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Couple weight loss exercises to prevent obesity infection!

Did you know that obesity is actually like a cold and it can be contagious ? A careful person will find that if one of the couples or spouses is fatter , the other is also easy to get fat . So is there any way to prevent this phenomenon from happening ? The editor suggests that you can do weight loss exercises with your lover .

The scientific basis of obesity can be transmitted :

A medical research report published in the latest issue of ” New England Journal of Medicine ” believes that obesity of someone’s friend increases their risk of obesity by 57% . The deeper the friendship , the greater the contagion ; and the effect of peers , The influence are more significant than that of siblings and spouses or lovers .

This is the first study to analyze the infectious power of obesity from the perspective of social behavior . It was conducted by two universities in the United States , the world’s fat man . Researchers have analyzed in detail the weight data onto 12,000 people in the same town for more than 30 years . The researchers found that if someone’s friend is obese , their chances of obesity will increase by 57% ; and the deeper the friendship with the two parties , the greater the influence of obesity , and the probability of obesity can increase by from to 171% . The power of peers will spread obesity to friends of friends , no matter how far away the friends live , the influence will still exist .

Researchers from Harvard Medical School and the University of California , San Diego said that they analyzed the weight data of a total of 12,067 people in Framingham , Massachusetts from 1971 to 2003 . The results showed that although obesity is not a disease , it is The same can be transmitted to each other like a cold .

Harvard Medical School professor Krestakis , who led the research , said : ” Even if you live 1,000 miles away , or I only see you once a year , it is enough to spread obesity .” . He believes this is because peers will change . Someone’s view of body shape , if everyone in the group is obese , obesity is not a big deal .

Recommended weight loss exercises for couples to help you prevent obesity infection .

Action 1 :

Effect : If you are lovers , you should like this exercise . This exercise is based on increasing the strength of the legs . The secret to doing well is to trust each other and increase self-confidence .

Movement breakdown : Cross your hands , clenched , and bend your knees to maintain a sitting posture . If you do this exercise in , you can hold onto a flagpole instead . The better your hunched posture is , the more you can stretch your spine . Keep your hips slightly above your knees .

Action 2 :

Effect : Give your lover a stable support , let her fully enjoy the drafting at this time , mainly for the thighs and buttocks .

Movement breakdown : Bend your legs backwards , hold the toes with one hand , and keep your body still . You can communicate at this time . Take a deep breath , feeling like you are stretching your front legs .

Action 3 :

Efficacy : This exercise combines strength and flexibility .

Movement breakdown : At the beginning , the two stood opposite each other and clenched their hands . Each of them took a big step back , bend the hind legs , stretch the hip tendons , and make a 90-degree lunge for the front legs . Send the pelvis slightly forward , with a feeling of traction . Hold for more than 10 seconds , switch to the other side , and do 3 times for / of each side .

Action 4 :

Action breakdown : Support each other , place your left hand on the other’s shoulder , and put your right hand on the hip . Then straddle the right leg back , feeling stretched the hind leg and calf . Breathe freely and try to let your right heel touch the ground . Keep your toes forward to maintaining the best stretch of the calf . Hold for 30 seconds .

Action 5 :

Movement breakdown : sit cross-legged , hold hands with thumbs . Pull up your lover’s upper limbs , and stand on your toes to make sure her arms are straight if you need to .

Put your feet around her hips and gently press her knees against her back . Tell your partner to ensure physical contact , so that the effect of exercise is better . Pull the upper limbs to open the spine , arms , chest and back .

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