term continuous drinking . Although it will make you feel lighter in weight after being pulled , long-term drinking is likely to cause poor nutrition absorption , especially for fat-soluble vitamins . A , D , E , K are easy to lose , and there is a risk of dehydration , so even if they are thin , they will still be dry and deflated .

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