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Choose weight loss exercise according to your personality to lose weight efficiently

Find the most suitable way to lose weight through exercise . This is not only good for strengthening your body , but also helps you lose weight more quickly and effectively , and can promote the improvement and development of your personality . Today , the editor of my wow.com will introduce to you eight different personality characteristics and corresponding exercise weight loss methods to help you lose weight more quickly and effectively !

1 . Sociable

You like to socialize with others and can work together with your company . Then you are more suitable for golf , squash and other team sports or activities , . So it is very attractive to you who love to communicate . Recommend weight loss exercises : aerobics , spinning , step aerobics , etc . If you prefer to choose exercise sports instead of team sports activities , you can increase the sociality and communication with sports by yourself , and you can invite friends to run together .

2 . Alone type

You like to be alone , don’t like to deal with others , don’t like to communicate with others too much , social communication behavior makes you feel very tired . Such you are an unsocial ” lone traveler ” . The recommended weight loss exercises should be mild , such as Tai CHi , swimming or long-distance walks in the park .

3 . Super workaholic

You are a workaholic , busy at work and you are willing to do it , but sometimes you are too tired to do other things . Such people are very spontaneous and prefer fasts exercise . They have no time to think and feel disgusted with exercise . Most team activities and ball sports are their best options of weight loss . You can choose to run , stretch or exercise on a treadmill to lose weight , ride a bicycle with friends , skating or climbing , etc .

4 . Habit plans type

You like to plan and like things to be under control . You like things to proceed with an orderly manner , not to be surprised . Then you must choose weight loss exercises that have a sense of control over yourself , such as various dances , Tai CHi , yoga , weightlifting , especially Pilates .

5 . Independent self-occupied

You are a 100% self-powered source . You can accomplish what you want without relying on the support of others . In theory , this kind of person has good self-control and perseverance , and can choose those weight-loss exercises that need to be done spontaneously , such as running , weightlifting , cycling , swimming or Tai CHi , etc . Basic weight-loss exercise are difficult . Pour this kind of people .

6 . Dependent

You must be rewarded by yourself and encouraged by others to persevere . This kind of people are more dependent and need external motivation , so enrolling in fitness classes will make you more likely to succeed , such as tennis , martial arts , skiing and other weight loss exercise classes .

7 . Attention types

You can concentrate easily and you like to work hard . People who are easy to concentrate can choose tennis , squash , complex dance or Tai CHi , If you have a strong sense of competition , then you can also choose various team sports or martial arts .

8 . Three hearts and two minds

You are easily distracted . Being distracted , it is difficult to keep you focused on one thing for too long . Walking is the most suitable weight loss exercise in people that cannot concentrate easily . Because you can enjoy the scenery while taking a walk , while letting your thoughts go wild . Walking can also communicate with people . It is very suitable for people who tend to lose weight to lose weight .

After choosing an exercise method that suits you , I want to remind everyone of the key point of weight loss , that is , what to eat after exercise , because if you eat the wrong thing after exercise , you will be wasted . So what food does not affect the weight-loss effect , but can also help lose weight ?

1 . Get enough water

It is easy to feel hungry after exercise . It is best not to eat immediately at this time . Wait at least 1 hour after exercise before eating , so that the fast-flowing blood in the body will not rush to the gastrointestinal tract , hindering absorption or causing discomfort . , And the body will not quickly absorb the nutrients it eats .

2 . A small amount of high-fiber food

Within 1 hour after exercise , you can drink a moderate amount of boiled water to replenish excessive water loss and reduce hunger . After exercising for more than 1 hour , if you still feel hungry , eat a small amount of whole grains , which can effectively to help your body burn fat and make your weight loss more significant .

If you want to increase the metabolic rate of cells , it is recommended to supplementing foods containing collagen , such as fresh milk , eggs , fish skin , etc .

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