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Count the stars who use acupuncture to lose weight and breast

As long as the public accepted acupuncture , the celebrities learned about its magical effects and used it for health and beauty .

Jolin Tsai : Acupuncture and breast enhancement

A weekly magazine in Hong Kong had suggested that Jolin Tsai had plastic surgery and rhinoplasty , which made him very angry , emphasizing that she only used acupuncture to breast enlargement , without liposuction , or even plastic surgery . Her brokerage company even plans to appoint a lawyer to sue the weekly to restore her reputation . But in any case , it is an indisputable fact that Jolin Tsai breast augmentation through acupuncture , it is said that after acupuncture , Jolin Tsai’s chest is two cups bigger .

Movie star Meng Jiahui has also suffered from acupuncture in order to make her mediocre figure more attractive .

Madonna and Demi Moore : Acupuncture Beauty

The ancient Chinese mysterious beauty of the quintessence of beauty is becoming the fashion of the world , and even the ” unique new favorite ” of many Hollywood stars . Madonna is one of the people that is passionate about acupuncture beauty .

The most popular new beauty treatment ” Diamond Acupuncture Energy Therapy ” in Hollywood is to use 8 energies colored diamonds in a city , supplemented by top-level VIP massage acupuncture , a course of treatment costs at least tens of thousands of yuan . This therapy claims to be able to introduce diamond energy through acupuncture to eliminate toxins from the body and promote metabolism . Allegedly , Hollywood actress Demi Moore is also a loyal follower of diamond acupuncture .

Rong Zu’er : Acupuncture treatment of voice change

Rong Zuer’s throat was inflamed and failed to heal for a long time , . So he had to use acupuncture to protect his throat . I even made a special trip to Nanjing to find a famous acupuncturist . The doctor instructed her to quit her job , but Rong Zuer’s work schedule was very tight . It was difficult to have enough rest time and could only stand still . She smiled and said that because of frequent acupuncture , she has gradually become accustomed to it and she knows that she must quit spicy .

Twins : acupuncture to relieve pain

Twins accidentally got hurt when attending a charity performance earlier . Asa strained his shoulders with too much force in the high jump event , and the good sister Gillian touched the old troubles and deteriorated when hurdling . Asa and Gillian finally couldn’t bear the pain of the pain , they were accompanied by an assistant to a Chinese medicine clinic in a building in Paterson Street , Causeway Bay , where they received acupuncture treatment for four hours .

Li Xia : Acupuncture treatment of low back pain

On the screen , Li Xia , who hosted the entertainment program , always smiled , but under the stage , Li Xia was also a serious illness , not only her lumbar disc herniation , but also her cervical spine . ” I now have to reduce my work for my health , take time to do acupuncture , eat bird’s nest and vitamin supplements ” .

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