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Copenhagen weight loss methods

The Copenhagen weight loss method was once very popular with the Internet . It is a 13-day weight loss recipe for CopenhaGen Maybe many friends that are new to weight loss do not know what Copenhagen weight loss is , and they think it is the local weight loss method of CopenhaGen It is clear , but what is certain is that drinking the ” Copenhagen ” area is not related .  Let’s understand it with the editor of the weight loss drug list .

What is the Copenhagen weight loss method

The Copenhagen Weight Loss Method is a 13-day weight loss recipe circulated online . Eat this recipe to lose weight and enjoy 200g low-fat ham and 200g yogurt at noon . You can also eat 200g steak and lettuce salad at night . It is said that such a big fish and meat every day 13 The world can also lose 10 pounds , and it is popular with people that want to lose weight but do not want to lose their mouths . For this weight loss menu , the standard breakfast are black coffee and bread slices . Chinese food is usually 200g ham , cod or 2 boiled eggs , dinner is 200g steak or 250g chicken , and other vegetables and fruits are eaten casually . In addition to the relatively ” bitter ” on the 7th and 11th , Chinese food can only be filled with water or juice to eat hunger , at other times while eating meat while dumping meat , taking into account the love of meat and body . On the Internet , this menu is called the ” Copenhagen Weight Loss Method ” , which achieves weight loss by strictly controlling carbohydrate intake .

Is weight loss useful in Copenhagen

Copenhagen direst dietitian analysis said that this diet recipe may be effective in the short term , and it is easy to rebound after a period of time . According to the recipe , during weight loss , the carbohydrate intake is controlled and the energy balance is broken . The body is in an unfit period , and the weight will be reduced . After a period of adaptation , the body will restore energy balance again , and the weight will return to the original state . Allegedly , two friends once tried this recipe and lost seven or eight pounds in a short period of time , but soon returned to their original weight .

The harm to Copenhagen weight loss

The ” Copenhagen Weight Loss Method ” is very dangerous . In fact , due to the serious lack of intake of staple foods and carbohydrate foods , the nutritional composition of this recipe does not conform to the nutrients of protein , carbohydrate and fat 4 : 4 : 2 of a reasonable diet . The intake ratio , so there is a great safety risk in the actual use process ; In addition , the intake of the recipe arrangement is strictly limited , . So it is not suitable for all body shape and weight loss people , especially for large weight base People who use it forcibly use it severely and may be in danger of life .

Summary : I also read a lot of articles in the Copenhagen weight loss method of the Internet , and some said that many stars have adopted it , the effect is very good , but the editor still recommends that everyone should put health first while losing weight . One , use reasonable weight loss methods of the premise of ensuring good health . Try to use extreme weight loss methods like this as carefully as possible .

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