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Create a sexy belly, remember to follow 8 golden weight loss rules

Usually sitting in front of the computer , a lot of flesh has accumulated in the small belly . It’s spring now , are we still far from summer ? Meaty belly , do you really want to have ? Isn’t it ! Get rid of the fleshy belly and let yourself have a slim figure . Today , the editor will tell you about the 8 golden rules of thin bellies .

1 . Sit-ups + aerobic exercise

has been arguing for whether sit-ups can lose belly fat . The square believes that sit-ups can exercise abdominal muscles , . So you can practice a flat and sexy belly . The opposite believe that the premise of being able to consume fat energy is to exercise for at least 20 minutes , so dozens of sit-ups in one minute cannot lose abdominal fat .

25 Slimming Fast Ways:

The correct way is : sit-ups + aerobic exercise

The main function of sit-ups is to strengthen the strength of the abdominal muscles , increase the elasticity of the abdominal muscles , no longer loose and collapse , but also protect the back and improve posture . Aerobic exercise consumes calories and reduces fat . Choose a sport that can take special care of the ” middle section ” and recommend much items-

Table tennis : The action of swinging the racket is driven by the muscles of the waist and abdomen , consuming 192 cards every 30 minutes .

Yoga : The sitting position of yoga determines that your back and abdominal muscles can be exercised accordingly , which can consume 200 calories every 30 minutes .

Taekwondo : Taekwondo’s kicking action will drive waists / a waist / the waist and belly fat consumption , consuming 312 calories every 30 minute .

2 . ∠45°

Any movement of the roll body is beneficial to create a flat abdomen , as long as you are doing the roll , the upper body is raised at a 45-degree angle to the ground after being raised . Now , let us simply review the knowledge about mechanics in junior high school physics–

is less than ∠45°-At this time , the sternocleidomastoid muscle , pectorals major , intercostal muscle , psoas muscle , iliac muscle , etc . be stressed , not the rectus abdominous .

is greater than ∠45°-At this time , the ” resistance arm ” of the body’s center of gravity of the fulcrum of the hips is continuously shortened , and the rectus abdominous muscles are not very stressed .

is equal to ∠45°–When the upper body are lifted to form a 45-degree angle with the ground , the abdomen is at the best time to be stressed .

Conclusion : No matter what kind of roll exercises we do , including sit-ups , please extend the duration of the body and the ground at a 45-degree angle (at least 30 seconds ) as much as possible to get the most effective exercises in the abdominal muscles .

Tips : How to make sure that your body just rises to a 45 degree angle ? There are three small ways :

1 . Generally speaking , when looking straight at the knee joint with flexion , the angle between the body and the ground is 45 degrees ;

2 . You can practice in front of the mirror ;

3 . Slow up , slowly feel , when you feel the abdomen is the most When the force is applied , it is at a 45-degree angle and stops at this position . The third option are highly recommended .

3 . Slow motion

Sit-ups in physical education classes are evaluated as physical fitness exercises . The more you do in one minute , the higher your score . All movements as a sexy belly exercise , including sit-ups , must be slow motion ! A little bit feels / felt the force of the abdomen . Expert recommendation : 10 to 15 per minute for a group , each practice to do 2 to 3 groups , each group rest for about 1 minute . Abdominal breathing and abdominal massage at rest .

4 . Three times a week

said online that Mo Wenwei has to do 50 sit-ups every day before going to bed . Think of her small waists and flat belly . You think you should practice every day . wrong We now give ourselves a reason to be lazy .

The process of forming abdominal muscles is exactly the same as that of other parts of the body , and it will take some time to shape . After each exercise , the cell morphology of the muscle tissue takes 48 hours to complete the ” reconstruction ” . Daily abdominal exercise does not leave time for the formation of abdominal muscles . Once the exercise is relaxed , the fat will immediately launch a “counterattack .”

Correct practice frequency : three times a week .

5 . Perfect breath

Perfect abdomen requires perfect breathing . This is not only necessary during the practice , it is usually the same .

During the exercise-exhale (forced state ) to exhale , and inhale to inhale . In a static state , for example , while maintaining a 45-degree angle , normal chest breathing , do not hold your breath .

Usually-abdominal breathing helps to tighten the transverse abdominal muscles . When inhaling , feel the abdominal cavity inward and upward , fully inhale and exhale deeply . When sitting , standing or walking , you can breathe consciously abdominally and develop habits .

6 . 1 : 3 frequency

Abdominal exercises , the process of exertion can only play a role of 20% to 30% , but the process of withdrawal can play a role of 60% to 70% . So when we practice , we should also follow the ratio of 1 : 3 . For example , when you sit up on your back , when you lift your body , you count ” 1 ” ; when you lay your body down , you count ” 2 ” , ” 3 ” , and ” 4 ” .

7 . Use of equipment

The invention of fitness equipment is for our safer , more effective and more accurate training . When you hate the ” perfect ” sit-ups , please go to the gym to find these three things : fitness riding machine (bicycle fitness machine ) ; captain’s chair ( A bench at a 30-degree angle to the ground can lie on it , raise and hold your legs for a few seconds , and strengthen the abdominal muscles ) ; fitness ball . After comprehensive evaluation of the effects of 13 abdominal fitness methods , experts believe that the above three are currently the most effective abdominal exercise equipment .

8 . Exercise for 1 and a half hour after a meal

One and a half hour after a meal is the best time for abdominal exercises . If you like to develop small pieces of abdominal muscles , it is best to add enough protein and carbohydrates after the exercise . If you only want to lose weight , make your abdomen flat and free of fat , do not eat within 1 hour of the end of the exercise .

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