Lose weight / Weight loss diet / Delicious oatmeal breakfast Enjoy fat loss all day long

Delicious oatmeal breakfast Enjoy fat loss all day long

Oatmeal has high nutritional value . Regular consumption of oatmeal also has a very good effect of reducing blood sugar and weight loss for diabetics . Therefore , it is loved by young people , especially those women that have been sitting in the office for a long time , and take this nutritious oatmeal as a necessary breakfast . And there are many ways to make oatmeal breakfast .

What is more important is that no matter how you eat oatmeal , how much you eat , it won’t grow a little fat , and it will also make you eat thinner . Well , without further ado , let ‘s introduce the two delicious oatmeal meals of oatmeal to you , and enjoy a thin diet all day long to lose weight !

◎ Eat oatmeal to lose weight , it works better than black rice !

Oatmeal for breakfast was originally a diet of Europe and America , but because of its high nutritional value and easy to make , it has been loved by everyone in recent years . Compare with Xuan Mi , which is also a very popular diet food , oatmeal contains 3.5 times more dietary fiber , 2 times and 5 times more iron and calcium , respectively , and its nutritional value is quite high !

In addition , the cooking method is quite simple . If you are in a hurry , you can use boiling water and stir it to eat it . It is also very convenient to add some milk to the microwave to heat it .

In the cold autumn and winter seasons , try to eat warm food as much as possible . It is most appropriate to think of oatmeal , which is a kind of food with sufficient moisture and warmth . Oatmeal can be used not only for breakfast , but also as a snack , dinner , and supper to help lose weight .

◎ Oatmeal , a lot of weight loss effect !

Oatmeal is rolled from oat grains and is flat . It is not a refined cereal food , . So it has high nutritional value . The weight loss , health and beauty effects brought by it can be said to be the gospel of women .

Improve constipation

is rich in vitamins , minerals , protein and other ingredients , balanced nutrition , but the most eye-catching of course is dietary fiber , has been troubled by constipation , detoxification of MM MM , with oats can not worry , it must Help you defeat this slim enemy !

Improve metabolism

After we ingest oatmeal , it takes a certain amount of time for the body to slowly digest the oatmeal . After eating , the insulin value is also very low , which can effectively to improve basal metabolism . At the same time , it makes the feeling of fullness longer and helps you avoid reaching out for snacks .

Similar fat production

Oatmeal is a food with low GI value . Although it is carbohydrate , it will not be easily converted into fat . Even if you eat late for dinner , even as a supper , you should not worry about letting you grow meat .

◎ Enjoy a thin and delicious oatmeal meal , you can lose weight sooner or later !

Oatmeal , like the rice we often eat , is a carbohydrate that can be used as a staple food . Many people advocate the use of black rice to cook with white rice , but for those who are not used to eating rice or find it too cumbersome to cook , you may wish to try making a bowl of oatmeal for yourself . The cooking method is simple and the variety is varied , Eating a little bit is very revenge , and with a natural sweet taste , it can satisfy your gluttonous !

Eat oatmeal for breakfast to improve annoying constipation !

【Fruit Soy Milk Oatmeal】

Material :

Half a cup of oatmeal , 1 cup of soy milk , proper amount of honey , raisins and cranberries and other dried fruits , half a banana , almonds or walnuts and other nut foods .

Method :

1 . Pour honey and soy milk into oatmeal and heat it slightly in a microwave .

2 . Slice the banana and sprinkle with dried fruits , bananas , nuts and other foods to eat .

E dinner supper is not fat !

【Pumpkin Milk Oatmeal】

Material :

Half a cup of oatmeal , half a cup of water , 1 cup of milk , 80 grams of pumpkin meat , 1/4 onion , 1 piece of bacon , a little salt and pepper , a little clear soup

Method :

1 . Shred the onion and bacon , stir to fry a little , pour in water , add pumpkin meat and cook until the pumpkin is soft .

2 . Then , pour milk and oatmeal , and after boiling for 3 minutes , add salt , pepper , and clear soup to taste .

Super full for snacks !

【Cocoa Oatmeal】

Material :

Cocoa powder , milk and oatmeal are a little bit smaller than breakfast and dinner .

1 . Pour cocoa powder into milk and stir to make cocoa milk .

2 . Pour the oatmeal into the cocoa milk and heat it in the microwave . Be careful not to add extra sugar to control your calorie intake .

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