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Cucumber eggs lose weight harm

Everyone has a heart of beauty . Many people rack their brains to lose weight . The cucumber and egg weight loss method , people who lose weight all the year round , should have heard about it . The cucumber egg weight loss method can lose weight because fresh cucumber also contains malonate , which can inhibit the conversion to carbohydrates into fat .

Cucumber also contains cellulose , which has a certain effect on promoting bowel movements , speeding up excretion and lowering cholesterol . Egg yolk contains lecithin as an emulsifier , which can emulsify fatty cholesterol into very small particles , which can be used by the body after being excluded from blood vessels . But if the method is not used properly , the cucumber egg weight loss method is also very harmful . So what are the hazards of cucumber and egg weight loss ?

1 . Egg and cucumber weight loss does not allow the gastrointestinal to get a complete rest , so the gastrointestinal diet preferences have not changed . This is a deficiency compared with Pigu weight loss . After the weight loss period is over , it is easy to rebound , but the speed is relatively slow .

2 . Because it is purely fat burning , the weight loss effect is good , the rebound speed is slow , but it will lead to skin relaxation after weight loss , which is also the gap with Pigu weight loss , but in addition to modern Pigu , the implementation of Pigu is more difficult , and egg weight loss is simple and easy Row .

3 . Because the energy of fat is very high , it can produce 900 kilocalories per 100 grams of energy . In the case of egg weight loss , it is normal to burn 150-300 grams of fat a day . Too much weight loss is not the cause of fat burning . , Maybe caused by dehydration and emptying of the gastrointestinal tract .

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