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Clarins slimming face slimming combination

Slimming Essence 200ml + Slimming Toner (Slim Face ) 10ml .

Slimming Essence : a professional product developed by an authoritative European body beauty expert . After years of cooperation with the scientific community , the patented botanical formula for ” Slimming Essence ” , combined with Clarins ‘ original body massage technique and its firming effect , can achieve many unique effects .

After use , your ” sponge ” tissue looks obviously reduced , and your figure becomes more symmetrical quickly . Quickly and lastingly achieve body shaping effect , make skin smoother and firmer lasting effect . Make your calves and thighs feel lighter . Let the body feel slim and refreshing , while improving the circulation . Make your curve more beautiful .

Slimming Firming Lotion (Thin Face ) : Long-lasting and meticulous effect : Daily use , can achieve strong effect on the main ingredients such as mangosteen , cocaine and false leaf tree , making the face contour more delicate and youthful .

Instant smoothness effect : when used , the fresh gel texture can instantly tighten the skin and refine pores , showing the skin’s new radiance .

lasting firming effect : facial skin will be firmer , firmer and younger .

Shows a fair complexion : The unique ingredients of Slim and Tightening Lotion help to even out and brighten the complexion , while showing a firm and elastic contour .

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