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Circumvent 5 major weight loss mistakes and shape S shape

How to lose weight without rebound ? MM tried a variety of weight loss methods , not only did not succeed , but aggravated a lot , what is the reason ? In fact , weight loss fat needs more dietary balance . Here , the editor has collected some weight loss mistakes reminded by experts . MM who wanted to lose weight should avoid it carefully .

1 . The less you eat , the more you can lose weight

The energy intake should be suitable for the human body . In general , the weather in summer is relatively hot and requires less energy . After entering autumn and winter , the weather is colder , and the heat required by people will increase relatively .

The energy people need is different to men and women , and the energy required is also different . Men are divided according to the light , medium and heavy weight of physical work . They require light workers to consume no less than 1600 kilocalories a day . If it is less than 1800 kcal , heavy physical labor can not be less than 2100 kcal ; women are divided into light , medium and heavy physical labor , the energy intake is 1400 kcals , 1600 kcals and 1800 kcal respectively . Insufficient energy can cause hypoglycemia , which can seriously to damage brain cells .

2 . The more reduction , the better

Some weighted loss methods claim to lose more than 10 pounds a month , which is unscientific in nutrition . Under normal circumstances , it is recommended that a person reduced energy daily by 500 to 700 kcals , which takes 10 to 14 days to reduce to 1 Kilograms , it is more scientific to lose 3 to 4 kilograms in the first month of weight loss , and then maintain a reduction of 1 to 2 kilograms every month thereafter .

3 . To lose weight to be hungry

People had to eat when they have low blood sugar . If they lose weight by dieting , the body functions will be reduced , and the brain cells will be damaged .

4 . Eat more fiber coarse grains

Many people think that eating thick fiber foods is good for weight loss . The more you eat , the better . In fact , this is a misunderstanding . It is recommended that people that lose weight consume about 30 grams of fiber per day . Excessive amounts will increase gastrointestinal burden and affect the absorption of calcium , iron and other nutrients .

5 . Eat green vegetables and fruits without meals

Eating one or two foods is not good for the body’s nutritional balance . You should eat five types of foods such as high-quality protein , grains , vegetables , fruits , soy products , milk , and flavoring . The intake is redistributed according to certain standards .

The proportion of normal people is that high-quality protein accounts for 10% to 15% of a day’s food intake , carbohydrates account for 50% to 65% , fat accounts for 20% to 30% , and the intake of dieters after redistribution , High-quality protein accounts for 25% , half of which is vegetable protein , carbohydrate accounts for 60% , and fat accounts for 15% .

In addition , it is recommended to ration quantitative meals three times a day . In the distribution of three meals , 30% of the energy intake of breakfast , 35% of Chinese food , 5% of the energy added at three or four o’clock , and 30% of dinner intake . The scientific way to lose weight is to calculate the food that everyone should eat every day according to each person’s actual situation combined with this principle , and a professional dietitian develops a reasonable and feasible nutrition recipe .

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