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Weight Loss / Easy weight loss / Detailed introduction of liposuction to lose weight

Detailed introduction of liposuction to lose weight

The most suitable way to lose weight for a crush that has little money at hand and is not afraid of pain : plastic surgery .

1 . Slimming features :

This is arguably the most rapid and decent way to lose weight . Surgical removal of excess fat and flesh on the body can indeed achieve an immediate appearance change . However , when it comes to moving the knife and moving the needle , some people always have some scruples in the traditional concept . However , I don’t hesitate to want to cut the cuties immediately .

2 . Ways to lose weight :

The most common is the use of liposuction to extract part of the body fat and let the local curve appear . What is more special is the so-called gastric interval surgery , face reduction surgery , etc , which changes the structure of the body organs so that the whole body have a different transformation .

3 . Time spent :

The time of liposuction surgery varies according to the location and individual needs . Generally speaking , the procedure is to do consultation and evaluation before determining the operation method and time . It is usually recommended to staying in the hospital for one day after surgery , and then follow up as needed .

4 . Who is best for :

If you are too fat to walk or work , and you have a little money at hand , you are not afraid of pain , then you can consider using it . But the most important thing is to assess your physical condition and can withstand anesthesia . You should have a doctor check up as soon as possible to assess the possibility of surgery . Physicians usually recommend that men who are overweight over 45 kg and women over 36 kg overweight undergo surgery . People with severe anemia , hemorrhagic diseases , cardiopulmonary and renal insufficiency , diabetes , severe liver disease and other diseases are not suitable for liposuction .

5 . Weight loss effect :

The recovery period after surgery is not counted , and the effect of plastic surgery can be said to be immediate . However , whether this effect can last for a long time is definitely related to your lifestyle after surgery . As far as liposuction is concerned , although the number of fat cells has been pumped away , eating and drinking afterwards does not guarantee that the size of the remaining fat cells will not increase , so weight loss in plastic surgery is not a one-time matter . !

6 . be the price expensive ?

This must be decided according to the medical skills and ethics of the attending physician , the equipment of the hospital , and the reputation for the patient . Because health insurance usually does not pay for such operations , patients must pay for themselves . It is best to be able to inquire more and compare the prices and prices .

7 . How to prevent rebound :

The attending physician and dietitian will draw up a diet menu based on your physical condition . It is best to be able to eat according to the menu designed by experts . At the same time , we must also use the ” small amount , multiple meals , and chew slowly ” to eat .

Because more and more people need bariatric surgery , the authoritative medical journal ” Needle Needle ” will compare the various advantages and disadvantages of various bariatric surgery approved by the US Food and Drug Administration . If you are hesitating whether you should undergo bariatric surgery , you may wish to refer to the information about it .

8 . Expert comment :

women’s abdomen , inner and outer thighs and buttocks are suitable and most common liposuction sites . Fat accumulation in the knees , arms , chin , calves and gluteal grooves can also be improved by liposuction . If you have a fat body , you should lose weight first , and then perform liposuction on local fat accumulation to make the curve more perfect . There are also certain restrictions on liposuction objects , such as older age , loose skin , local skin elasticity is too poor , or some women have too loose abdomen after childbirth .

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