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Corrected 6 major misunderstandings for liposuction to lose weight

Since the introduction to liposuction and slimming in the field of cosmetic surgery , the number of recipients has grown exponentially every year , and has now successfully squeezed into the top few medical aesthetic surgery . But liposuction is also the most misunderstood or unrealistic expectations . There are even reporting that someone has died because of it ? So , what is the effect of liposuction and how high is its safety index ?

Myth 1 : Liposuction is not safe

Truth : Liposuction technology from the early ” dry pumping method ” to the currently used ” wet pumping method ” , from the early ultrasonic liposuction , to the current rapid negative pressure liposuction , liposuction equipment and technology are constantly With perfection , the operation pain is getting smaller and smaller and safer . But liposuction is a surgical operation after all , as long as there is a certain risk . The most dangerous complications to  liposuction are fat embolism and massive bleeding . Experienced physicians can generally detect and treat fat embolism early . At present , the ” wet pumping method ” commonly used in liposuction has a bleeding volume of only 3 to 5 percent , so massive bleeding is very rare . The fatality rate caused by liposuction is even smaller , the U.S. data is about 1 in 50,000 .

In recent years , accidents caused by liposuction are often caused by inexperience of doctors or excessive emphasis on massive liposuction . Due to the mismatch between the current medical and beauty market , many unqualified clinics , hospitals and even beauty salons are involved in this project , which jeopardizes the health and safety of customers .

For safety reasons , a safety assessment must be made before the operation , communicate with the doctor in detail , understand the possible complications , whether the professional capabilities of the performing surgeon and the anesthesiologist are sufficient , and the patient’s own health is very important . Severe heart , vascular disease , diabetic patients , elderly people , not suitable for liposuction .

Misunderstanding 2 : Liposuction can cause a significant weight loss

Truth : People who want to do liposuction should have a concept . Liposuction is mainly for locally accumulated deep fat , such as subcutaneous fat in the abdomen , waist , buttocks , outer thighs and other places . Applying liposuction to these places can make you lose weight quickly and successfully . But liposuction is not suitable for people with general obesity , and has little effect on body weight .

Since the fat density is very low , and the same amount of swelling agent are applied before liposuction , plus the swelling after surgery , even if the liposuction is more than 5000 ml , the postoperative weight will not drop significantly immediately . Generally speaking , after one or two years of liposuction , body weight can be reduced by 5-10% , about 3-5 kg .

However , because the most patients spend a lot of money on liposuction , their body curves become exquisite , . So they are more confident and perseverant to control diet and engage in exercise . In addition , wearing tight underwear , it is indeed easier to achieve the effect of weight loss .

Misunderstanding 3 : The more liposuction , the faster you lose weight

Truth : Some women who want to lose weight are eager to commit greed during liposuction , thinking that the more they pump , the faster they lose weight . And some doctors without professional ethics , especially those who are not qualified to practice medicine , will encourage women to smoke more , because the more they smoke , the more they earn .

Actually , liposuction is not as easy as pumping . Pull out all the fat . The amount of liposuction should be determined according to your own situation . Where you shouldn’t , you can’t do it . There is no end . Now , doctors control the liposuction volume of about 3000 mls . For heavier ones , it can be relaxed to 4000 mls . 5000 ml is the safe limit . In fact , the amount of fat extraction increases and the risk of surgery is relatively increased . The requirements on the doctor’s surgical technique , anesthesia level and surgical equipment are higher . Therefore , an experienced an orthopedic specialist should perform the operation , and an authentic anesthesiologist should be anesthetized and fully equipped . In order to minimize the risk .

Misunderstanding 4 : It is easy to rebound after hearing about liposuction

Truth : The number of fat cells in adults is constant . The reason why people become fat and thin is because the cell volume increases and decreases . The usual non-surgical weight loss method cannot reduce the number of fat cells . Only liposuction can make fat cells The number is definitely reduced . After the number of fat cells is reduced , it is impossible to increase , so the effect after liposuction is permanent and will not rebound .

Some people will feel a little fatter after liposuction for a period of time than when they were just liposuction . This is not actually a rebound . It is often because the improper diet causes the remaining fat to become larger and fatter . In fact , as long as you do not overeat With proper exercise , you can maintain a good figure . Even if the weight is slightly increased and the person becomes slightly round , the curve is still beautiful .

Misunderstanding 5 : Liposuction skin will become uneven

Truth : The skin becomes uneven after liposuction may be due to excessive liposuction or wrong steps , which damages the fat layer close to the skin , causing the skin to collapse and wrinkles , so be sure to understand the doctor’s technology before the operation .

Generally speaking , healthy skin has a certain elasticity . Due to the contraction of skin elastic fibers , the skin will retract automatically . If you use light therapy to shape your body after liposuction , you can achieve the effect of smoothing skin lines and ” firming skin ” .

Postoperative exercise should be strengthened , it can also help the skin restore elasticity and reduce wrinkles . In addition , you must wear a corset to eliminate the cavity of the fat layer after liposuction , reduce blood stasis and swelling to the surgical site , and make the flap and subcutaneous tissue adhere to and heal .

Older people , because of poor skin elasticity , should also take corresponding skin repair surgery after liposuction .

Misunderstanding 6 : Liposuction is the most painful plastic surgery

Truth : Liposuction surgery will be operated under anesthesia , the pain is not obvious within 24 hours after the operation , there will be some discomfort after 24 hours , intermittent , it feels more like the soreness after running a long-distance marathon , rather than needle stick The pain of knife cutting can generally be tolerated . In addition , the touching of the disinfectant may also cause redness , swelling and pain at the surgical site . This process generally lasts for 3 to 5 days . Afterwards , it gradually eases , and no longer feels pain if it is not touched . The doctor will prescribe some pain medicine after the operation , but do not use the medicine without permission .

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