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Demystifying Chinese medicine embedding weight loss method

The embedding of traditional Chinese medicine is well known by many people because of the popularity of acupuncture for weight loss. It is popular because of its short time and less pain. Especially for white-collar women, it only takes more than 10 minutes during lunch break to embed the thread in the fat parts such as the abdomen and extremities, and then wait for about a month to become thinner. But many people still don’t know much about this kind of therapy. Let’s introduce the embedding of traditional Chinese medicine by the editor.

What is Chinese medicine embedding

TCM embedding thread is also acupuncture point embedding thread, which is an extension of acupuncture and moxibustion, and is a clinical technology that uses the continuous stimulation of acupuncture points to treat diseases. It includes acupoint sealing therapy, stimulation therapy, pricking therapy, tissue therapy, and cut therapy. It also includes the needling effect and the after-effect effect.

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Embedded weight loss principle

embedded weight loss is an extension and development of acupuncture to lose weight and is an improved external moxibustion. It uses a thread embedding device to implant the magnetized protein wire into the corresponding acupuncture point, and produces a continuous and effective stimulation effect on the acupuncture point through the thread body (the thread is naturally dissolved and absorbed in the body for 15 days to 3 months) to achieve the effect of adjusting the secretion in the body. Promote faster metabolism and energy consumption, and eventually achieve weight loss.

Applicable people

TCM embedding thread for weight loss is suitable for middle-aged and young obese people and edema patients aged 20-50. Regulate the body’s meridian to lose weight, regulate and regulate endocrine function, accelerate body metabolism, break down excess fat, enhance kidney function, eliminate edema to achieve weight loss. It is healthy, non-invasive, does not need to recover, does not affect the normal working life, suitable for urbanites with high work pressure and fast pace of life, safe, simple, reliable, less painful, and does not rebound.

Embedded thread to lose weight

1. Inform the physical condition

Embedded weight loss methods are mainly aimed at acupuncture points, so you must be cautious. Before doing this, you must first understand the clinic environment and the technical and quality of the medical staff to do this technology. At the same time, you must also take your physical condition and the drugs used. inform.

2. Burial thigh test

If you are concerned about weight loss by embedding thread, you can test the buried thigh. If there is no redness or swelling within 24 hours, you can continue this weight loss method if you feel hot, otherwise you can’t do it. Obesity with allergies is more important. Pay attention to this point.

3. For key embedding

Embedded thread weight loss should also understand the key embedding site, for individual parts can not be embedding, such as the chest, thin subcutaneous fat, if the embedding thread will only hurt the lungs or heart, the part that can be buried is the abdomen.

4. Lightly press the part to reduce swelling

Patients who adopt this method of weight loss can press the wound lightly if there are swollen hard particles after thread embedding for 5-10 minutes to eliminate the swelling. After embedding the thread, press the wound with cotton and apply breathable tape , Take off after about 3~4 hours, it will be normal to have a slight soreness after burying.

5. With scientific Chinese medicine

In order to have a better weight loss effect, weight losers can use the embedding weight loss process, and then combine with scientific traditional Chinese medicine lozenges that suppress appetite and increase metabolism, but patients who are taking other drugs must inform the doctor in advance.

6. Control diet exercise

Using the method of embedding weight loss is not enough to achieve the goal, but also need to control the diet, and then add more exercise, then the weight loss will be faster and the weight loss effect will be better.

7. It is not suitable to have crab feet

The method of embedding weight loss is not suitable for all people. The skin has ulcers, wounds, skin diseases, etc., and it is not suitable for embedding. People with swollen crab feet or diabetic constitution are not suitable for embedding. The former may appear unsightly scars. The latter wound is more difficult to heal, and there are also women who cannot perform the first two days of physiology, so as to lose too much blood.

8. If you stay up late, you may get dizzy

Obese people who are going to lose weight by embedding must remember that they must not stay up late the night before, drunk and overeating, because under such circumstances the body will be in a weak state, and then embedding will appear dizzy, unstable walking and other symptoms Yes, there is no way to bury the thread after soaking, at least 2 hours apart, because the systemic blood circulation is accelerated at this time, easy to lose too much blood.

Two major taboos for weight loss

1. This treatment is a new medical treatment, and its curative effect has not yet been validated by the country. Therefore, you must consult a professional doctor before choosing this treatment. It is not suitable for children, pregnant women, patients with skin diseases and infectious diseases. In addition, some individuals may experience adverse reactions after embedding the thread, such as local redness, swelling, high fever, and allergic reactions.

2. In the West, disposable threading needles are used for “embedding weight loss” operations, and regular domestic hospitals also advocate “one person, one needle”. All used steel needles must also be sterilized by professional high-pressure steam sterilization. However, some small individual beauty salons only soak and disinfect the steel needles in alcohol, so that they can only kill bacteria, and they are helpless against viruses such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and AIDS. Therefore, consumers should never go to the “three noes” beauty shop to do “embedded weight loss”.

Chinese medicine embedding has many benefits in addition to the weight loss effect that everyone thinks.

1. Coordinate organs and balance yin and yang

The various effects and stimulating processes of embedding thread in traditional Chinese medicine, through the input of meridians, play the role of adjusting the organs of the human body, correcting the partial victory or decay of yin and yang, and restoring it to a relative balance.

2. Dredge the meridians, reconcile qi and blood

Pain is related to meridian occlusion and qi-blood disorder. It is said that “no pain is pain, but no pain is tolerated.” .

3. Make up the deficiency and diarrhea, support the right and remove the evil

The various effects of TCM embedding, generally have the effect of excitement, which has a certain effect on the decline of body function and those with weakened immunity, that is, it has the function of improving immune function and supplementing the deficiency and correcting the deficiency.

Precautions for embedding thread of traditional Chinese medicine

(1) strictly aseptic operation to prevent infection. The operation of the triangular needle when embedding the thread should be light and accurate to prevent needle breakage.

(2) The embedding thread is best buried between the subcutaneous tissue and the muscle. The muscle layer can be buried in the muscle layer, and the gut line should not be exposed outside the skin.

(3) According to the different parts, grasp the depth of the embedding thread, do not hurt the internal organs, large blood vessels and nerve trunk (do not directly ligate nerves and blood vessels), so as not to cause dysfunction and pain.

(4) It is not advisable to embed the thread when there is local infection or ulcer on the skin. Pulmonary tuberculosis active period, bone tuberculosis, severe heart disease or pregnancy are not suitable for this method.

(5) After the protein magnetization line is left, it can be soaked in 70% alcohol, or treated with Xin Jie Er, and then soaked with physiological saline before use.

(6) When performing multiple treatments on an acupuncture point, it should deviate from the previous treatment.

(7) Pay attention to the postoperative reaction, and handle any abnormal phenomena in time.

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